Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bringing God Back To The Classrooms Today by Akindele Akinyemi

Our prayers are going out to those victims on I-35W in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We hope such a tragedy do not occur here in Metro Detroit or anywhere in the United States.

Anyway, down to business.

Last week former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called the Detroit Public Schools a disaster.

Gingrich blasted the city of Detroit, Detroit Public Schools, the United Auto Workers and Michigan's unemployment rate during an interview on Fox News Sunday in which he talked about how he would transform Washington.

In my opinion, we always knew Detroit Public Schools were a disaster. They have never been able to produce educational quality in our city and abroad.

Education is a civil rights issue that all urban conservatives should take notice. It is also a tool to eradicate poverty in our community.

I am beginning to notice how stupid people are in Detroit. Look at what someone e-mailed to me recently:

So to the remarks made by Mr. Larry Patrick are "Moot". Especially by some Grand "Poo Pa" Out of Highland Park! With a handful of miss guided Brothers. We have access to 10 times the Walkers and 100 times the subscribers that we touch on-line. Than he and his republican Miss Guided Brothers will ever be able to touch in Detroit! In your District. You have to trust me on this one!

The next time you go for hussle lesson on "Manchester." in Highland Park! And he Starts running his mouth to What him and is Merry Group is going to do in Detroit! Tell him that Mo said, "We Plan to assist you and any other Candidate to Defeat his Charter School Water Carriers! Worst than what the "Bryd Crew" did to them and the Water Carriers in 2004! We plan to put this issue to rest in 2007! With or without his Jewels. Starting with his and the Water Carriers's beloved Carla Scott"

Now allow me to explain what is going on here. These comments were made from a grassroots organizer here in Detroit. Larry Patrick is a attorney, who I know very well, who has stood on fertile grounds when it come to defending charters. Because he defends charters he is considered "misguided."

None of these ignorant and trifling people are trying to fix the Detroit Public Schools. These grassroots activists are in this game for themselves. They would rather see their own children perish than to give parents an option to better their children and future. You can clearly see how they call us "Charter School Water Carriers" when they have never step foot in a charter school.

Free market education is to total key to unlocking the source for our children to compete in a 21st century global society. Not one of these Black grassroots organizations or groups ever talk about reinstating God BACK into the classrooms. Right now, I am urging those in One Network to push for teaching the Bible from a literature or historical context. It is legal and no one can say anything to us about teaching it. We have to push for morality in our schools.

It is common sense for urban conservatives to step up to the plate to promote educational choices in our community.

Black people in Detroit love myths. By "myth," I do not mean the old-fashioned myths that my generation read in grade school. Many Blacks would find reading at that fifth-grade level too difficult these days. What I mean by "myth" is what older generations used to call a fiction.

One of the more influential myths presently affecting the Black American family is the myth of a value-free education. A value-free education is described as one in which students are supposed to be free from any coerced exposure to the values of anyone.

Both DPS and college students today are surrounded by an allegedly academic setting in which the things they find most obvious are confusion, conflicting claims and the absence of any fixed points of reference. America’s colleges have become centers of intellectual disorder. Instead of being havens of independent thought, Detroit Public Schools as well as colleges and universities have become channels of indoctrination confirming the prejudices of those who control the agenda of public discourse. Behind the recent advertising blitz camouflage, Detroit Public School education is a fraud—untrue to its students, untrue to itself.

Traditional religious and moral values are under assault at every level of public and higher education. Our educational system is engaged in a systematic undermining of these values. No wonder children are being shot in DPS schools. No God, no Christ and no results equals a high level of demonic activity.

Our educational crisis in DPS is to some extent a closing of the Detroit mind. But it is also something more profound, a closing of the Detroit heart. No real progress towards improving Detroit Public Schools can occur until all of us realize that an education that ignores moral and religious beliefs cannot qualify as a quality education. Recently, no less a person than Mikhail Gorbachev admitted that the major reason his nation is in such trouble is because his people are ignorant of moral and spiritual values.

That is how I view those who oppose educational choices. They have no clue of what is going on.

The development of the intellect and of moral character are intimately related. Just as there is an order in nature (the laws of science), in reason (the laws of logic), and in the realm of numbers, so too is there a moral order. One thing we need to do is recover the belief that there is a transcendent, unchanging moral order, and restore it once more to a central place in the educational process.

If DPS teachers are doing their job properly, they serve as an essential link in the chain of civilization. Without this link, the chain cannot hold. Teachers are the conservers of culture; they are also its transmitters. At least, that’s the role that teachers used to play.

Detroit Public Schools have largely separated virtue and knowledge. No wonder our children have been marching straight to hell for decades now.

It is absurd then to think that a choice between the sacred and secular in education is possible. Whatever the state and the courts do regarding education will only establish one person’s set of ultimate (religious) concerns at the expense of someone else’s.

Nothing will remedy the problems of the Detroit Public Schools more quickly and more effectively than the introduction of greater freedom and choice in education. Urban Conservatives should seek a permanent end to the situation that allows the state to determine where children must attend school, if that child is to receive a free public education. Detroit Public School families should have complete freedom to send their children to any school they wish, without the added financial burden of paying private school tuition. One way to realize this objective is through the expansion of charter schools. Following this expansion we need to develop new theme based schools that have the "feel of a military school."

Military schools promote family values, discipline and focus for the student. While DPS teachers and administrators are afraid of their students and the ATF is sweeping both Pontiac Central and Pontiac Northern High Schools we need a new outlook on how we value education in our community. A military-theme charter schools here in Detroit would force DPS to do something different.

Perhaps the major reason why Detroit Public Schools are so bad is because they have no competition; they are immune to market-discipline. Consequently, DPS have no incentive to offer a better product at a lower cost. A new Urban Conservative Movement in education would give DPS serious competition for the first time in more than a century.

It is not enough that we simply increase choice among public schools. The governmental monopoly over publicly funded education is a large part of our problem. It is imperative that educational choice be expanded to include the option of attending without financial penalty, without the burden of double taxation, any school that any family wishes, including church-operated private schools. The best and quickest way to improve the quality of education in Detroit is to allow families to choose their school and let the competition of the market determine which schools prosper and which schools die.

In the process, families will be able to select schools, not only on the basis of academic quality, but also with a view to the moral and spiritual values fostered by the school.

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