Monday, May 07, 2007

We Need To Build Up Urban Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

The Black Conservatives must become more focused on our mission in terms of what we need to be addressing. We are done talking about Imus and done talking about how the NAACP does not do anything in our community. We know who is real and who is not.
First, let me set the record straight when dealing with urban outreach programs. I have been talking to several Black conservatives in the community about strategies. First and foremost you cannot be afraid to stand up for what you truly believe in. Just because liberals and ignorant people in the community are trying to bring your spirit down does not give them the right to speak on issues that have continued to keep us all on a plantation.
The message of the liberal plantation is dependency. Think about what I am getting ready to say. It does not make any common sense to vote 90% Democrat in the Black Community and things have not changed.
I repeat.
Things have not changed.
I don't care who you vote for in office they have the same platform. Insurance redlining, predatory lending, fighting for education, lowering prescription drugs and stopping crime. These platform issues are designed to keep people pissed off and hopeless. They are not solutions to help repopulate a city like Detroit or Flint.
It does not make sense to vote for candidates that support welfare. Who in the hell would like to keep us on a plantation. It is bad enough we wear our Aunt Jemima scarfs on our heads because we did not comb our heads, we have 1 million tattoos on our bodies raging from our lover's names to God knows what, doo-rags, tongue rings, nipple piercings, and the lack of knowledge of the English language. If we are trying to better ourselves and our community why would you vote for a candidate that support a ghetto welfare lifestyle? That does not make sense.
Why are we supporting a platform that wants us to depend on government to take care of us? What is the main difference between slavery and what is going on now in the urban community? And why is it when Black Republicans oftentimes give a solution we are called Uncle Toms? We reject the solution from our own brothers and sisters just like Harriet Tubman was rejected as she was trying to free people from slavery.
Why are we voting for candidates that have been endorsed by Triangle Pride PAC and other homosexual political action committees when we do not believe in this lifestyle to begin with?
Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan do not speak for the masses of Black people in our community. The NNPA and NABJ do not speak for the masses of Black people in our community.
Black Conservatives have to come out of the closet in droves this time. We cannot wait for the State Republican Party to bail us out. We have to do this on our own. Waiting for a party that does not have our best interest unless we have money to donate and not receiving our fair share.
Now I am not saying we should not be involved in the Republican Party nor Democratic Party. African Americans need to work both sides of the aisle just like Jewish people and Asian people. However, African Americans need to re-evaluate our values.
Black Conservatives should be leading the way on preparing Detroit to have land banks and not land trusts. We need to talk about consolidating government in Benton Harbor and Berrien Township to build a greater presence in Southwest Michigan. Too many Black Conservatives do not know that we have a safe haven in Southwestern Michigan and that is the core reason why I have spent so much time down there. Liberal policies have gutted Benton Harbor and now they are crying for a renaissance. Only we can give that renaissance through promoting Benton Harbor as a family city and not an urban ghetto.
Speaking of Benton Harbor we should not just resurrect the faith based community down there but also build a Southwest Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce. This is a organization that will be directed towards connecting Black owned businesses in Southwest Michigan, grow new Black owned and operated businesses and finally linking them together to spur growth and development in the Berrien County area.
Black Conservatives also have to become more vocal in their approach to education. Just because the teacher unions are in the way of progress does not mean that we cannot continue to promote educational choices for our children and families. When Proposal E was put in front of us in 2004 here in the City of Detroit we had no business dealing with that. Neither a traditional elected school board or a new version of a elected school board will not solve the problems of Detroit Public Schools and those problem will never be solved with liberal technology in place.
We need a balance of conservative technology in place along with the promotion of free market economics to help Detroit Public Schools. Other than that I would take Mayor Kilpatrick's advice and began opening up more charter schools and private academies. Something I would like to do in the near and immediate future.
Black Conservatives are too silent on the issue of urban regional networks. Transforming communities like Inkster and Romulus from a liberal policy-driven community to a more centrist approach to solving problems in these communities would usher in a new wave of leadership. We are wasting precious time in Detroit trying to run for City Council. We need to run for both City Council and School Board in Inkster, Benton Harbor and even smaller communities like Belleville.
The strategy for us is not to bash the Democratic Party but to inform people about the Democratic policies and how these polices have been in place for decades with no result. It does not matter if the person who is being elected is a young Democrat or old Democrat they still carry the same stale message. Because the Democratic Party is in control on a Federal level as well as in control of the State House here in Michigan we need a different approach to getting our message across without inflaming the entire Black community. If we inflame our community then it will be much harder to get our message across.
Many are asking me to stay right here in Detroit to help build up the community like Brightmoor. Where are my resources? The city is 47% functionally illiterate. That alone is a crisis. I will stay in the City of Detroit when my taxes and crime are lower. I will help my Democratic colleagues when they jump on board with educational options for our children and community.
Detroit has to work together as well as other urban areas across Michigan. We need to work in a Godly manner and not a slave manner.

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