Friday, June 22, 2007

Follow Me by Akindele Akinyemi

I think it is time for Black Conservatives to come together as a unit. For now too long we have been complaining about the issues but actually sitting down and strategically moving on some agendas have been absent.

I have said many times for us to stop being silent.

For some, Black Conservatives are the laughing stock of both Democratic and Republican Parties. The Democratic Party because of their lack of knowledge on their own party as well as plantation politics and Willie Lynch Syndrome and the Republican Party for their lack of understanding on urban affairs from an African American perspective. I do not mind discussing issues and policies that will help benefit everyone but we have to get out of the closet.

Our society in Urban Michigan has become more liberal influencing both our judges and legislators. Therefore it is imperative that conservatives of all races unite and make a stand if we want to preserve a culture of conservative values for future generations.

Especially Black Conservatives.

Can you imagine the following:

An Urban Michigan where same sex marriage will become a standard part of K-12 diversity curriculum along with sensitivity classes on Islam and other religions? I can see this happening right in my classroom where the growing number of females are converting to lesbianism.

An Urban Michigan where urban churches and the homes in the inner-city are taken through Eminent Domain in the name of Urban Renewal?

An Urban Michigan where the greeting: Merry Christmas and all other Christian references to Christmas are replaced with secular references, while prime time television feature shows with the F word and graphic sex?

Where we listened to the Two Live Crew back in 1986 we are now trying to shield our children from listening to FM 98 or HOT 102.7 FM from all of the sexual references that they are listening to.

Ten years ago (1997) who would have ever thought our society would be:

Embracing Same Sex Marriages

Filing lawsuits to eliminate of the Ten Commandments from court rooms

Replacing Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays

Having discussions regarding the removable of “one nation under God, from our Pledge of Allegiance.

Withholding funds from the Boys Scouts for having God in their Boys Scout pledge or for excluding homosexuals from their leadership.

Filing suits to remove ‘In God We Trust” from our currency

Fighting against curriculum's that include “Intelligent Design’Allowing Eminent Domain to take over church properties and the properties of the poor.

Forbidding conservative ministers from exercising their rights of freedom of speech while turning their back on liberal ministers who invite liberal candidates to speak at their churches.

Challenging the FCC regarding their decision to prohibit the use of four letter words and programs with sexual content on prime time television.

The insanity of having these types of values forced upon us is incredible, but what is even more frightening is the fact that more and more political conservatives are starting to cross over and accept liberal concepts like: “a woman’s right to choose,” “same sex unions,” and the myth of the “separation of church and state.” These liberal ideas will not only devastate our nation, they will also destroy the conservative values of the black community and the black church.

As the flight from the conservative camp continues (due to fear and intimidation), so does the need to attract more conservatives, which means the future of the Republican Party rest with its ability to attract more conservatives, or their ability attract two groups that are known to be culturally conservative; the African American and Hispanic communities.

They have not done a good job in attracting either group. Not because the two groups are overwhelmingly Democratic but because we are seeking something deeper.

As I criss-cross across the state speaking to number of conservative groups including inner-city pastors and educators, they are very concern that there are so few strong conservative (African American) voices (with credibility) that can challenge the strong liberal voices of Wendell Anthony, Al Sharpton and Jennifer Granholm.

One even told me that they wanted to push me into the mainstream. That, I needed a stronger platform because they felt that I was that voice. I told that person to make it happen. I am only one person but a group can move mountains.

Why me of all people? My views are contemporary. I have been once a Black Nationalist as well as a Democrat. I know the inner workings of their socialist politics. Perhaps it is because they have read my blog, reviewed my research, seen my editorials, heard my speeches and sermons, listened to me on talk radio, and watched me on TV, but more so because that I am one of the only inner-city African American educators who has a track record in the inner-city and travels statewide to speak on these issues. I am now ready to take on the challenge, but to do so I need the support of our conservatives.

If today’s secular attacks destroys the Black Christian church it will destroy the entire black community. The Black church is the foundation of the Black community. In the Black community, everything evolves around the Black church.

The Black church is the primary institution that fights social injustice.It is the institution that produced most of the black schools and colleges.

It is the trusted place where most blacks gather on a regular basis.It is the institution that guides us morally, spiritually and politically.

Collectively, it is the one black institution that has billions of dollars in real estate assets.

It is the institution that is the biggest recipient of black giving, totaling more than $37 billion per year.

It is the only institution that holds our families and communities together.And it is the only institution that has a successful track record of transforming lives and building godly character.

So if Black preachers in Detroit:

Can no longer preach biblically based sermons condemning certain sinful behavior because it would be classified as hate speech and therefore a hate crime.

If they can no longer preach against certain acts of immorality and social injustice because such sermons would be considered political, which means churches would lose their IRS status as a non-profit religious organization.

If they cannot build newer and larger churches because of restrictive zoning laws.

If they are forced to marry couples of the same sex because refusal to do so, would be in violation of federal laws governing discrimination.

If they are forced to hire individuals that do not believe in their Christian doctrine because failure to do so would also violate discrimination laws.

Then the Black community will go downhill even further.

Remember when they took prayer out of schools? Now we have complete chaos in our educational environment.

Remember when they took out home economics classes? Now we are culture that lives off fast foods and so many Blacks have diabetes, high blood pressure or worse.

Remember when they took out etiquette classes out of schools? Now we have brothers walking around sagging and sisters walking around exposing breasts, tattoos and nipples.

Again, if the inner-city black church start losing their property because of Urban Renewal through Eminent Domain can the Black church survive?

Each year, over 150,000 new laws are introduced at the city, state and federal level. Many of these laws are now aimed at limiting the Christian church’s influence in our society.

That to me sounds like a serious wake up call. It will take our young, highly talented and educated conservatives to make things happen in our community. We should be in control of national conservative organizations and preparing to fight for our values.

Black Conservatives can make a huge difference this year by:

Establishing a national coalition of conservative groups with emphasis on inner-city black churches and Hispanic groups.

Provide books, research materials, newsletters, CD’s and other materials to spread the conservative message.

Network with conservative groups and develop think-tanks in various regions throughout the state to promote conservative values.

Bridge the gap between black and white churches and encourage them to work together as an effective faith-based machine to provide a number of social services to eliminate our dependency on government social programs.

Consult with and advise political consultants in their efforts to reach African American and Hispanic conservatives. This is what we do here in One Network.

To raise up, train and develop other conservative African American and Hispanic leaders.

To convince our nation that we need God to develop a godly society.

I train people to be strong not weak. This movement is not for everyone. Only the strong will survive. Help push your brother out into the open so we can collectively create a strong agenda based on public polices that will help benefit all.

I am calling on our conservatives to stop blindly following the media hype of politics with the Presidential Elections but also help us craft public policies on education, health care, taxes, voting, and something that my good sister Simone Lightfoot brought to my attention, redistricting. How many of us are talking about that right now?

These are things we need to work on right now. We need the leadership from our young adults. Now is not the time to be afraid of someone who has the same skin color as you. Everyone needs to be in this together. There are so many Republicans that has written off Detroit because of the Democratic Base. First, A Republican CAN win in this city or any urban area in Michigan but you have to believe that first. Second, you have to create a serious strategy that is going to work. Third, an Republican outsider cannot possible create ANY urban strategy if they have never lived in the area they are trying to win.

Do not let the Democratic Precinct Delegates fool you. We have a stronger message but we get choked up when we are confronted by liberals. You have to stand your ground. You cannot be afraid.

If we do not do this , left wing liberals in Detroit will continue to lie and scam brothers and sisters on public policy and this city will never achieve political balance.

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