Monday, July 23, 2007

The LAZY Left vs. The RATIONAL Right by Tracy Phernetton

Americans are falling prey to the sweeping media discredit crusade against America’s 43rd President. The media representations and the rampant, negative assumption are spewing from every left-wing orifice. I believe this psychotic rampage has “tricked” a lot of people. The laziness of the accusatory travesty materializing from the various media types and crazy left-wing nuts, gives lazy liberals an easy out, after one of the hardest hits our country has been faced with in a long time: (911).
The sad part of all is that this same laziness seems to be taking over our country’s consciousness and masking and disguising some rather noteworthy details looming beneath the public spectacle of accusations and unfair assessments made of our President. That evening, during the Presidents’ address to the Nation, I consciously forfeited my position in the lazy charade. I am an active participant in making my own educated assessments of the President. There fore, I am able to truly able to evaluate his agendas, instead of blindly allowing others to evaluate his agendas for me.
The Faith-Based Initiative is one of the best conceptual, political proposals that has ever emerged from a sitting President, as far as I’m concerned. It’s about time, that someone speaks up for the thousands of small organizations and community-based volunteer groups. President Bush made it very clear in that State of the Union address, in 2004; it didn’t matter whether you were Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Catholic, what mattered was what these “faith-based” groups were doing for the poor, the battered women, the prisoners, the addicts, and the oppressed. How could an Initiative, like this go wrong?
As far as the nay-sayers conflict with where the tax-payers’ dollar goes; well, it is my firm belief that an Initiative like this delivers public dollars to the private, small community-minded organizations that deserve the most help. The help that these faith-based organizations get from this Faith-Based Initiative only better helps the addict, the hungry family, the low-income single mother and the prisoners looking for better ways to live.
The originators of this great Country’s Constitution made it very clear that it was, “One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” How can that be misinterpreted? Just look at the paradox with the phrase of “one” and “all;” promoting the common welfare of all Americans is an individual right, but it is also our collective responsibility to “promote” it. Lifting another person up, by volunteering or mentoring is a personal responsibility to ensure the collective right to liberty and justice “for all”. This initiative promotes the common welfare by ensuring the small private faith-based groups be adequately employed to help the less fortunate.
There doesn’t need to be lines drawn on the primitive basis of skin color, religion or sexual preference, there only needs to be equal opportunity and collective support to enhance our natural human right to help another in need. The church that hands out clothes, toys on Christmas and serves meals three times a day, should not be discriminated because of its religious affiliation, it should be judged on its service it provides for the less fortunate.
It’s obvious that the “separation of church and state” phrase didn’t mean keeping church or rather “God” out of government. This is clear when we see “In God We Trust,” on all our coins and plastered all over our judiciary walls. The phrase was intended to keep government out of church. It was intended to prevent government from ever adopting one religious denomination. Faith-based covers a wide range of possibilities. Atheists have faith that there is no God, “New-Age” communities have faith in their new age philosophies. Faith covers a lot of ground. The truth is, is that Government grants that we approve of to build that new loosing teams’ multi-billion dollar stadium, require all those fans and team members to have “faith” in their sport.
The principles behind this Faith-Based Initiative are clear. The government can be a medium in the enhancement of social programs, but it needs not be the sole provider. The providers are you and I, and the mosque down the street, the synagogue up the road, or the soup kitchen in the basement of the Methodist church down the hill. We are our best hope.
We all have different beliefs, faiths and preferences, but we also all have a natural right to the common good. It’s in the best interest of all Americans that we all put our difference aside, and learn to serve one another because of the simple fact that we are each responsible for one another. The government can’t be our caretaker; however it can be our resource.
The grants that go to these faith-based programs grant the people authority over our own destinies. It gives us (“We the People”) back the power and responsibility to change America from the inside out, without finding lazy ways out by just blaming one man for all our social ills.
Ironically, that one man the Liberal nutcases have been blaming this whole time is actually the one who has been our greatest advocate for healing our country within; too bad so many people are blinded by the illusion that one man could be responsible for all these social deficiencies that exist. I guess that’s an easy way out and much easier on our egos when the person we need to blame can be found in our mirrors. We need to blame ourselves, not George Bush for our neighbors going hungry; look in the mirror every time you nonchalantly throw away that half-finished Latte form Starbucks, and say to the mirror, “You are the axis of evil.”
© 2007 Tracy Phernetton
Tracy Phernetton is the One Network Representative from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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