Thursday, June 21, 2007

Children Needs Both Parents by Akindele Akinyemi

Maurice Badgett should really stop attacking me because I am a Republican. That is totally looney on his part. If he researched me a little more he would see that I am a very well respected Republican in the City of Detroit who reaches out to everyone who wants serious transformation.

Instead why don't Mr. Badgett and his crew help us prepare for the upcoming Bringing Children and Families Back Together rally on August 18, 2007 in Washington D.C. While Mr. Badgett will be walking for DPS Candidates on Zug Island One Network has endorsed this upcoming rally due to the nature of Black families falling apart.

The organization that is putting this on is Children Need Both Parents.

Children Need Both Parents, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded and incorporated in 1993. They are a FAMILY organization who advocate the rights of FAMILY and it's members. Their goals include counseling to both parents, supervision of visitation which will allow parents to go on escorted outings with their children as opposed to visitation taking place in a designated room and workplace support. The need to expand services is based on attacking not the results of a problem, but the problem. Our Grand Rapids office feed families weekly through our Food Pantry Services. We are a multi state organization operating in Illinois and Michigan.

This organization was started by Minister Ron Smith, who is the CEO of this organization. Minister Smith is part of the One Network's Grand Rapids Network.

The reason why this rally is necessary because if you look around America has moved away from traditional values to a more socialist concept of how families are supposed to operate. In the Black community this trend is even worse. The Black family is falling apart because there are fewer and fewer of us who have maintained the integrity of those types of values, values that hold us together as a people.

Especially with African American men. I mean we just had Father's Day and I would like to ask how many men actually spent time with their child on Father's Day?

One of the major problems of African American Men is irresponsibility, and that grows out of an inadequate awareness of who we are as Black men vis-a-vis our families, ourselves and our communities. The key to Black mental health is awareness. That has to do with a clear picture of who you are as a contemporary, historical being.

What it means to be a healthy African-American man is to understand who you are in the sociopolitical historical realities in 2007. in many liberal circles in Detroit to see yourself as an American first and a Black man second means you're kind of crazy. Because the social realities don't define you in that way. The choices you must make, the decisions you have to make, the things you have to do, require that you see yourself first as an American within this context.

You see, when the family component is not in place the community falls apart. We have allowed television to raise our children along with pornography, weed, alcohol, the lack of spirituality in our homes and false political images.

There is no real structure in our community right now. The churches are used as a liberal political machine for Gov. Granholm and Debbie Stab (you in the back) enaw. We listen to Black Theology for comfort not nation building. We enjoy WJLB and 102.7 FM that plays the same crap music over and over again. We get excited on our blocks when we see Tyrone brains hanging out.

Black America has to return to our traditional values. We used to sing the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer in schools. Now, we have State Democrats introducing bullying bills. These are bills used to protect homosexuals in public schools.

One of the consequences of slavery is that people in our community don't develop a commitment to their own work. When people have very little opportunity to reap gains and benefits from their own labor, they begin to develop a very passive attitude. As a result of that, there's a socialization of laziness, of "triflingness" about them.

We enjoy welfare benefits. In my classroom I hear the children bragging about how they mama has a Bridge Card. A Bridge Card is a present day form of slavery. Our children are the Children of Cain for they sport tattoos all over their necks, asses and bodies. We wear tongue rings so we can talk with a lisp. We pierce our nipples and other sexual parts of our bodies.

We can bring back our strong family structure on American principles if we first reject the notion that government can take care of our families. We are saying that government needs to leave our homes and allow us to run our homes.

Our people in our community are in crisis mode. It is time to reject the idea of Title IV-D and other detrimental benefits that has kept our families apart for decades. The War on Poverty that was started in the late 60s is over and we have lost that war. It's time for our people to rebuild.

We have less than 60 days to get this correct and make a statement to our liberal slave owners that we can take care of ourselves.

So while Mr. Badgett will be campaigning on Zug Island on behalf of DPS candidates who have already rejected family values in the school system we will be supporting and demanding that government get out of our homes.

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