Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Need Wayne County on the City Buses Now by Akindele Akinyemi

I would like to thank the following Detroit City Council people for the voting against the plan to have Wayne County Sheriffs to patrol DDOT buses to protect city bus drivers.

Monica Conyers, JoAnn Watson, Alberta Tinsley-Talabi, Sheila Cockrel and Brenda Jones.

It is a good thing I did not vote for any of them back in 2005.

I was in favor of having Wayne County Sheriffs on the city buses. The Chief of Police has said repeatedly that she cannot have Detroit Police officers on the buses because they are needed in the streets.

I was listening to Mildred Gaddis this morning (which is very rare) and a caller called in the program stating that those officers who protect the Detroit People Mover should also protect the city buses.

I think that is a great idea.

I would also like to thank those sisters who voted against having Wayne County patrolling the city buses because now our children cannot get to schools and safety is such a major concern on city buses as it pertains to bus drivers. These "grassroots" councilwomen (ok Sheila Cockerel is not grassroots..LOL) on one end is concerned about children and on the other end wants Communism to flourish in Detroit.

Here is the solution to the problem. It is time to regionalize the bus system. We have been talking abut this for quite some time. Let us all put down the paranoia and deal with regionalization to make Detroit and Wayne County a better region for our families.

Part of that regionalization process is the creation of a DARTransit Zone (Detroit Area Regional Transit Zone). This is a Transportation Zone or public entity created through a Joint Powers Agreement to provide local bus service, established through and in accordance with the authority of Wayne County. It would provide transit service in an area encompassing 20 communities or more in Wayne County.

So while A-Teams, grassroots PDs who fall for the hype and other tools of paranoia continue to control the thinking of most Detroiters we will never get anything accomplished.

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triple warning said...

I would like to commend my honorable council for voting the proposal down.Council was handed a proposal where wayne county get the contract $11million but doesnt have to be held liable...How can you have wayne county patrolling the buses but insist that the liability rest upon the city of detroit and not the contractors??? If thats what we can expect from regionalization then I DON't Want IT!