Monday, July 09, 2007

Control Our Destiny Before It Is Too Late by Akindele Akinyemi

I am noticing the number of grassroots organizations around Michigan that are geared towards leadership. However, most of these groups are what we call progressive groups.

Anything progressive in my mind is not only liberal but also geared towards the end traditional values.

In the African American community the NAACP's Youth and College Division keeps the fire going for those young people who want to get involved in liberal politics. Actually, I am not mad at them because they are doing what they are supposed to do.

Breed young people into the Democratic Party and turn them against the party of Lincoln.

So I ask this question to my Urban Conservatives. Where is our training grounds? Where is our version of the NAACP's Youth and College Division. Surely, if we encouraged our young conservatives to join such a group that they would be totally outnumbered 10-1.

For example, what would happen if a young Black Conservative, who voted for Bush in the last election ans supports President Bush, who is pro-life, who is for educational choices and wants to lower taxes and build wealth creation joined the NAACP's Youth and College Division? What do you think would happen to that person in the long run who came to balance the thought process out?

You also have groups like the Center for Progressive Leadership and People for the American Way. These are "progressive" groups that not only are building a new generation of young people in the political process but are also a watchdog for conservative activities.

It is no wonder that the Republicans lost both chambers of Congress in the last election. Even here in Michigan Republicans lost the House of Representatives to Democrats. When I heard the reports on why Republicans lost I heard every excuse in the book.

Let's face it. Republicans lost because Democrats have a stronger grassroots machine in place. Especially in urban areas. Of course I am not relying on RNC or Michigan Republicans to assist Urban Conservatives in changing the political landscape in Urban Michigan.

Between the unions, NAACP, watchdog groups like the People for the American Way, Major Media outlets, the Black Press, the likes of George Soros and Jon Stryker there will never be a Black Republican elected to office. The Democrats are on a roll right now and they are going to take the presidency. You can throw in a Mitt Romney, Giuliani or Daffy Duck it does not matter.

The Democrats are going for the kill in 2008. And they have already placed a cross on Congressman Joe Knollenberg's back in Oakland County. Even Sheriff Mike Bouchard is vulnerable in his own backyard. Another tsunami will hit Michigan and it could be fatal this time if we do not have a strategy in place.

We will continue to hear the NAACP's Chairman Juilan Bond continue to bash Black Republicans until we establish some checks and balances on our end to silence such nonsense. It's time for Black Republicans to create a brotherhood/sisterhood relationship if we are to be taken seriously.

The young people in the NAACP who is here for the 98th annual convention are here because they want to get involved. Black Republicans, who are part of the NAACP, must begin to get vocal on issues like abortion, same sex marriage and most importantly, family values through educational choices. We can no longer let the liberals beat us in our own backyard. There are too many "progressive" engines working in urban communities to keep us on the liberal plantation.

It is all systematic.

What we have to do is give our young people an alternative. We have to make them feel special because they have to be willing to support a Party that reflects our values and culture. The youth should feel sad about the condition of the Black community as a whole. Our community has given up our values and culture following a Party that regards our vote as automatically Democrat. The Democrats do not care about the Black community and wrongfully take us for granted. It hurts me to see my community laughed at by Democrats and the Black leaders supported by them.

The reality is this. Under the Democrat Party our community is thrown the scraps from the edge of the table. We need to take the empty seat left for us by the Republican Party and use it to help our community grow in the values that make us unique.

Taking the seat at the Republican table means one thing:recognizing that we are American. We need to get rid of the idea that we are a nationless people. This idea is handed down by the Democrats and it is meant to divide us from the only real free nation that we were born in. We need to pick up the American flag and drape it over our front doors across this country. We need to finally sit at the place left open for us by the Republican Party.

But that means the Republican Party needs to pay attention to the strategies that Black Republicans have in place to win elections and transform urban communities if they want respectability in our circles.

The only ones that can make that happen are those who are part of a new generation of young Black conservative leadership in Urban Michigan.

It begins here today. I am bringing back my One Detroit group under a urban conservative initiative. The One Detroit Association for Civic Leadership will be part of the One Network. It is our training ground for those who are conservative and would like to run for office in the near future. It is also a civic engagement group that will help others how the political system full operates.

Urban Conservatives control their own destiny. Let's take control for once.

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