Monday, May 07, 2007

Stand Up and Fight For Your Values by Akindele Akinyemi

I have been having some very interesting conversations over the course of the weekend on how it is very important for conservatives to stand on what we believe in. With the advent of HB 1592 in motion in Congress we now need more than ever for Christians to step up to the plate and defend what is right.

The reality is that while both the Democrats and Republicans are fast-tracking any bill pertaining to homosexuality and anti-bullying legislation we need to remind people who vote that these legislators have sold out to the Darkside. I mean think about why they are fast-tracking these bills.

These bills are aimed at trying to make homosexuality a normal thing. I still have yet to find one homosexual in this community give me a solid reason of why they are (1) living a lifestyle that is out of balance and (2) push a doctrine that 64% of African Americans have rejected.

There are three major elections coming up. One is held on May 8th with school board elections statewide while the other school board elections will be held later in Detroit. The third major elections will be held next year in 2008.

I am proposing that we begin running sound Christian candidates in our community for elected office. These will be Urban Conservatives that will have professed with their mouths and hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. They will not bow down to the homosexual agenda or lobby and they will not bow down to the Michigan Education Association. The MEA are killing our children academically by not allowing educational choice in our state. And it's not just the MEA is doing that but we are electing people on both sides of the aisle to keep the staus quo in education.

These new Urban Conservative candidates will not bow down to lobbyists that have an aim to destroy the community they represent. They will not have had their hand in the cookie jar trying to get ahead. They will vote their values based on God and not their values based on men.

The candidates for school board should vote their values based on God too. I find it interesting that Black people in the City of Detroit will vote for Democrats when it is the same party and liberal leadership that are voting against the very same thing we believe in. For instance, why would you vote for a school board candidate who is supposed to be a Christian but is going along with the same liberal agenda by keeping God out of the mouths of educators in public schools as well as against prayer in schools.

These same liberal candidates are also for promoting "diversity" in the schools (a code word for acceptance of "alternative lifestyles").

We should promote Christ-centered candidates who will run on the platform of family values, free-market economics, free-market education, economic development, regionalization and restructuring a tax base that is family friendly for their community. Anything that has something to do with increasing government, maintaining failing public schools, and maintaining the status quo should not be looked at seriously.

We should be in our churches prepping our young adults to engage in a open debate on voting our values on a greater scale instead of voting by tradition. You can clearly see how voting by tradition has gotten us nowhere in our community. 90% of us vote Democrat and 90% of us do not even know the history of the Democratic Party. 90% of us vote based on name recognition and 90% of us do not even follow those elected officials voting records.

We are seeking saved-sanctified Christians to run for office. We must begin to step out on faith and not hide in the closet anymore. We do not have a choice, especially when the homosexual lobby are trying to silence Christians on TV, on radio and even in our own pulpits that we built from the ground up with our own money.

It is time to fight back. Who is with me? Who want to make history? Let us all join in together and do what is necessary to stand on our values.

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