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Opponents of Charters: Debunked by Akindele Akinyemi

Now I know Mr. Badgett and his people are trying to hold on to Detroit Public Schools and keep our children on the plantation. That is not going to happen.

My network is busy lobbying for more educational choices in the City of Detroit.

While Mr. Badgett is saying this to his SW homies:

No New Charter Schools In Detroit!!!!!!!

And claims that he is not a politician (even though he is a Precinct Delegate) he has not been able to answer the questions. Typical for a left wing liberal.

The reading and math proficiency for DPS is 58.8% and 39.5% respectively. Again, when we take a closer examination of all of this we see the following:

Operating Expenditures. This is the sum of instruction, support services, administration, operations and maintenance, transportation, food services, enterprise operations and other elementary/secondary expenditures. Operating Expenditures represent expenses for the day-to-day operation of public elementary and/or secondary schools.

In DPS that operating expenditure is 10,757. That is more than $2,132 the state's average.

On the other hand we see the Instruction Expenditures. This is the amount of money spent on activities occurring directly between teachers and students. Instruction Expenditures include activities within a classroom and other teacher-student settings covering regular, special, and vocational programs offered during the school year and summer school. Instruction Expenditures include payments from all funds for salaries, employee benefits, supplies, materials, and contractual services related to instruction.

In DPS it's 6,110. That's $992.00 more than the state's average.

Where is all of this money going? I have said time and time again that DPS is not broke but mismanaged.

Now when we look at the MEAP scores for reading in Detroit Public Schools in 2006 we see the following:

DPS Grade 3 Reading Proficiency - 71.3%

Grade 3 State Average - 86.6%

DPS Grade 4 Reading Proficiency - 67.7%

Grade 4 State Average - 83.2%

DPS Grade 5 Reading Proficiency - 60.4%

Grade 5 State Average - 80.0%

DPS Grade 6 Reading Proficiency - 56.4%

Grade 6 State Average - 79.6%

DPS Grade 7 Reading Proficiency - 52.3%

Grade 7 State Average - 75.8%

DPS Grade 8 Reading Proficiency - 53.8%

Grade 8 State Average - 72.9%

DPS High School Reading Proficiency - 48.3%

H.S. State Average - 70.0%

Now look at DPS MEAP scores for math for 2006.

DPS Grade 3 Math Proficiency - 66.6%

State Grade 3 Math Proficiency -87.1%

DPS Grade 4 - 55.7%

State Grade 4 -81.7%

DPS Grade 5 -45.5%

State Grade 5 -73.4%

DPS Grade 6 - 30.6%

State Grade 6 -65.1%

DPS Grade 7 - 22.6%

State Grade 7 -59.6%

DPS Grade 8 - 32.8%

State Grade 8 - 63.2%

DPS High School 20.2%

State High School 52.3%

Now allow me to go even deeper with this topic. It is imperative for parents in Mr. Badgett's network to see how much their boy is shooting off at the mouth when he should be properly preparing you to talk to people about the DPS crisis. Or should I say the DPS circus.

Now let's examine two charter schools and two DPS schools. I picked Spain, Golightly, DEPSA (Detroit Edison Public School Academy) and MLK Educational Center.

According to the MEAP scores for 2006:

Reading Proficiency (%) Spain (75.6) Golightly (78.4) DEPSA (76.6) MLK (92.9)

Math Proficiency (%) Spain (69.3) Golightly (55.4) DEPSA (67.0) MLK (91.9)

Let me substitute the two charter schools for two Southfield Public Schools right across 8 Mile Road). Brace-Lederle and Eisenhower Elementary Schools.

According to the MEAP scores for 2006:

Reading Proficiency (%) Spain (75.6) Golightly (78.4) Brace (89.2) Eisenhower (80.2)

Math Proficiency (%) Spain (69.3) Golightly (55.4) Brace (77.1) Eisenhower (76.1)

I will go even as far as comparing Spain and Golightly to Baylor Woodson in Inkster, Michigan.

According to the MEAP scores for 2006:

Reading Proficiency (%) Spain (75.6) Golightly (78.4) Baylor-Woodson (75.6)

Math Proficiency (%) Spain (69.3) Golightly (55.4) Baylor-Woodson (74.0)

I was NOT shocked to make this discovery because I used to work at Baylor-Woodson. Those students, regardless if they are from the hood, can sit down and do work.

Now I would like for Mr. Badgett to ask his network why am I pumping you guys up on falsehood and deception?

What's Mr. Badgett's mantra?

No New Charter Schools in Detroit!!!!!!

And then he said this to me:

Mr. A (the Republican), Most of those 8th Graders in that audience will be Freshmen @ Cass, Renaissance, King, Crockett, Southeastern and Chadsey H.S.! Most took the Magnet School Test and got their "First" Choice!" Mr. A, you know Detroit, Right? Where is Spain Located?

This is is best he could say to me. Let's take a look at Southeastern, Chadsey and Crockett H.S and compare then to Romulus and Wayne Memorial H.S. (all Black people).

MEAP scores for 2006:

Reading Proficiency (%) SE (50.7) Chadsey (41.0) Crockett (48.3) Romulus (70.2) W-M (61.1)

Math Proficiency (%) SE (22.3) Chadsey (9.4) Crockett (15.4) Romulus (73.2) W-M (39.7)

The two latter schools people do not send their children to in that area. They send them to charter schools.

You see VOICES of how I am demonstrating how Mr. Badgett is misleading you? He has said that a Republican cannot get no more than 3% of the vote in Detroit. Do you believe that garbage? Terri Lynn Land? Mike Cox? Hell, even Thomas Schault, who ran against Gabe Leland last year, got 6% of the vote.

The point I was trying to make is do not allow Mr. Badgett to keep you in Zug Island in SW Detroit. I have shown you the facts.

You can clearly see why we need to expand educational choices here in the City of Detroit. It is a no-brainier. I am here to help and guide you and your loved ones to academic success.

So you can see Mr. Badgett and all of his hype about DPS has been debunked by a Black Republican. True leadership comes from within not being stuck on Zug Island in SW Detroit.

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