Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Preview of the School Board Races by Akindele Akinyemi

I looked at a preliminary list of possible candidates who may run for the Detroit School Board this year.

Boy we have some characters running in these races. I am hoping that some of them actually win re-election like Tyrone Winfrey and Carla Scott.

When I saw who is running in District 1 I saw Jai-Lee Dearing's name on the list. I also saw David Rambeau on that list. If Rambeau was to win a seat on the School Board I would push for 50 charters myself. Here is a guy who I watch on TV who gives the most ridiculous commentaries on the plight of Black people in Detroit.

In District 2 Jonathan Kinloch is running for re-election. There are some folks in that race but not well known. I am willing to support an candidate in this district if they are for choice.

In District 3, the weakest link, Annie Carter, is running for re-election. I am willing to support anything to get her out of office.

In District 4 (my home district) I will support Tyrone Winfrey. Anyone else running in this race must be preparing for another election down the road.

In District 5, Joyce Hayes Giles and Monique McCormick will be fighting to the end in this race. This is a re-match from 2005. While Hayes-Giles brings her corporate energy into the DPS spectrum Baker-McCormick will bring her hard nose grassroots style into the picture. Both are opposites in terms of where they stand on educational choice. While Hayes-Giles support it Baker-McCormick is against it. This race should be very, very exciting. I will watch this race closer than anyone else this year.

In District 6, we have Terry Catchings and Wendell Byrd running against incumbent Paula Johnson. Both Catchings and Byrd have name recognition in the district, they just ran for state representative last year. This should be a great race also.

I did not mention District 7 because Marvis Cofield will win anyway.

But it is not over. This is just what I saw on the list. I will give a full and complete update when the list are finalized.

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