Monday, July 02, 2007

Uncle Tom and Reparations: Recipe for Disaster by Akindele Akinyemi

African Americans in Detroit should stop voting in the same Democratic pattern if they want change in our city. There is not one liberal policy that has benefited Black people in our community in 4 decades.

When one speaks out against the welfare state we are considered Uncle Toms. Have you ever asked those who call Black Republicans Uncle Tom who and what is an Uncle Tom? I guarantee you they cannot answer the question honestly because they heard this from old Black grassroots activists who are uneducated.

According to Wikipedia:

An Uncle Tom is a pejorative for an African American who is perceived by others as behaving in a subservient manner to White American authority figures, or as seeking ingratiation with them by way of unnecessary accommodation. The term Uncle Tom comes from the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, although there is debate over whether the character himself is deserving of the pejorative attributed to him

It is commonly used to describe Black people whose political views or allegiances are considered by their critics as detrimental to blacks as a group.

There was a reparations function this weekend in Detroit. As I have previously stated in several articles before Black people are receiving reparations already.

Through the Michigan Department of Human Services (FIA to you). It's called welfare and our people love this system like no other. We enjoy receiving our bridge cards and WIC. The more children you have the more benefits you receive. As long as you do not have a man in the home you are good to go.

This is a system the Michigan Democratic Party supports. Yet, Blacks continue to vote Democratic. The reason? Democrats associate welfare with race and politics.

For example, the Democratic Party is deeply rooted in socialist ideologies. So is the Black community. Some on our Detroit City Council embraces Communism. This is not a secret. That alone is the marriage between Democrats and Socialism. As long as the government is taking care of you we are good to go.

The Democratic leadership also embraces ghetto culture. Think I'm joking take a look around the City of Detroit. The tattoos are out of control. On your neck, back. thighs and ass are a little too much. Then you expect to get a job making $80,000 a year, yet, you cannot fill out your application because you read on a 4th grade level.

If you are on the system, like many people in this city, and you are trying to get out of poverty by going to school, you have case workers in DHS asking you "why are you going to school? The system is taking care of you." If this is not the act of a liberal Uncle Tom I do not know what to say.

The way we loosely use the term Uncle Tom is a crime. During a 1995 game between the New Jersey Nets and the Utah Jazz, Net's forward Derrick Coleman called Jazz's Karl Malone an Uncle Tom. Why? Because Karl Malone deals with people based on the content of their character and not skin color.

Black Democrats call Black Republicans Uncle Toms. Most of them have no clue about the very party they support. And when Black Democrats try to say that the racist Democrats became racist Republicans during the Southern Strategy of the late 60s I always ask them to show hardcore proof. They cannot come up with ANYTHING. Therefore, our people are being lied to by Uncle Toms.

Back to reparations. Black people are already receiving reparations through welfare benefits , drug money, affirmative action and African American control of Detroit. We already have reparations so why are we still begging for the crumbs that fall from the table? How come Democrats are so quick to seek the government's help but at the same time Black grassroots activists bitch and complain about "pooling our resources and economic dollars?"

We need Urban Conservatives to step up to the plate and take control of this sinking ship (Detroit) before it's too late.


FreeMan said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive Untrue - Affirmative Action Benefitted Black Afrikan Majority Detroit - AfrikaTown will benefit Black Afrikan Majority Detroit - Police/Fire/Emergency Residency will benefit Black Afrikan Majority Detroit

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