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The REAL Sexual Orientation by Akindele Akinyemi

I am just curious. Is the homosexual movement sweeping Michigan or what?

I talked earlier about how State Representative Aldo Vagnozzi introduced a bill (HB 4091) to require schools to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying; and to require the Department of Education to develop a model policy. That bill passed 66-43 in the State House.

Rep. Pam Byrnes introduced HB 4162 back in January to require schools to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying; and to require the Department of Education to develop a model policy. The bill also requires schools to train staff in the policy they adopt. This bill passed 58-50 in the State House (all but 2 Republicans voted along party lines).
Rep. Steve Tobocman has introduced HB 4160 back in January. This is a bill that will add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” to the characteristics that define membership in a group against whom it is a crime to discriminate under the Michigan civil rights law. This would make it a crime to deny employment, housing, use of public accommodations, public services, and educational facilities to another person on the basis of a perception that the person has a particular sexual orientation or gender identity.
On June 27, 2007 State Senator Hansen Clarke introduced SB 610. This is a bill that add sexual orientation and gender identity to the protected classes covered under the Michigan felonious intimidation law, which makes it a crime to maliciously and with specific intent intimidate or harass another person because of that person's race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.
Of course you know about the infamous hate crime legislation that Rep. John Conyers introduced.
Homosexual organizations who participate in the political process push this term "sexual orientation" to protect their rights and "ways" of life. Another terms the use is "human sexuality." In the field of K-12 education homosexual lobbyists are pushing for "bullying laws."
They also use code words like diversity, tolerance, anti-bias, safe schools, multi-culturalism, sensitivity and safe zones.
This is not made up.
Homosexual lobbyists are going to target the Black Community the hardest because Blacks are more socially conservative than most ethnic groups. This is why I explain to our parents in the community to research what types of curriculum are being taught in the classroom. All parents should be able to recite what their children are learning in the classroom.
For instance, look at your child’s curriculum; DON’T BE SATISFIED WITH TEXTBOOKS. To really understand what your child is learning, ask to see the Teacher’s Edition to every text (English, science, civics, history, and reading). The teacher’s edition will be the one where leading questions are provided for students, where suggested activities, and even worksheets will be provided. Again, look for words or programs like “tolerance,” “diversity,” anti-bias, anti-bullying or “multi-culturalism.” Sometimes it’s as part of a study on “differences,” or “different types of families”.
Ask, in writing, to be informed when every school assembly is, who is speaking, and the purpose of the assembly. Ask to be notified of changes via email.
Ask to see the anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying or “safe schools” policy (for both hiring and student life) to see whether ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’ are included.
Ask if teachers, staff, or administrators are required to attend training on “diversity,” “tolerance,” “sensitivity”.
Learn about the “school partnerships” or relationships with the community. Some districts, believe or not, have formal relationships with homosexual activists. Ask administrators and teachers on every level if these relationships exist (popular activists include GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network; and PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).
Ask from whom the school receives state, federal, or private grants; and, the purposes of those grants and how they are implemented. Here are some programs to be aware of:
Federal grants for “safe sex,” “safe schools,” “tolerance,” or “anti-bias” programs may be the funding sources of pro-homosexual lessons in your school district. The agencies most likely to give money to your school for objectionable programs are:
Centers for Disease Control, Adolescent Health for health education or HIV education. This often translates into instruction in homosexual sex practices in the classroom.
U.S. Department of Education, under the “Safe and Drug Free Schools” program, grants to “prevent hate crimes” are given to schools. This can include education to prevent crimes centering around sexual orientation. These funds have been used for a variety of “tolerance” and “anti-bias” curricula. Some funding under this program may be given as a block grant to a “Safe and Drug Free Schools” department of your state Department of Education, which then makes grants to local schools in your state.
U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice office-- This agency often teams up with the USDOE to fund “Safe Schools” programs. One of these is called “Civil Rights Actions Teams.” It’s a “peer mediation” project, where kids monitor their classmates at the middle school level, including watchdogging and then reporting on overheard “homophobic slurs.”
State Funds
As mentioned above, state agencies are often “pass through” mechanisms for federal “safe sex” and HIV education grants, which almost always include details about homosexuality and imply acceptance of and “safe” management of high risk-behaviors.
To break it further down here are 7 core reasons to oppose sexual orientation policies.
1. "Sexual Orientation" codes undermine students’ deeply held religious convictions. Homosexual behavior is wrong (and illegal in some states), and is regarded as sinful by many students of various faiths and ethnic backgrounds.
2. "Sexual Orientation" codes lead to escalating homosexual activism in schools. (This has happened in schools across the Detroit Public School System.)
3. "Sexual Orientation" codes undermine parental rights by enforcing a pro-"gay" orthodoxy in schools that overrides moral lessons and beliefs taught at home.
4. "Sexual Orientation" codes encourage homosexual teachers to be "gay" activists in the classroom, and to proudly discuss their homosexuality with students.
5. "Sexual Orientation" codes lead to the adoption of pro-homosexual curricula, such as pro-"gay marriage" lesson plans.
6. "Sexual Orientation" codes distort traditional civil rights by equating immoral, changeable behavior with racial, ethnic and religious tolerance.
7. Schools can protect all students from bullying through blanket protection policies that do not specify special criteria, groups or behaviors. Educators can make their schools safe for every student without promoting the acceptance of homosexuality.
Every activity, every class, every speaker, every book, every-everything in the school that promotes homosexuality may be balanced by an opposing perspective. Opposing balance is to restrict freedom of speech.
The other thing is that GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) has over 3,500 members across the United States. GLSEN is the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students. In fact, he top states for GSA registrations are California (517), New York (315), Massachusetts (242), Pennsylvania (145) and Illinois (139).
Michigan has 134 GLSEN clubs operating in public schools across the state and they are in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. GLSEN are responsible for setting up Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs).
GLSEN gets into schools by claiming that "homosexual" and "transgender" students need to feel safe and encouraged; and that so-called "homosexual/transgender" teens have high rates of suicide and need a support group. When this tactic fails, GLSEN then threatens legal action against school districts that refuse to allow these recruitment clubs on campus.
They are also pushing for the enforcement of training on "gender identity," which is code for cross-dressers and transsexuals (individuals who believe they are actually the opposite gender). GLSEN is pushing for the recruitment of so-called transgender youth as part of its efforts to recruit sexually confused individuals.
Again, we have a fight on our hands and it is a lot bigger than what is going on in everyday life. Our values are being overturned by the courts.
There are two ways the homosexual lobby can control a generation, through the curriculum in schools and public policy. Once they get control of this they can set the course for an entire generation.
So when are you going to contact your legislator?

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Penny said...

>>Homosexual behavior is ...illegal in some states...<<

Not since 2003, Lawrence v. Texas. Get your fact straight-- you don't have many of them, so at least get right the ones you do purport to have.