Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family Preservation Day by Akindele Akinyemi

Family Preservation Day will take place on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. This is a national "holiday" that will jump start the new family values movement here in the United States.
I will be one of the keynote speakers at this rally. I am very excited to be part of a REAL movement that will help bring our families together. Of course, the haters will hate because they feel that this is not as important as insurance redlining, predatory lending or burying the N-Word.
All of these factors stem from the family.
There are so many factors that are breaking up our families here in our country. Yet, we have race pimpologists and hilltop hustlers who work on behalf of the liberal welfare machine to keep us apart in our own homes.
This is a day where we will be showing government the front door. It is time for men and women of all races to let our liberal machine that we will not be taking any more mess from their counterproductive agenda.
In the Black community this should hit home the hardest because so many of our young boys and girls are growing up in single parent homes (over 70%). Furthermore, so many of our children grow up without a father in the home.
The rally and demonstration is necessary because the states in fact, profit financially from the child support collection procedures they implement. Hence, states have an incentive to maintain an adversarial environment and a ‘winner take all' agenda whereby one party is empowered and one party is disenfranchised and forced to pay into the state's collection mechanism. The states are manufacturing ‘dead beats' and are turning fit and loving parents into felons often times making it impossible to gain meaningful employment.
The rally is also necessary because the states are destroying families and relationships and allowing their respective state agencies to medicate our children senselessly without regard for long-term effects and without the permission of fit and loving parents. This includes the usurping of parental responsibility to discipline children and inculcate moral values. The result is parents are wrongfully punished. Children are drugged, running out of control and becoming self-destructive.
One Network is on board with this entire movement because it deals with family values. Our Network believes in the two parent home (mother and father NOT mother-mother or father-father).
Equal Parenting is important. Take a look at how State Representative Brenda Clack (from Flint) is holding up the process in the House Family Committee. She will not bring this very important issue to a vote because it was written by a Republican. Meanwhile, in her ghetto-ridden district of Flint there are out-of-wedlock births, deaths, and single parenting that is through the roof.
I heard Gov. Granholm on the Art Blackwell Show on WGPR FM 107.5 yesterday and while she was blaming the Senate Republicans for not taking a more aggressive approach to dealing with the upcoming fiscal crisis for 2007-2008 here in Michigan not one time she brought up families. Interesting. She wants to cry about Republicans but she did not make any mention to how families in Michigan are falling apart and how the equal parenting bill should be on her desk in 30 days or less. She is more concerned about Cool Cities (I exposed how this is a front for the Homosexual Community last year) than bringing families together.
Remember family values through educational choices equals wealth creation. Guaranteed. This is the REAL Civil Rights Movement. We are fightingfor our human right to equal parenting. Anyone in this community who feel that this is not important I am dying to see who raised you as a child. Maybe I will have to die first before that ever happens.
I am asking that everyone join in this movement. Take the time to come down to DC to be part of history Saturday, August 18, 2007.
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