Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let Us Bring Back Our Values To Save Our Community by Akindele Akinyemi

For many African Americans wanting to transform our community it is a monumental task. Part of that transformation process with come from re instilling conservative values. The current crisis of marriage, family, education, and moral formation among many Blacks demands immediate attention before more generations fall through the cracks.

This is why we need to push for more conservative values in our community. I mean real conservative values not just saying that Black people are socially conservative. The liberal or progressive value system in our community has placed us below the barrel for success.

In other words it has not worked.

For example, the idea of being married is dying in our community. The latest census figures show that by age 34, 41.5 percent of black men remain single compared to 24.9 percent for Asians, 28.2 percent for Hispanics, and 28.1 percent for whites. With the advent of hate crimes legislation that protects homosexuals as well as celebrities getting the so-called bright idea of having children out of wedlock like Erykah Badu and others it is no wonder that marriage in our community is becoming a dinosaur.

Our community is being threatened by abortion and HIV/AIDS. While the NAACP is enjoying marching down to Hart Plaza to bury the N-Word and all that jazz they still remain silent on the issues of abortion. We are grateful that brothers like the Rev. Dr. Levon Yuille, National Chariman of the National Pro-Life Congress and Alveda King who consistently force the issue of abortion into the national spotlight in the African American community. Shame on our civil rights organizations for accepting money from NARAL and Planned Parenthood to keep their foot on Black children.

Groups like the NAACP fail to realize that we live in an era in which 43 percent of all black pregnancies end in abortion and, according to a February 2006 Black AIDS Institute report, of the estimated 1.3 million Americans living with HIV/AIDS nearly half of them are black. Sadly, between 2000 and 2003, blacks were 51 percent of new HIV diagnoses followed by whites at 32 percent and Hispanics at 15 percent.

And the new cases of genital herpes is on the rise in our community. Are we living in one big wasteland here in Detroit? Another health risk is homicide and the rise of suicides among young people in our community. The NAACP, Urban League and other organizations are not addressing this. However, when Black Conservatives/Republicans bring this up we are called Uncle Toms and working for the enemy (White people). To me, it is very clear that Black people in our community do not value life and proof of this is the ongoing dialogue on how President Bush does not like Black people.

Get over it. The government is NOT SUPPOSED to take care of Blacks in Michigan, let alone America. Period. We have to pull ourselves up and execute what direction are we going. And why are we supposed to be proud of having a bridge card and receiving welfare benefits when it creates a drain on our economic system here in Michigan? Get a job and get off welfare.

Our brothers are moving through the criminal justice system at a rapid rate. More brothers locked up than in college. In Detroit, for example, 52 percent of black men in their 20s are either incarcerated, on parole, or on probation. Imagine what type of city Detroit would be if 52 percent of black males were instead college graduates or in college or graduate school?

It all comes back to the home if you ask me. A clean, conservative home with positive reinforcements.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) now primarily educate black women, with the female to male ratios at most schools approaching 2 to 1. Howard University’s female population, for example, is 64 percent of its student body; Hampton University’s is 61 percent; Florida A&M’s is 57 percent.

How did we get to this point of where we are removed from our conservative values and now entrenched with progressive values? Those who were born after 1970 barely remember how conservative values played a role in their family upbrinigng. Those born after 1980 are fully removed from the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements BUT not fully removed from the jheri curl movements of the 80s.

Furthermore, if we take a closer examination of how liberal policies pushed by the Democratic Party like welfare programs’ encouragement of broken families and irresponsibility; the post-1960s declining influence of the black church; the emasculating agenda of black feminism; and the addictions of materialism, consumerism, anti-intellectualism, and radical individualism.

I remember going to see bell hooks while I was a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University. She was speaking at Borders in Ann Arbor. When I got there she was talking about how the demise of the black male is due to “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” One sister, who I will never forget a day in my life, said how she “do not need a man.” Its the same liberal, feminist mantra that creates a context wherein generations of black male youth go unfathered, unchurched, unprotected from abuse, and left to be raised by law enforcement or the foster care system.

Hooks (as well as many other feminists and womanists I have ran across over the years) do not trust the traditional black church, bemoans male aggression, and disdains the free market. The solutions to the present crisis, however, begin precisely in those areas Hooks rejects. If Black men returned to the Black church(without the glitz and glamour of the church) which has served as the backbone of Black people since slavery, and adopted free market economics it would change the landscape of Urban Michigan tomorrow.

When we return to conservative values in our community, stop monolithically voting Democrat and understand that the source of our strength are Black men and women in our community we will begin to move in a new direction for our community. The One Network's formula for success is building family values through educational choices equals wealth creation.

It takes a village to raise a child is the mantra in our community. But if the village is infested with disease, crack, and mis-education what type of village are we raising? Mayor Kilpatrick spoke on Detroit Love earlier this year, yet the village is burning down to the ground from immorality. We have to reverse this and now it will take those young conservatives of all races to rebuild and re-populate the village.

When they took God out of the schools we now have a high level of violence in Detroit Public Schools. When intelligent design was brought up to the Michigan State Board of Education last year they struck it down. There are all kinds of "safe zones", "diversity groups" and other zones to promote homosexuality in the textbooks, in schools and in higher education. God has been placed on the backburner for the Devil in our community. The same socialist system that is ran in North Korea is the same thing we are experiencing in Detroit. The sad thing is that our people are falling through the cracks and continue to be enslaved to a political system that has further eroded our civil liberties in our community.

When we regain great marriages, stable families, a love for learning, moral formation, economic wisdom, political balance and a platform of empowerment we will return to greatness. I guarantee it.

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