Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Obama On Reparations by Akindele Akinyemi

I recently read a report on Sen. Barack Obama's position on reparations. He feels that fixing public schools would be reparations to African-Americans for generations of slavery.

“If we make the investments and understand that those are our children, that’s the kind of reparations that are really going to make a difference in America right now,” said Sen. Obama.
That is a great sound bite if you ask me. I'm pretty sure CNN, ABC as well as every other liberal media network played this. However, it does not solve the problem.
What would be excellent for Sen. Obama to admit is the fact that his great-great-great-great grandfathers, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves who were recorded in the 1850 Census in Nelson County, Ky. The same records show that one of Obama's great-great-great-great-great-grandmothers, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves.
I wonder what party did they belong to? Because the Republican Party was not founded until 1854 in Jackson, Michigan guess what party this man's ancestors belonged to?
And how come he is not asking for reparations from his own party? After all for over 150 years, Blacks were victims of terrorist attacks by the Democrats and their Klan supporters, including lynching, beating, rapes and mutilations. On the issue of slavery, the Democrats literally gave their lives to expand it; the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.
More importantly, many believed the Democrats had a change of heart and fell in love with Blacks. To the contrary, history reveals the Democrats didn't fall in love with Black folks, they fell in love with the Black vote knowing this would be their ticket into the White House.
If Obama wants to talk about reparations he need to start within his own party.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich supports reparations. This man will say anything to Black people for a vote. Who elected this guy anyway?
However, the real issue is this. The United States is already paying for slavery. Some think slavery was abolished without White assistance. But no all-Black insurgence would have ended slavery without the help of concerned Whites. For example, Harriet Tubman could not have freed hundreds of slaves through the Underground Railroad without the selfless sacrifice of sympathetic Whites.
Already, more than 40% of black families have a middle-class standard of living. In nearly every industry, blacks are not only represented, but excel. This is pretty good for being just 13% of the population, and with half of us still under the age of 18. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby are among America's most beloved celebrities.
However, internal turmoil, liberal politics and an abandonment of morals has done to Black America what hundreds of years of slavery failed to do... unravel the Black family and turn us against one another.

There was a "Great Sellout" of our race in 1965, just after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As a result, many have succumbed to dependency on - and switched their misguided loyalties to -another slavemaster... Uncle Sam.

According to government statistics, 650,000 Black babies were born in 1965. But only 50,000 of them were born out of wedlock. That means, despite the residual effects of slavery and poverty that comes from starting with nothing, Blacks only had an eight percent illegitimacy rate. Despite centuries of slavery, Black families survived.

That same year, over 400 new government programs were introduced into poverty-stricken communities. Liberal politicians offered poor mothers cash for having children. A monthly government paycheck went to any mother that applied... if there was no working male at home. By 1975, the Black illegitimacy rate skyrocketed to an epidemic 70%. Three out of every four Black babies are still born out of wedlock. The government slavemaster succeeded in a single decade what centuries of oppression failed to do... destroy the Black family.

How? Many Black ministers, doctors and political leaders played along. They sold us out. Just as some African tribal leaders sold Blacks to Whites with little regard for their safety or future, many modern Black leaders sold us to the liberals for political gain.With Black leaders telling us the government will give us something for nothing, we bought into a false dream that evolved into a socialist nightmare.
Realistically, our problems must instead be overcome through personal success. They didn't tell us that.
One injustice (slavery) cannot be corrected by another injustice (taking money from an innocent party). No one alive today owned slaves legally in the United States. Millions of non-Black Americans don't even have ancestors who lived in the U.S. at the time of slavery.
It would be impossible to administer reparations fairly. Most Americans don't know their lineage well enough to assert, let alone prove, harm from slavery (or the converse, that their ancestors are responsible for or benefited from slavery). This means -- and most reparations advocates seem to concede -- that reparations would be paid to Black Americans by other Americans simply on the basis of race. This would result in reparations payments not only by the distant descendants of actual slaveowners, but other ethnic groups as well.
Reparations payments based on race alone would be perceived by nearly everyone forced to make payments as a monstrous injustice, embittering many and inevitably setting back race relations. Apologetic feelings many whites hold because of slavery and past civil rights injustices would to a significant extent be replaced by anger. Yet, would one of the goals of the reparations movement: A supposed lessening of Black anger (to the extent it exists) because of slavery really abate if reparations were enacted?
Evidence is scant.
Reparations proponents want the government to pay Blacks today for the past enslavement of our ancestors. I want to free today's blacks from their dependency upon government.The federal government takes a portion of our pay without our permission. It taxes us as we operate our businesses (for each employee hired, for all materials bought and for sales and profits). If we're lucky enough to retire at the age they determine, we receive poverty-level monthly payments even though we pay them a king's ransom in retirement taxes over 45+ years of our working lives. When we die, the government preys upon our relatives by confiscating what remains of our government retirement savings.
Today, modern "slaves" are bred to love the government. In Detroit, they have even given us something better, the ghetto culture. You can thank Black liberals over the educational and faith based community for this. After all, they have allowed our children to wear tattoos all over their torso, neck and even at the crack of their asses for entry. Females have "Mike's Ass" written in cursive on their behind when James is tapping it. A rose is tattooed on their breast for display to the highest bidder. They have cherries on their inner thigh for entry. Sometimes that entry is paid with a high price since our community is vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Herpes Type-God knows what.
Brothers sag their pants, hair is pulled in a nappy pony tail or not cut or not combed and sisters wear Aunt Jemima rags on their heads because they did not have time to fix or comb their hair. We smoke Black and Mild, eat Church's Chicken and drop out of school. We enjoy using our bridge cards like VISA or Master Card at the gas stations or Meijer. We use WIC like American Express Traveler's Checks. Our favorite local programs on television are 7 Mile to Belle Isle, Video Vibes, and Block Boss Entertainment. Our favorite local female MCs are Hollyhood Clic and any other degrading element to bring us down.
We are obsessed with reading FEDS magazine, the Source and wondering who got shot on our block. If we are not making local Detroit videos flashing how much money we have in the ghetto we are looking at our heroes like Jeezy and Weezy (Lil' Wayne) on BET. How many people in the hood are actually supporting the Africa Channel?
The liberal overseers influence our people through emotion to love and become dependent on the "slavemaster" government through the ghetto culture. They begrudge those who do not share their love of government.
However, I am preaching independence from the government slavemaster. I consider any Black Grassroots, Civil Rights or Business people who preach that Black stuff a overseer because they use fear, intimidation and exploitation through sex tactics to control the masses of Black people who are seeking to be free. Guaranteed.
We know sexuality is a form of slavery in these groups because it is these Black grassroots groups that promote homosexuality, bi-sexuality, swapping, abortion (like kill your child at-will), menage-a-trios, legal political and financial prostitution, and even polygamy on the down low. If you think I am making this up pay attention to who is writing public policies on sexual orientation, tolerance, and diversity.
The newly elected President of the Young Democrats of America is openly gay. Any questions about what was going on on Dallas, Texas last week? Again, Don't believe me check it out for yourself.
Instead of TEACHING brothers and sisters how to be free they overseer groups are keeping Blacks angry at other races of people and begging for government to take care of them. They are keeping Blacks angry in our community with papers like the Michigan Citizen. This is not a form of freedom but a form of control to keep people voting the same pattern seeking different results.
Even the most downtrodden Black man is free to take the rope of opportunity and climb out of the government's plantation. Many, however, run from the rope because they think someone wants to lynch them. While we live in the land of plenty, we are content eating crumbs from the government slavemaster's table. Modern slaves hate being reminded of what they are missing. Our reading, writing and communicating skills become such that everyone can tell they are a slave to government dependency. This is not their destiny, but rather their choice.

Let's not waste time on a issue as ridiculous as reparations. At least Obama should not embrace it. It's bad enough he is pushing for sex education for 5 year olds.

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