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Personal Responsibility Will Turn Your Utilities On by Akindele Akinyemi

The Black Grassroots here in Detroit will work towards a socialist state without shame. I am a believer in personal responsibility and while I have been accused of hating myself for exposing these race hustlers I am doing nothing but telling the truth (since I used to be a liberal myself).

One such group is the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. The term "welfare" makes me sick to my stomach. I would rather encourage people to work up to 3 jobs, if necessary, to stay out of the welfare system. Welfare is nothing but a modern day form of slavery.

Now the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization represents the union of public assistance recipients and low-income workers in this state. They have chapters across Michigan and is one of the founding members of the National Welfare Rights Union. Their goal is to organize recipients and low-income workers to fight for our rights, to eliminate poverty in this country and to build an army prepared to battle or the economic and human rights of millions of disenfranchised Americans.

MWRO intervenes and advocates on behalf of the victims of poverty when disputes surface between this population and service delivery agencies. MWRO sponsors training sessions for the victims of poverty that cover eligibility for Food Stamps, Medicaid, cash assistance, disputes with landlords, utility companies and how to file a hearing when these rights are being violated.

The MWRO is led by Maureen Taylor. I remember her when she ran for Detroit City Council in 2005. I am glad she did not make it because having a grassroots City Council would have caused a massive exodus from the City of Detroit. It is bad enough that we have too many grassrots people on the Detroit City Council.

Now this organization is known for fighting against water shut offs in Detroit and Highland Park. Here is my issue. While I think it is important for people to fight the good fight how come we never teach our brothers and sisters the value and importance of personal responsibility?

For instance, why should anyone help you get your water cut back on if you have a Lincoln Navigator, DirecTV, a 60 inch plasma TV set and Playstation in your home with a booming system?

Another person's water is shut off in their home but they have a car siting on 24s in their driveway. By the way, this person has not worked in over a year and is living off his woman who is working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

My thing is instead of making excuses for our people we need to educate, re-educate and execute the plan to help them create a better lifestyle.

When I see this group aligned with people like Call ‘Em Out, the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, Keep The Vote - No Takeover, The Detroit Green Party, the Million Worker March Movement, the Michigan Citizen, The Labor Party, The Rev. Sami Muhammed, Brush Park, Mid-City Citizens District Councils, and LRNA I can clearly see how far to the left they are. It's no wonder Detroit is in the condition it's in.

We need a more conservative approach to getting people's water turned back on. Part of that comes from the individual who will need the utility to survive.

First, water is NOT free. Pay your bills ON TIME. Find out what type of programs you can enroll in to help pay your bills in a timely manner.

Second, take responsibility for your own actions. Perhaps eliminating the ghetto culture from your homes would help you pay your bills on time.

Third, the elderly people who are on a fixed income, need assistance. Instead of using big government's breastmilk, perhaps our faith based community need to help step up to the plate and assist those in need. We have these big megachurches in our community preaching faith and prosperity. Let's put their actions to the test.

After all, church is the largest corporation in the Black community.

There are two kinds of people here in Detroit: those who have defaulted on the responsibility to maintain their own life, and those who have not. The clash between these two groups is the root cause of all of our problems today. Because those who have defaulted on this responsibility believe they are owed a free lunch, and the city government has responded to their requests, the entire city has degenerated into a morass of pressure groups, each vying for a piece of the pie. Those groups that cry the loudest get the most handouts. They produce nothing and cry that their need entitles them to the fruits of other people's labor.

However, I must say that these people are suffering from the results of their own decisions. They have dropped out of school early, married other dropouts, resorted to drugs, given up the opportunities to further their education, gotten divorced even though children were involved, abandoned their families.

The fact that so many thousands are on welfare, they believe, is a sure sign of a poor work ethic, laziness, immorality, sloth, etc. right here in the City of Detroit. Some welfare mothers are more concerned about themselves than their own children when it comes to education. Then in 20 years or less they wonder why their child is robbing them at gunpoint.

In a free society, these people will be allowed to suffer the results of their own bad decisions. The problems of today can be laid directly at the feet of the welfare system. If we get rid of welfare entirely here in urban areas, families would begin to stick together. We would have large families living together. The elderly would have to be cared for by family members instead of being shipped to nursing homes. Younger children might have to wear hand-me-downs, but children would be exposed to more cohesive family units. The family would become the focal point. That is how it should be. And as a society we would be much stronger and more free of City Government here in Detroit.

If I give a beggar a dollar, he gets full use of the dollar. If the government takes my dollar and gives the man welfare, he gets 30 cents and the government soaks up the rest in administration costs. If liberals here in Detroit really wanted to attack poverty, they would be screaming about the massive bureaucracy that is soaking up all the money that should be going to the poor.

The MWRO is an organization that are keeping people bonded to the welfare system. None of these people vote Republicans and none of them are conservatives. This is another tool of keeping Black people dependent on a party that only exploits us through the welfare system.

We need to understand, as Black people, that we have an obligation--self-government's first step. We have an obligation to be self-sufficient and to make proper choices. It's my obligation to my neighbor, to society. There is no responsibility in welfare; it is somebody else's fault, we are entitled to these benefits.

You cannot understand morality without God. Today we have thousands of people out there determining for themselves what right and wrong without first turning to God.

One step out of poverty is to understand that you need additional training. You have to learn as you go through life. That's why Republican is better for me, because in the area of training and education, Republicans say, “You've got to learn. You're going to have to learn how to read, how to write, how to do math. You're going to have to learn how to think critically.

The Michigan Democrats? What do they say? “We know how you're going to learn. So we have this one size fits all program. We're going to tie the teachers hands behind their back with government regulations.”

This is what MWRO believes in their heart. Not just them but the same ones in the Black and White Grassroots community that raise hell and show no real results. All of these liberal groups are local fronts for the Michigan Democratic party.

Another step out of poverty: developing a work ethic. Black people have to work. Not sit at home and play Playstation, XBox and watch TV all day. That's why it was beautiful for former Gov. John Engler to eliminate General Assistance back in 1990.

We need healthy households, you know, husband, wife, and kids. Not to need a man is a feminist line. Kids need them. Because men do more than bring their paycheck home. They teach girls modesty, just by being around. And they teach the boys the work ethic.

Another step out of poverty is to save and invest. That's why I'm working now on reading up on additional information on stocks, mutual funding portfolio and money markets. Also I am investing in personal retirement accounts. I am paying myself as well as investing.

The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren. People that make $73,000 or more can do that more readily, because whatever the government doesn't pay for, they can put into an account. People in the middle can squeeze a little bit and get a little bit in a 401(k) or a personal IRA.

The last step out of poverty is sexual restraint--marriage before children. And that's going to take some doing. We must all work very aggressively to get some abstinence educational curriculums into the schools and make sure that children at a young age understand how to make proper decisions for their lives, not live a life of despair and poverty.

But we must also, at the grass roots level, make sure that when children find themselves in a crisis that they have somewhere to go other than the Michigan Department of Human Services. If, for example, they have a drug problem, they should be able to go to the twelve-step program at the local church. That goes for help with pregnancies too.

The place not to go to is Planned Parenthood. There are good maternity homes for the expectant mother that also place the child for adoption into a wonderful family if that is the mother's choice. And they can assist the mother to get back on track.

It's time to start building again, because the days of welfare are over. While we're dismantling, we need to make sure that people are built up.

The Michigan Welfare Rights Organization is good for those who continue to beg for the crumbs that fall from the table. They are also good if you want to continue to live a crutch mentality. It is similar organizations like these that continue to feed off the poor for profit. Remember, the Black Grassroots utilizes fear, intimidation and exploitation to control the uneducated, the poor and the powerlessness to keep them angry at a system that they can benefit from if they are shown the way. These tactics are used in the Black community on a regular basis. Guaranteed.

For those who have aspirations let us dismiss such nonsense and build wealth based on family values and educational choices.

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