Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Detroit Tax Cuts by Akindele Akinyemi

Now here is something I heard on the radio this morning. The Detroit City Council may take up on Mayor's Kilpatrick's proposal to do what?

Cut taxes on properties.

All told there are 26 neighborhoods that'll be receiving as much as a 35% cut in property taxes. That means 28,700 more homeowners could see pretty sizeable relief on their tax bill.

When you add it all up the break could save residents as much as $8 million. And the Detroit City Council seems to have looked at the numbers and agree that it's the right move to keep families in Detroit. The Detroit City Council agrees that tax cuts work.

Something needs to give in Detroit. People are moving out of here. There are no jobs. And in many cases we are stuck with a ghetto culture that is not being contained by our church institutions.

So on one end while tax cuts are good for Detroit I can think of other ways Detroit can benefit to becoming a world class city.

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