Monday, July 16, 2007

Barack Obama Need To Support Eductional Choices by Akindele Akinyemi

I am having trouble picking who I want for President in 2008. I am not impressed with either Democrats or Republican candidates.

I sure as hell will not be voting for Senator Barack Obama. He has just burned a bridge with me.

I was actually leaning towards Obama originally because I am impressed with him as a person. But after his remarks on education at the National Education Association convention in Philadelphia, PA I have lost all respect for him.

Obama said the following remarks:

“The ideal of a public education has always been at the heart of the American promise. It’s why we are committed to fixing and improving our public school instead of abandoning them and passing out vouchers.”

He also said this:

The “single most important factor in determining [a child’s] achievement” is a teacher. He further said his plan for fixing American schools is “to invest billions of new dollars into the teaching profession.”

This is the most ridiculous thing that can come out of Black man's mouth. Here is a U.S. Senator who represents the third largest city in America (Chicago) and supports failing public schools. His daughters do not attend failing schools because he has to go home to a wife who will not put up with such nonsense. As a teenager, Obama was a student at the private Punahou High School in Hawaii.
So why should the rest of Black America send their children to failing public schools?
And for him to point out a teacher is the single most important factor in determining a child's achievement demonstrates his lack of understanding on family and educational policies. It is the PARENT, not the TEACHER, that understands the factors in terms of the child.
Educational options are under attack everywhere. The Detroit Public School System are beginning to run ads on how ineffective charter schools are. However, no one is sending their children to DPS. And DPS only have a finger full of schools that work. The rest are fostering ghetto cultures.
And since the NAACP invited Obama to speak at the Presidential Forum last week in Detroit I guess it makes since for him to walk lockstep with the NAACP to go against educational choices. Meanwhile, Obama's solution to the educational crisis is:
“To invest billions of new dollars into the teaching profession.”
Obama is so far out of touch with Black America it is not funny. While we will vote for him because the color of his skin his position on education is piss-poor.
Educational improvement has nothing to do with money per se. It has something to do with educational quality. The poor level of education quality domestically and vs. foreign nations places our young at great risk. Clearly, poor quality output of public schools is not because of too little spending per student --its a system problem.
For three decades, American taxpayers have obediently given the education establishment what it said it needed--mostly more money to lower student-teacher ratios. Well, student-teacher ratios, over a 35-year period, have fallen to 17.3 in 1995 from 25.8 in 1960. Yet, as Eric Hanushek, senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution, argues: "Overall student performance has not improved, nor have U.S. students shown any improvement in international achievement tests."
The other thing that Obama fails to understand is the fact that despite astronomical increases in spending, educational attainment levels have declined and are nothing short of criminal, especially in most of our large inner cities including our Nation's Capitol. Our graduation rate statistics are meaningless because we have been graduating students from high school with grade school attainment levels. [Twelve years of schooling is not twelve years of Education]
The problem IS NOT insufficient money. It might even be too much money! Bigger schools do not improve education. Instead of improving the system we have been dumbing down the requirements! Remedial education courses at our colleges and universities have been skyrocketing, because our secondary schools have failed to prepare students for college and the real world of work world. Our public school monopoly controlled by the teacher unions and the educational bureaucracy are inhibiting real improvement.
And unfortunately, Obama wants the NEA endorsement and will say anything to get it. How ridiculous.
Not to mention that Obama, in the past, has raised money for Sen. Robert Byrd from West Virginia. Remember, Sen. Byrd is a well known Klansman in the U.S. Senate today. But he would not raise money for his fellow brother, Michael Steele, when he ran for the U.S. Senate in Maryland last year. Obama supported another liberal, Ben Cordin.
So this guy, Obama, should not be taken seriously. He is a creation of the media and will not support family values through educational choices to generate wealth creation in urban communities.
A 2001 NEA-sponsored poll found 63 percent of respondents favored school choice. A Zogby International poll in 2002 found support for school choice as high as 76 percent. Polls commissioned by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and Black America’s Political Action Committee between 2001 and 2002 found black support for school choice between 57.4 and 63 percent.

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