Saturday, May 19, 2007

There is Nothing Wrong With the Kilpatrick Civic Fund by Akindele Akinyemi

I find it interesting that political and media hawks would try to cry over the blues with Mayor Kilpatrick and his Civic Fund over a trip. I mean, can the man bring his family on a business trip?

I have heard about these civic funds over the years with donors giving large amount of money without ever disclosing the donors name in public. They are set up like 527 groups.

The Kalamazoo Promise, which gives each Kalamazoo Public School graduate with the opportunity to attend post –secondary education with up to a 100% tuition scholarship, does not give out the names of its donors either. The City of Southfield is going to set up something similar soon with the Southfield Promise. Do you think they are going to reveal those donors names?

The purpose of the ANY Civic Fund is to help benefit the city they are managing. I would like to see this duplicated in other urban areas like the Inkster Civic Fund or the Benton Harbor Fund.

The problem with our people in this city is that we heavily rely on the media to take care of our needs as it pertains to information. Not one person got up and research the needs and benefits of this fund. Yet, if this was a white Mayor doing the same thing African Americans in this city would remain silent.

This Mayor, in trying to deal with OUR asses, should and MUST take his family on vacation while he is conducting business. I would have done the same exact thing if I had such a fund set up. We are businessmen and women first and why would I have to disclose something in public so I can help someone on the news earn a award?

Let the Mayor handle his business. You should handle yours.

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