Thursday, June 21, 2007

DRGO is on the GO by Akindele Akinyemi

I recently spoke to the Downriver Republican Grassroots Organization this past Tuesday for Juneteenth in Trenton, Michigan. The Downriver Republican Grassroots Organization represents all downriver communities like River Rouge, Ecorse, Wyandotte, Trenton, Southgate, Taylor, Riverview,Grosse Ile, Brownstown, Flat Rock, and Gilbrator. My topic dealt with the importance of educational choices in urban communities and how we can transform those schools into wealth creation.

The audience loved my presentation.

This is part of my Statewide Tour on Expanding Charter Schools To Re-Build Communities. Already I have spoken to the Oakland County Young Republicans, North Oakland County Republicans, the City leadership in Benton Harbor and over 3 dozen civic, business and grassroots leaders including Frances Rice, the National Chairwoman of the National Black Republican Association, Don Scoggins of the Republican for Black Empowerment, Bishop Ira Combs of Greater Bible Way Temple (one of our affiliates in Jackson, MI), Rev. Dr. Levon Yuille of the Michigan Black Republican Council and Mason Weaver of Mason Communications in San Diego, CA.

Our State Representatives and State Senators who are part of our network are working with me to help other lawmakers understand the importance of charters.

I discussed how Republicans overall needed to change the message of expanding charters when dealing with African Americans in our community. While some are still leery of Mayor Kilpatrick I explained how he was pushing for 25 additional charters in the City of Detroit and why there is a strong need for educational choices.

I also discussed with them the need for fighting against adult illiteracy in our communities and urged them to help out with the National Conference on Adult Literacy and Education coming up in October, 2007.

The Downriver Republican Grassroots Organization has never seen a strong and intelligent Black Republican before in their presence. Someone even asked how do we began "to duplicate you in the Black community?" My response was our Black Republican leadership is there. The problem is most are afraid to speak out and speak up. This is why I am here to help.

Another person asked if it is a waste of time for me to try to reach out to the Young Democrats in Detroit. I told them no because most of them agree with what I am saying anyway. They have fear of the old people in the Democratic circles. Most do not know how to defend themselves because these old people are much older than them and have a tendency of manipulating history to make themselves feel good.

I also explained to them how most Young Democrats in the City of Detroit reject the racist notion of Black Supremacy and would like to reach out to everyone. They believe in wealth creation, marriage is between man and woman and reject welfare benefits. But because the old liberal machine is in place they are afraid to reach out to their Black Republican brother and sister.

The DRGO is part of our network and I am glad they invited me to come and speak to them. We are all part of the 14th Congressional Republican Committee (which I am a Executive Committee Member) as well as the Wayne County Republicans. I am fully confident with groups like the DRGO and other Republican entities that we will be able to penetrate local elections with ease.

All we have to do is follow the network's urban execution plan on education and we will win.

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