Thursday, August 02, 2007

What Happens When We Do Not Have God In Schools? by Akindele Akinyemi

In our school system we stress the importance of math and science to keep up with No Child Left Behind requirements.

When are we going to allow "In God We Trust" in our schools?

I work with students everyday. I might ask them do they need Jesus Christ today or a prayer and most will say no. Of course, this never surprises me because I know most of their parents are spiritually weak and docile to begin with so it makes sense for the child not to have any working knowledge of Christ.

If our children did have any common sense or working knowledge of Christ then they would understand why it is not cute to sag their pants or disrespect each other by calling each other ni***as, pigeons, skanks, hoodrats or bitches. Most would not smoke anything and come into the classroom smelling like alcohol or weed.

Our sisters would put on clothes and not reveal their tattoos showing on their asses or necks. It is disgusting to see a woman with a tattoo on her neck. It's also disgusting to see brothers get their frat or Masonic symbol branded on their body as if this is slavery or cattle. We have to change the culture.

Most of our children would not be in the schools shooting each other, fighting with teachers and physically beating teachers into a coma. Cussing out administrators and even parents get in on the action by threatening teachers to either kick or kill their ass in front of the administrators.

And when administrators allow this type of action to occur in the school one have to ask what God is he/she serving?

I strongly support prayer or meditation in schools because children need to start off on a balanced routine every morning. Just as the sun rises in the east our children need to rise with the sun, receive a balanced diet (regardless of financial situation no child should eat Hot Cheetos, Chili and Cheese Fries and redpop in the morning as breakfast), and have a working knowledge of what is going on in the world today.

My grandmother would have on Good Morning America (with David Hartman and Joan Lunden) to find out what was going on in the world. I watched those events with her as well as watching the news. I learned a great deal from what was going on in the world.

The other reason why we need God back in our schools because of the liberal foundation that s being laid out as we speak. We have Gay Straight Alliances (thanks to GLSEN) that are promoting homosexuality, we have organizations that are promoting free sex that leads to an increase of HIV/AIDS/Herpes and other STDs as well as embracing a ghetto culture that has gone wild. Teen pornography is on the rise here in our community. Pornography is addictive like crack and have devastating consequences if it is not controlled.

The American Family Association polled people recently and asked the following question:

Given the opportunity, would you favor giving a voucher to students, allowing them to choose the school of their choice?



That alone shows us that we need a change. Why are we keeping our children trapped in failing public schools like Detroit? Parents, regardless of what the lying Black Grassroots are saying to you, want vouchers, charters, tax credits and any other thing that will help save their child's life academically. Parents should be asking why the NAACP and other organizations are against educational choices? Of course you will never, ever get an clear, concise answer on this subject.

Our children need a spiritual walk in the light not head down a path of darkness. I am urging those who are reading this to join in One Network and help bring the "G" back into the school system before it's too late.

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Did you ever listen to Carman back in the day? Remember that song "God in American Again?"

Awesome song. It was playing in the back of my head while I read this...