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When Does "Diversity" and "Integration" Go Too Far??? by Barry and Quanicia Wilson

My husband, Barry, wrote a great bulletin about the Democrats' latest so-called debate at the historically black Howard University. It really got me thinking about something that I'm sure many of you have observed or may have thought about. The liberals use their race playbook and it seems to work in my community although the democrats are slowly losing ground with my generation of blacks.

Barry wrote:

We knew it was coming. In their most recent debate the dems were using the issue of racism to try and scare black people into thinking that they are second class citizens or their civil rights were in danger because of a Supreme Court affirmative action ruling. This rhetoric is all a ploy to keep that voting block in check and loyal without question. Maybe one day blacks who are still under the dems spell will wake up and see they are following these people right off of a cliff. If people just strip the emotion out of it and look at the facts, history shows us that the dems failed liberal policies are a major source of most of the black community ills. What's crazy is that if the two dem front runners, Poop Deck Pappy Kennedy, along with several other Washington nutjobs had their way with that amnesy crap, oh pardon me, "immigration reform", then that poor excuse of a debate might as well have been broadcast in Spanish because they would have a new larger voting block to pander to. It's all about the vote.

It's amazing, they will do and say anything for a vote to get or keep power:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first female candidate with a serious shot at the presidency, drew the night's largest cheer when she suggested there was a hint of racism in the way AIDS is addressed in this country. "Let me just put this in perspective: If HIV-AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women between the ages of 25 and 34 there would be an outraged, outcry in this country," said the New York senator.

"This issue of poverty in America is the cause of my life," said John Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee.

Said Obama: "It starts from birth."

see the article:


It got me thinking how ridiculous these statements are. It's also amazing to think that these same old tricks still work on my race. These statements seek to divide and RESEGREGATE, not bring us together. It is a perfect illustration of the liberals' use of the race industry and that their primary goal is to keep us angry, divided, and victims in order to further their political power. Here they are at Howard University decrying the "evil racist" Supreme Court decision which severely limits race based education i.e. "integration." They have the nerve to criticize it as reversing desegregation at predominantly black "borderline - segregated" university.

(See article: ).

I agree with the Supreme Court's decision because I believe that any race-based preferences or set-asides are racist as well. It is not reverse-discrimination, it is racism against the MAJORITY. RACISM IS RACISM!!!

- Voting 5 to 4, the court, in an opinion by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., invalidated programs in Seattle and metropolitan Louisville, Kentucky, that sought to maintain school-by-school diversity by limiting transfers on the basis of race or using race as a "tiebreaker" for admission to particular schools.

Both programs had been upheld by lower U.S. courts and were similar to plans in place in hundreds of school districts around the country. Roberts said such programs were "directed only to racial balance, pure and simple," a goal he said was forbidden by the Constitution's guarantee of equal protection.

"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race," he said. His side of the debate, the chief justice said, was "more faithful to the heritage of Brown," the landmark 1954 decision that declared school segregation unconstitutional. "When it comes to using race to assign children to schools, history will be heard," he said. -

I can say that we recently moved from a predominantly black neighborhood not because it was an all black neighborhood but because it had become rampant with crime, drugs, immorality and horrible public schools (mind you that the district had been run by liberal democrats for decades). Due to the fact that the schools were terrible; mainly because of unqualified lazy teachers, undisciplined often violent children, and a total lack of parental involvement and personal responsibility, we had financially sacrificed and made the CHOICE to both home school and educated our children in private Christian schools. We no longer wanted to live in such an environment and worked hard in order to move into a more affluent neighborhood in a different town.

Just like any other American, one of the reasons that we chose this area was bc of the great schools. So what if the schools were predominantly white. What many so called "integration" programs across the public school systems do is take my child or the child of caucasian parents and force them to attend substandard inner city or predominantly minority schools under the guise of "integration." Lets say that if I moved to this area to avoid having to deal with the negative impact of bi-lingual education (i.e. educating the children of illegal aliens) on my childrens' quality of education, why should they bus in those same children, with those same problems, into my new school district? THAT IS UNFAIR AND PUNITIVE.

Many of these programs are no longer necessary. The problems with the inner city schools are not due to racism or the lack of funding; they are due to failed liberal educational policies and a lack of parental involvement and responsibility regarding their children's education. The question that crossed my mind is when does the ideal of "desegregation" go too far? Does anyone else see the hypocrisy and double standard when it comes to race? When does the liberals' agenda of "integration" become punitive to other races?

I'd love to hear your opinion...

Barry and Quanicia Wilson are One Network Members from Columbus, GA.


Derek Moss said...

I totally agree!

FreeMan said...

Mouthpiece for the Oppressor If White European-American Males dominate US society - is the discrimination that they suffer because of reducing racism & sexism against People of Color & Women - is that discrimination equal to lower social groups in society like People of Color or Women? Yes or No?