Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Need To Understand The Game by Akindele Akinyemi

I often hear the need for Blacks to organize their own political party because the Democratic Party and supposedly the Republican Party has not done anything for Blacks in the community.

I never knew that these political parties had to do something for Black people. That's like the Mayor of the City of Detroit is supposed to take care of everyone in Detroit.

Government and politics never work that way. In fact, what I am realizing is there are too many Blacks in the community that do not have a through working knowledge of how the political system even works. Let alone most Blacks are unaware of the history of the Democrat and Republican Parties in full.

One of the themes briefly mentioned at the Millions More March by Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan was that of a political “party of the poor.” The question becomes why so much poverty and desperation, as evidenced in Detroit, there has been no suggestion that the Black and poor should form there own political party. Perhaps, the most obvious answer is that among middle Black class, there has been reluctance to break with the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Blacks have been taught in their very home never to vote Republican because they are a party of the rich. So we cut our foots off right at home.

Some have considered using the Black Radical Congress as a new form of Black Political Party in our country. The problem is this group's platform would not sit well with the majority of Blacks living in the United States.

I will be very honest with you. Pick a side.

Too often Blacks cop-out to call themselves "independents" when most of us are Democrats. Proof of this is how many "independents" actually voted for Dick DeVos or Bishop Keith Butler last year? Most Blacks STILL voted Democrat, even if they considered themselves "independent." In the real political world there is no such thing as independent. You are either one side or the other.

Black people who want to start their own party is fooling themselves. We are deeply ingrained in socialism that has gotten our community nowhere. We cannot ever say the Republican Party has not done anything for Blacks because we do not vote Republican. So how can we say the Republican Party has not done anything for Blacks when Blacks do not even know the history of the Republican Party to begin with, let alone, understand their policies to the letter. Most Blacks do not understand Democratic policies to the letter.

We are the most politically illiterate group in the United States. Every other race of people work BOTH sides of the aisle. Jews, Hispanics, Asians, etc work both sides. Blacks only work the Democratic side and hoping something different occurs. It is a clear demonstration of Blacks not understanding the political game in full. If we did there would be no reason to talk about a separate party. In fact, I have never heard of ANY other ethnic group talking about starting their own political party for their own race.

It gets worse when NOW Blacks are complaining about the Democratic Party that they seek another party instead of investigating the Republicans. How absurd is that? I mean Blacks have to go deeper than looking at TV and listening to Tom Joyner in the morning about the Republican Party.

If we started our own party what would we talk about? Nothing. It would be a spin-off from the Democratic Party, just like the Green Party or Reform Party. None of these parties are no different than the Democratic Party.

We will still continue to have our State of Black America talks by Tavis Smiley, we will still have our NAACP dinners every single year in Downtown Detroit, and we will still continue to vote Democrat, even if we decided to start our own party.

The reality is this. Instead of complaining about the Democratic Party why don't we find out the root cause of why the Democrats have done nothing for Blacks. In contrast, why don't we find out MORE about the Republican Party from a historical, fiscal and traditional value perspective.

The other problem of creating our own party is money. Yes, Blacks generate over $678 billion a year but how much is that going back to our communities? Political parties are ran off money. Do you think the unions are going to continue to give you money for our own Black political party if we decide to break away from the Democratic Party? Do you think the SEIU, UAW and AFSCME would appreciate the fact that you went off and decided to start your own thing?

I doubt it. The NEA would be very upset and the Human Rights Coalition would be in a uproar.

A Black political party would generate nothing but confusion and disillusionment. It's bad enough that we have Black leaders in our community that do not know what reapportionment is and do not know simple public policy. Most cannot even debate a Black Republican without calling them a name like Uncle Tom (again, most of us never even read Uncle Tom's cabin).

How would a Black Political Party vote in elections? Who would join? The Socialists? The Capitalists? Where does the church fit into this paradigm?

Allow me to keep it real on this subject. Forging our own party is a waste of time, energy and money. Blacks have to stop being lazy and actually learn the process on both sides.

I hear all the time how Blacks are upset with Gov. Granholm. Then why did you re-elect her?

I hear all the time how Blacks are tired of the Detroit City Council. No one asked you to vote for Martha Reeves.

We complain about the Detroit School System and the elected school board. If grassroots politicians cannot get the job done what the hell makes you think electing another grassroots board this year will make things better?

I hear all the time how DeVos last year was trying to buy the election and it was stupid for us to work on his campaign. The man is a millionaire and I am trying to be wealthy. Why would I try to work on Granholm's team when she is not teaching me anything about wealth?

We complain about how State Representative Coleman Young II was elected State Rep in District 4. I told you to vote for Kimberly Hill but apparently you got what you deserved.

Blacks complain about John Conyers and this Hate Crimes Legislation he is trying to push for homosexuals. Why are you voting for him every 2 years if you are pissed?

Blacks complain about Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick in Congress. Every two years no one run against her so why are you complaining?

Blacks complain about the Republican Party and they do nothing for Blacks. How do you know this if your ass never voted before?

Black complain about President Bush and the War on Iraq. Is that the Republicans fault?

Black Republicans are called Uncle Toms and Sellouts. Apparently, we must be doing something right to be called so many names by the Black Press.

Black Conservatives are hated on because of our stance on racism, sexism and we believe the Bible is the Word of God. Again, we must be doing something right to be called so many names by the Black Press.

In fact, when was the last time ANYONE research the Republican Party in depth. I mean, have ANYONE ever even asked a Black Conservative, who votes and leans Republican, why they vote the way they do?

Black Nationalists want reparations. Why? So we can blow money? Most of us have no working knowledge of finances. That is why everywhere I go someone is talking about money.

Black Nationalists also want 5 states in the South to control. The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. You can tell by the way we run Detroit that we are incapable of running a state, let alone 5 states.

As you can see all of the above are a very weak basis of why we need our own party. Most of the problems can be resolved if we educate ourselves on the process.

Here is another thing I have heard all my life:

"Don't vote for the Republicans because they are racists."

I have a hard time, after going to all of the Republican events, that White folks are racist in mass as it was communicated to me in the hood. I am not saying racism does not exist in the Republican Party, I am saying that just because you have some who choose to practice ignorance does not mean I am going to shun the entire party. You go a different route for different results.

Hell, how many racists comments do you hear from both Black and White Democrats and their "independent" allies, yet, Blacks will give their vote year after year to the Democrats? The only there is talk about a separate party is when we are upset with the establishment.


We do not need a separate party. What we need to do is get with the program by working both sides of the aisle, crafting policies that work as well as understanding that there is no room for the ghetto culture. We need to expand our knowledge of public policy as well as stressing the importance of family values through educational choices that in turn will generate wealth creation in our community.

If you are a State Representative who happens to be Black and Democrat how come you cannot hire a Black or White Republican in your office to compare notes? I have never seen this in Lansing. Play the game, learn the ropes, stop running and face the music.

We preach about being a sovereign land and a sovereign people. Before we can even began to understand that concept most of us need to take U.S. History 101, Economics 098 and Business 086. Would you want a mass group of people who refuse to pay taxes, accept ghetto culture and produce failing public schools? We do not need our own sovereign land like the Native Americans because the Native Americans are not doing that great as a people. I guess the reason for this is because of the White man, racist public policies and the lack of Black people.

If we created a separate party it would grow no bigger than the Reform Party that Former Gov. Jesse Ventura belonged to or the U.S. Taxpayers Party. For Blacks, this would be a gross waste of time and energy.

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