Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rep. Tim Melton Needs To See The Light by Akindele Akinyemi

Michigan: We have a SERIOUS Problem. The source of the problem is coming from Auburn Hills.

Tim Melton
I just received some disturbing news from the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA). They, along with MIRS, are reporting that State Rep. Tim Melton is threatening to shut down 50% of charters in the State of Michigan.

Rep. Melton, House Education Committee Chair, told MIRS news service on Wednesday "he was surprised to find out...about half [of charters] are performing below the performance level of the local district..."

Opponents in the house continue to ignore the facts about charter achievement. Their response is to shut schools down.

Melton said it costs less to educate younger kids than teenagers. So he and his colleagues are looking at the possibility of changing foundation grant levels for charter schools.

"A lot of the charters are K-8 or K-5. So, they're getting the per-pupil allotment, which is the same for every age, even if they don't do the high schoolers."

Melton said he hadn't, as of yet, gotten into the logistics of what the charter school legislation would look like, but his "common sense line" would be that the charter schools that are doing a great job should be able to move in and take over under-performing charter schools that get de-authorized.

"You've got some charter schools out there that have some good programs and ideas," Melton said. "Hopefully, we could use some of those statewide."

This guy has no clue what charters can do. I know for a fact that he is the least educated one on charter legislation as well as charter schools.

I will give you an example.

Melton says:

"A lot of the charters are K-8 or K-5."

No dumb ass they START off as K-5 or K-8 institutions and add a grade each year. If the MEA would stop blowing smoke up his ass he would see right in his own district how Pontiac Academy for Excellence started off as a K-5 institution. How do I know? Because I helped open the school and taught its first 4th grade class.

Now PAE goes up to 12th grade. No management company, everything is handled indoors (in terms of management) and all of the graduates received scholarships to college.

What about Lifeskills Centers of Pontiac? This is a charter HIGH school that helps troubled teens get back on the right track.

Great Lakes Academy has won the Golden Apple in the past for their soaring MEAP scores.

Walton Academy is one of the BEST charter schools in Melton's District. National Heritage Academy has been ahead of the game for years.

Also, Pontiac is fertile ground for charter schools in this country. Now, Melton wants to shut down 50% of charters and force our children to go back to failing Pontiac Public Schools.

The children who I speak to on a regular basis in Pontiac who attends charters feel safe, sound and feel like they are excelling. 96% of them do not want to go back to Pontiac schools.

Where was Rep. Melton at when the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) showed up at Pontiac Northern High School for a weapons sweep.

Where was Rep. Melton at when the Superintendent of Pontiac Public Schools asked this questions to the teachers who teaches in the district:

"Are you scared of your students?"

90% of those teachers said "yes."

Take at look at other legislation this guy has introduced:

House Bill 4924. To prohibit a school district from operating a school or educational program outside its boundaries unless it receives written permission from the board of the school district in which the school or program is located.

-The problem with this bill is that why should urban districts be punished for traveling to district run camps? Also, what about special needs children?

This guy is a serious threat to those who send their children to charter schools statewide.

There is no way that we can allow such legislation come up for a vote. Not even in committee. Ever.

Look who is on the Education Committee:

Tim Melton (D),
Committee Chair, 29th District
Mary Valentine (D),
Majority Vice-Chair, 91st District
Kathy Angerer (D), 55th District
Terry L. Brown (D), 84th District
Barb Byrum (D), 67th District
Brenda Clack (D), 34th District
Marc R. Corriveau (D), 20th District
Robert Dean (D), 75th District
Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D), 22nd District
Steven Lindberg (D), 109th District
Andy Meisner (D), 27th District
Fred Miller (D), 31st District
Gino Polidori (D), 15th District
Bettie Cook Scott (D), 3rd District
John Moolenaar (R), Minority Vice-Chair, 98th District
Judy Emmons (R), 70th District
Jacob Hoogendyk (R), 61st District
Glenn Steil Jr. (R), 72nd District
Tom Pearce (R), 73rd District
Dave Hildenbrand (R), 86th District
Tonya Schuitmaker (R), 80th District
Marty Knollenberg (R), 41st District
Paul E. Opsommer (R), 93rd District

We have our eye on Robert Dean, Brenda Clack (she is already f-ing up with not letting the Equal Parenting bill leave the House Family Committee), and Bettie Cook Scott. If we get wind that they are going along with this foolishness they too will be targets (Clack is term limited).

The reality is this. We know unions (especially in Pontiac) is behind this. We need to unveil the truth about Tim Melton, his plans and his agenda before it is too late.

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Anonymous said...

Hey talk about your Morons what about Union leader Irma Collins who is concerned about the student who she says was over maced by a Pontiac Cop when he refused to surrender his I pod and picked up a metal stand to threaten the cop with (OP).
I support charter schools but not incompetence and time wasting bs by well meaning liberal
"educators"often with no degrees who have given up, or do not know themselves the tools of economic survival that need to be presented to students so that they can keep and retain jobs, and connect with real mentors, not well meaning over the hill, drup rehab types that do not know their proverbial tailbone from their funnybone. Tim is a great guy, why do you alienate him, why? I know why, because Pontiac is and always has been a closed club fueled by hatred, racism, nepotism and cronyism, obviously by your language you are part of the problem and that is why Pontiac's street name is "Baby Detroit". Don't forget to report to your parole officer.