Thursday, July 19, 2007

Voter ID is Right on the Money Here in Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

The Michigan Supreme Court upheld a law requiring a photo ID to vote, declaring it Constitutional. Of course I do not see anything wrong with this decision.
The 5-2 decision clears up a legal challenge that sought to toss out the 2005 statute requiring voters to present picture identification before receiving a ballot.
Again, I do not see anything wrong with this decision. I will be forced to carry my own cross on this issue because so many race pimps and hilltop hustlers will be looking for me to crucify me for taking a right stand on this issue.
What we never realize is that there are 26 other states with voter ID laws. And I have researched the fact that there was NO discrimination towards voters.
We need ID to buy cigarettes, liquor and even need ID to get inside the casinos. We need ID to drive and even need ID to pick up our children from school (if it is someone other than the parent). Since we have to show government-issued ID in order to board a plane, cash a check, enter a federal building, and for many trivial pursuits such as buying alcohol or renting a video, why not make it a requirement in order to verify that you are a legal voter?
What about this?
To apply for welfare one must present valid photo ID.
To be hired for a job one must present valid photo ID.
To cash a check one must present valid photo ID.
You need an ID to apply for credit or a basic bank account and get housing.
You are also asked for your ID when you go to the doctor's office or hospital.
So why shouldn't I expect to have my ID checked when I go to vote?
People need to understand that improving elections should not be a partisan issue. After all, the bipartisan commission headed by Jimmy Carter and James Baker studied election reforms and issued a report in September 2005 recommending that voters be required to show photo ID.
Proponents of the law say it is needed to prevent voter fraud which is so easy to commit because registration rolls contain thousands of names of persons who are non-citizens, dead, moved away, or even non-existent.
Opponents of photo ID laws claim they discourage the elderly, poor and minorities from voting because they don't always have IDs.
What an excuse. These people do have ID. Whether it's a driving license, a STATE ID or even ID with their picture on it they, regardless of income, can obtain an ID, especially a Voter ID card. While liberals here in Detroit and other urban areas around Michigan will moan and complain about me supporting this measure I wonder if those same liberals will even take the time to TEACH a person HOW to read a BALLOT before they vote. Instead they will TELL a person what to VOTE for!!!! (i.e. Proposition 2)
In fact, when I read this I knew the NAACP would be all over this. Look at what Rev. Wendell Anthony said in the Detroit News:
"There is no demonstrable evidence nor any documentation of voter fraud that dictates today's ruling. They have indicated a flimsy rationale for this law. This ruling does not address the real effects of voting integrity. The Voting Rights Act is still the law of the land."
He also called Michigan the "Mississippi of the North." Everytime I know someone who goes down to Mississippi for a week they come back relieved because they do not have to put up with liberals trying to ram something un-Christian down their throats.
Our Black Republican brother, Justice Robert Young, a Republican, said the photo identification requirement is "a reasonable, nondiscriminatory restriction designed to preserve the purity of elections and to prevent abuses of the electoral franchise ..."
And read this asinine statement from MDP's Mark Brewer:
"These photo identification laws are nothing more than a poll tax and are part of an ongoing strategy by Michigan Republicans to disenfranchise minority and older voters. There is no problem with voter fraud or voter misrepresentation in Michigan which could justify this disenfranchisement of voters. We will be reviewing the decision and consulting with our allies to determine how to best protect the rights of these voters."
There are two things that is wrong with Brewer's statement. (1) Poll taxes were instituted in the South by Democrats, not Republicans. It was the Democratic Party that prevented Blacks from voting. If the Detroit Branch NAACP would share that PART of Black history then perhaps we can begin to see some political balance in Detroit. (2) It is a well known fact that Mark Brewer has used racist tactics in the Michigan Democratic Party (remember the Butch Hollowell incident?) and has defended the Ku Klux Klan in court. So who is REALLY trying to disenfranchise minorities?
Voter ID is only one of dozens of ways that states should tighten up their requirements to improve the honesty of our elections.
It is our constitutional right to support voter ID in the State of Michigan. Period.


FreeMan said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive - to be clear because of racism against Black Afrikans & lack of $ many poor people do not have state photo ID - Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young may be Black Afrikan but he has a history of voting against the Black Afrikan community's interest - He was the deciding vote of the rule that limits people's federal right to have a community balanced jury in MI state courts see ""

akindele akinyemi said...

Excuses as usual...if a brother, a poor brother, can get a 40 ounce on the corner his ass can get a voter ID