Thursday, July 26, 2007

There Really is No SHARP in Sharpton by Tracy Phernetton

The DJ Formally Known As:

Reverend Al Sharpton

Today, New York Senator, Antoine Thompson, along with The Rev. Al Sharpton held a press conference to announce their new stance against bad words being used by Black Rappers. Sharpton stated, "The idea of divesting New York State taxpayers' money from record companies that have a double standard when it comes to language is something that will be a priority," said Sharpton.

Ok…stop. Before I even hit The Political Sage rage, let me just address Al directly…

Al, first of all, that whole statement makes me think reverting back into primitive ‘grunting’ would possibly help humans like yourself speak a little more perceptibly, so the rest of us can understand just what the hell you mean, man! You make NO sense. And the fact that YOU of all people claim to have a vested interest in where tax payer money goes is utterly outrageous and just down right offensive.

Anyways… Sorry, I really needed to get that off my chest.

Sharpton and Thompson’s news conference held today in Buffalo, NY, comes just a few months after Rev. Sharpton “called” for the firing of Radio Host, Don Imus for his offensive comments that he made on-air. If you happened to turn on the television around that time, then you probably were able to witness the network debates and heated discussions that arose from that situation. I think a lot of you would probably have to agree; it was Liberalistic Idiocy at it’s finest. But, I must admit, the “list” of Deomcratic Racist qoutes, including statements from Sharpton, himself that Sean Hannity broke out, in light of the Sharpton charade; was really touching, to say the least.

Sharpton has issued a proclamation emanicpation, I guess, to all Black Rappers, and that is what it is. We all know very well he isn’t talking to band members from the group, Korn or to the any of the pasty musicians from head bangers ball. The New York Daily News specifically described Sharpton’s sermon to the music industry to be a “…four-day conclave to deliver a thundering jeremiad against offensive rap.” Sharpton has even seemed to hypnotize one of Hip-Hop’s legends, Russell Simmons along with his “Hop Summit Action Network. Simmons is now even making gut wrenching suggestions advocating for and setting up industry watchdogs which will recommend guidelines for lyrical and visual standards. What the hell, Russ? Visual standards, you say. How about setting up a watchdog group that makes sure 12 and 13 year-olds don’t keep showing their booties while they sport your wife’s “Baby Phat” clothing? I think it all sounds like another lofty way for a liberal program to get funding. I wonder if the tax dollars that will be removed from the Entertainment industry will just be allocated to the new Russell Simmons, Entertainment Industry’s “watchdog” group? Come on, Russell…these idiots got to you too??

It isn’t so bad that Al and the Gang are making suggestions to eliminate bad words, from songs, I guess. But, I just really have a hard time with what Sharptons’ next step might be. How about ending the actions that really occur in “real-life” from which the rap lyrics come from? Then Super Al could set up stations in all the communities he takes interest in, and monitor the street action? Maybe Sharpton should be spending his soapbox moments exposing all on the filth that is taking place in the DEMOCRATIC RUN inner cities around the country. Well, wouldn’t that be more conducive to the mission and purpose behind expelling of words in songs?

Also reported in the New York Daily was this little comment:

"Some of these people see Sharpton as an opportunist," says one source involved in the planning. "He's crying about rap lyrics. At the same time, he's calling all the major music labels to get them to donate $50,000 apiece for a table at his convention tribute to [Island Def Jam chief] L.A. Reid."

Money, money, money. Of all the crap I read about this Rap Crusade I found one sentence that carried a hint of refreshing, self-accountable truth, “We need talk about mentorship - not censorship,” one rebel stated in opposition to Sharptons’ insane idea of healing the community. Well said, I thought.

In the Associated Press they reported what I thought might be a slightly more productive role Sharpton could play in healing the community. Sharpton, being primarily positioned in Buffalo, New York, told reporters he would “consider town hall forums and other venues to steer young blacks toward positive goals,” Yeah, I thought. Then I kept reading, “…especially now that the city has elected its first black mayor and has a black schools superintendent and police commissioner.”

Are you serious, AL??? Of course YOU are. But then I had a Political Sage moment of clarity, and said out loud to myself; well that would make total sense….since it has been The DEMOCRATIC PARTY THAT HAS DOMINATED BUFFALO POLITICS FOR THE LAST HALF-CENTURY.

Do you think these Liberals are EVER goning to put 2 + 2 together???

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