Monday, July 02, 2007

The "Fairness Doctrine" - the lefts' new way to silence free speech by Q.W.

After reading an awesome blog about the unethical, illegal, inequitable application of "hate laws" it made me think of the democrats new tactic to control and stifle free speech which they call the "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE." There is nothing fair about it. For those who dont know what the fairness doctrine is it is a plan to regulate and destroy conservative talk radio. This is done by requiring that radio stations across the country allow the opposition i.e. liberals to get equal time and respond to statements that are made on programs that the government considers "controversial." This could cause radio stations, which base programming on the free markets' demand, to put unskilled, angry liberals on the radio to air their point of view whether or not it will hurt the radio stations or if the public wants to hear it. This would force radio stations to cater to every minority special interest group who doesnt like what they hear. Its like a bunch of little whiny children. This supposed "fairness doctrine" that the democrats (who claim to be for free speech - as long as its only on their side) are trying to do is aimed at destroying conservative talk radio. It is not "fair" in any way because it does not apply to most of the lefts' media and they will make sure it is not applied to them. You see the left has failed to be successful on radio therefore; it wants it eliminated. The free market has worked and AMERICANS DONT WANT LEFT WING RADIO.

As much as I detest the leftests, they have the right to be stupid but I find that these laws are unfairly used against the right and religious people. Just look at how the media reacted with Tim Hardaway or General Pace who said homosexuality is wrong, which is the viewpoint of most Americans. They were asked a question about their personal views and then were crucified when they answered it. In the liberals' opinion, they themselves are not hateful, they are the norm which is untrue. They seek to shape our point of view most of the time without the facts and always with an agenda. They say that talk radio is soooooo hateful but the lefts' constant attacks on our soldiers, Christians, or straight people are not. I have never heard Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity advocate the murder of our troops, Bill Clinton, or anyone else unlike the left routinely does. I mean, I think what Rosie says all the time is hateful. I think that inciting violence against Wal Mart , oil companies, or our present administration is hateful. But that is acceptable to the left and protected as "free speech." The mainstream media in this country is hateful in many ways to Christians, Jews, straight people, our military, people with morals, American traditions, successful businesses, etc. and that seems ok. Talk radio is very open to different points of view because the hosts routinely take calls from the opposition, play the politicians' own words or statements, interview them (most of them wont accept invitations like the democrats wont go on Fox News), and examine the behaviors of those who have said or done things in the public eye. They are afraid to be confronted on the views, lack of tangible ideas, held accountable for their actions, or exposed for their hypocricy so they seek to silence those who disagree with them. It is easier to attack and destroy the opposition by labeling them racists, sexists, homophobes, nativists, right wingers, etc. than debate them on the validity of their ideas. The left DOES NOT WANT ANY OTHER POINT OF VIEW SO IT MUST BE SILENCED.

In America the left dominates Hollywood, the news media, educational institutions, the university system, and the judiciary but thats not enough. They want to silence the last true bastian of free speech, driven by the free market, which is talk radio. This is because they cannot succeed with their ideas cause no one wants to hear that negative anti-American, fatalistic crap all the time, not voluntarily. But they control insitutions and force it upon us via tv and the news, which lies most of the time and is clearly in the pocket of the democrat's agenda.

Most of us know this and their viewership and readership is dropping dramatically so they want to eliminate the competition and the chance that people will learn the truth about things or another point of view. An informed American is one that hears all sides about the issue and makes an educated decision. The left knows that they act on emotions and sterotypes and cannot compete in the arena of ideas or stand any scrutiny to their policies and the destructive results of them. They retain power by keeping the masses ignorant, uninformed, and helpless - just look at their constituencies. They dont want to be exposed. So here they are, the party of so-called tolerance, being intolerant of any other point of view because they know that they dont control the information we are recieving anymore. SO MUCH FOR THE 1ST AMENDMENT!!! This is the primary reason, through being informed, that I left the liberal side of the aisle. When they controlled the information, they controlled me. Thats all, I'm off my soapbox now and would love your feedback.


FreeMan said...

Misguided Black Afrikan Woman - Conservative Talk Radio Hosts use the public airways to call Black Afrikan Women Nappy Headed Hoes - denigrate Black Afrikans & other People of Color - if the public airways are limited & supposed to be in the public interest - it is best to have an informed public & present them with a variety of viewpoints - Fascists do not want to educate the people equally - Finally did you know that in Rwanda - the public airways were used to identify the locations of death squad victims in the genocide?

Johnny said...

Why not tell the truth, the fairness doctrine simply put is doctrine that simply gives both sides rights to have thier opinions aired. Perhaps you should engage critical thinking skills before spouting right wing rhetoric