Friday, August 10, 2007

Are We Ready? by Akindele Akinyemi

The Democratic National Committee has placed a cross on every Republican in the State of Michigan. We are all in danger of losing upcoming elections next year unless we retool our message.
Already Conggressman Joe Knollenberg in the 9th District will be squaring off against Gary Peters in the general (unless progressives elect Nancy Skinner over Peters) this race could be the death of Knollenberg unless he has a strong showing in areas where he has been weak.
Sounds like Joe need Jesus Christ to bail him out of this mess.
Another shocker is Sen. Mark Schauer from Battle Creek will be joining in the race against Congressman Tim Walberg. Even David Nachtz, after raising $160,000 last quarter, is dropping out.
This may be Walberg's last dance after 2 years in Congress. Sounds like he needs Jesus.
A quiet shocker (not confirmed) might be Sen. Glen Anderson from Westland challenging Congressman Thad McCotter for his seat in the immediate future (either 2008 or 2010).
Even Commissioner Mike Rogers in Farmington Hills has been targeted by the Democrats as their #1 hit. Republicans control the Oakland County Commission 15-14. They are targeting Mike.
The Democrats have control of BOTH chambers of Congress and most likely will win the White House.
In Michigan, Democrats control the House and are waiting patently to control the Michigan Senate. Jon Stryker is watching and plotting.
Who on the Republican side will run against Carl Levin in 2008 and here is something that we have not talked about at all in next year races. Will the Democrats widen their majority in the Michigan House next year?
Of course this is not about Democrats and Republicans. This has something to do with values. It has become a war of values in our country. Liberals and Progressives are tearing down our Constitution left and right.
What will Republicans do in 2008? I know one thing for sure. You cannot come into the Black community talking about abortion and same sex marriages like you do every year. The smartest thing is to find OR hire an urbanite from the streets, who have their ear to the streets from a grassroots perspective as well as charismatic enough to help swing votes with a contemporary urban message. We can talk about rebuilding families but also we need to talk about mental health, education and building wealth for those families that have been broken for generations.
Our biggest test is coming up. Are we ready?

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