Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Movement Is Growing in Urban America by Akindele Akinyemi

It's July 4th and I have to showcase our One Network members who are on the front lines for conservative technology.

Michael King is my Project 21 comrade down in our network in Atlanta, GA. This brother has always stood on the right side of things.

K. Danielle Edwards. Our sister from Nashville, Tennessee who has been by my side for over a decade, is the author of Stacy Jones: Memoirs of Girl and Woman, Body and Spirit, Life and Death. A sister who has never left my side and represents Nashville to the fullest. Stacey Jones: Memoirs of Girl & Woman, Body & Spirit, Life & Death

Kristina Cadwell. Our One Network sister right in Oak Park, Michigan. A true revolutionary Black Republican who fears nothing that stands in her way.

Felicia Benamon. The conservative syndicated writer from Memphis, Tennessee who is a regular here on our blog she is pro-life, pro-Christian and proactive in her approach to curing the social ills of American society.

Minister Karinda Washington. The minister and founder of Soul Searching Ministries, which is an outreach ministry dedicated to winning men and women to Christ. She hold events such as Revival on the Block, Thursday Night Online Church Services, speaking engagements at local churches, in addition to the launch of a new bible study for men and women in the entertainment industry. In addition to her ministry she is the co-founder of BOTS Entertainment.

Ivo Jackson. Our Network member from Grand Rapids, Michigan she is the key person in our network when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Zhe Clampitt. When we were laying the foundation for the One Network this sister gave her input and have supported us since day one.

Ada Smith. Ever need an event in your town? Contact JAS Events, Ada's event consulting business. A true sister practicing free market economics.

Mark Delvin. Our One Network member in Los Angeles, CA he brings a balanced perspective on his radio show between conservatives and liberals.

Chad Miles. Our One Network member in Dearborn, MI. The CEO of the Magic Box, an Internet company, Mr. Miles ran for Congress in the 14th District last year. He is also our Downriver point person for outreach.

Kimberly Hill. The faith based sister based out of the Downtown area in Detroit, this sister ran more than just a campaign against State Rep. Coleman Young II. She ran a ministry and became a leader in our community.

Nate and Tonya Philips. Our first couple in One Network. The founder and owner of Vision Legal PLLC. Tonya made her One Network debut in 2005 when she ran for Detroit School Board in District 1. Nate is the owner of the City Suites located in Downtown Detroit.

Barry and Quanicia Wilson. Our second conservative power couple from Columbus, GA. They are representing our One Network in magnitudes down south. They are moving and shaking things up for African Americans by bringing them to the conservative side of things.

Tiffany Tilley (Oak Park, Michigan). Before there was a One Network there was Black Slate Radio. The former co-host of the controverisal talk show Tilley is the president of PATCHES INC.

Mason Weaver. The fiscal conservative from San Diego, this brother represents One Network from a powerful, fiscal and no nonsense approach. The conductor of the New Underground Railroad he is taking Black people to freedom and keeping them safe from liberal vultures.

Angelique Rea. My active sister in the Wayne County Republicans who will defend conservative values at all costs.

Chetly Zarko. If you think my blog is something you should check out his blog. Anytime the MEA wants to sue you for an investigation you know you are doing the right thing.

Charles Six (Lansing, Michigan). President of Ending Stereotypes for America, Six pushed along with Rep. Mike Nofs and Rep. Brenda Clack to push fore more African history to be taught in K-12 schools across Michigan.

There would have been no One Network campaign strategy, integrity or heart without State Representative Shanelle Jackson. One of the most trusted elected Democrats in our network, Rep. Jackson brings the fire and heart of us in our network.

State Representative Bert Johnson. One of the most trusted Democratic members of One Network. Has never let us down and is always for the people in Urban Michigan.

State Senator Tupac Hunter. One Network has never seen such intelligence, integrity and accountability from one person and we are glad that he is part of our network.

Minister Belinda Brown. My One Network coordinator in Benton Harbor she brings the fire for those who are displaced and disenchanted in this city.

Jacqueline Whitted (No Picture). My One Network conservative sister from Southfield, Michigan, Jacqueline brings the contemporary way of doing outreach for Black Conservatives in Southeastern Michigan. The President/CEO of the Community of Grace, a non-profit dedicated to helping people with HIV/AIDS awareness.

Bro. Jeremy. President of the Detroit Conservative Society. The One Network's non-profit arm DCS reaches to promote educational lessons on the importance of entrepreneurship through faith based initiatives.

Dr. Carol Weaver. Dr. Weaver has been on the front lines for One Network since the days of One Detroit. Extremely articulate on the issues she has already been endorsed by One Choice for State Representative in District 7.

James Ribbron. The co-founder of the One Network we started this network with just us as One Detroit. After Ribbron ran for the special election Detroit City Council race in 2002 we evolved One Detroit into One Network on family values through educaitonal chocie that creates wealth creation.

Janaya Black. The One Network's creative arm Mrs. Black is the president/CEO of Black-Smith Enterprises, which is an entertainment infrastructure she created to house all of her creative projects.

Sister Angie. The One Network's Louisiana sister who represnts our Baton Rouge conservative network. She is a stauch supporter of LSU.

Sister Rashonda. Our One Network sister from Taylor, MI she is learning the political system under our Network.

Sean Christopher and Grant Brooks. These are two of my top people in the One Network. Always scoping out the entertainment and club scene for our Network.

Marcellus Pittman. The DJ for One Network. Long time DJ going back to the days of the Nubian Islamic Hebrews. Spins house mucis to the cows come home.

Kim Brooks. One of our network members who is the author of "He's Fine but Is He Saved?" this minister is on a mission to reach out to those seeking the power of God.

Lisa Howze (no picture). One Network's financial sister who is always conducting motivational speaking engagements on how to magage your finances.

Alyson Jones. (No picture). The thrid founder of the One Network under the One Detroit Movement. A grassroots sister with a educational sound mind to take things to the next level.

Do not believe the hype. The One Network Movement is growing faster and faster than ever before. Do not let those fool you about a new Black Conservative movement taking shape right here right now.

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