Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mr. Bond Needs To Speak To The Black Conservatives by Akindele Akinyemi

I am currently down here live at the NAACP convention here in Detroit, MI. I am listening to the NAACP Chairman Julian Bond. He claims that the NAACP is needed now more than ever. He claims that Black people needs the NAACP because of their stance on racial justice.

A study taken two weeks ago confirms that the NAACP has the highest favorability rating and mostly 94% of Blacks need the NAACP. He claims that the NAACP represents the Black community.


However, those who were interviewed, if I was a betting man, were mostly middle class Blacks who have interest in the NAACP. If you ask those young adults if the NAACP is needed you will most likely get a different story.

As usual, Mr. Bond is stirring up the race pot. Unfortunately, if we want to begin racial healing in our community then we need to begin with ourselves by eliminating the dark skinned vs light skinned foolishness not pointing fingers.

Mr. Bond also said how we do not need anymore Bush Appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court. I disagree. With the number of carnal minded people walking around in our country we need now, more than ever, conservatives on the court who can interpret the constitution accurately not liberal judges who are carrying out a political agenda for special interest groups.

Mr. Bond claims our democracy is stronger in this country more than ever. However, the Congressional Democrats only have a 14% approval rating. Is this democracy? However, he is crying about how President Bush's approval rating is 32%. Which one is worse?

Mr. Bond also spoke how President Bush was slow to respond to Hurricane Katrina. Bond never mentioned how the Louisiana Democratic Party never took care of those who died in the 9th Ward in New Orleans. Those comments about Katrina are not fair and balanced.

He also said how the Bush Administration used September 11, 2001 as an excuse to wage war with terrorists. He is calling the Bush Administration anti government. I feel that those comments from Mr. Bond is anti-American.

Terrorism is a real threat to our national security. For Mr. Bond to speak out against this demonstrates that he would rather see Western civilization fall to Islamic Fundamentalists than fight back against those who continue to threaten our civil liberties.

He also brought out the ignorant statement that Kayne West said during the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. His point was that those affected by Katrina were Black people. He feels that the Bush Administration should have done more. Not one time he mentioned ANYTHING about Blacks taking personal responsibility for their own actions in New Orleans. After all who asked Black people to live in the condition that they were living in the first place? We enjoyed living in poverty in New Orleans. And when Mr. Bond stated how poor Whites were being treated better than poor Blacks in New Orleans in the educational system I felt that he was going senile. I have toured the educational system in New Orleans and BOTH were catching hell. Maybe he said that to move the crowd. They did not move.

Mr. Bond wants Blacks to capture the race issue. Not one time he mentioned about how Blacks should fight against abortion, same sex marriage, and educational options for parents and children. As long as we are stuck on race in this country, regardless of the color of our skin, we will never have One America.

As an Urban Conservative who vote Republican I can see why people gravitate towards Mr. Bond and his rhetoric. Blacks gather when we discuss race and how White people oppress us. We feel comfortable pointing fingers and blaming Whitey for the social, political and economical ills of the Black community. I'm sorry but I do not see a White person within miles of my home and the only ones that are shooting and killing one another are Black people. Again, the NAACP will not deal with family values and free market economics. And I should not have to join the NAACP to even bring these issues up. Our young people in the NAACP should be walking lockstep with their Black conservative brothers ands sisters to create a new reality for our community.

Mr. Bond further claimed how the NAACP still are fighting racism, unequal education (he must be talking about traditional public schools) and inequality. He also said that 30,000 youth members are active in the NAACP. I am extremely curious to see how these youths vote, their understanding of the Republican Party as it relates to Blacks and their understanding of family values through educational choices that will equal wealth creation.

I sincerely doubt it.

I can clearly see why conservative and educated young adults will not join the NAACP. I can also see why Black Republicans will not join the NAACP in mass either.

I will not join the NAACP. They do not reflect my values or beliefs. Sorry Mr. Bond, you will not get this brother caught up in your liberal web of nonsense.

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