Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Who Cares About DPS Elections by Akindele Akinyemi

I had to come out of my semi-hiatus from blogging to write about this.

When I went to go vote for the school board last night I was the first one to vote in my precinct. That took place at 5:45pm in Northwest Detroit. Two precincts on the east side closed up shop at 6:00pm long before the polls closed at 8:00pm.

Only 5.01 percent voted yesterday in the school board elections.

I wonder how those pathetic grassroots activists are doing after all their efforts in defeating Proposal E went up in smoke yesterday.

It's about time that we told the facts. No one cares about what happens to Detroit Public Schools. Parents are sending their children to charters and private schools as well as homeschooling their children. No one cares of the system collapsed tomorrow because no one is sending their children to DPS (except those parents who are loyal to government ran schools).

We cannot continue listening to those silly grassroots people who defeated Proposal E and then turn around and did not vote themselves. These are the same Black grassroots people who are against charter schools but send their children to charter schools or private schools.

So the races we need to watch in November are the following:

District 1: Tawanna Simpson vs Carla Scott.

Now people are trying to oust Carla Scott because of her stance on charters. She is one of the very few people I would support (if I was interested in this race) because she is a no nonsense person. However, Tawanna Simpson is no stranger to politics. She gave old man Robert Blackwell a run for his money back in 2002 for Wayne County Commissioner. She is a hard nose grassroots candidate and if someone can actually show her what is going on with education (other than those grassroots people she hang with) and bring her to the center of the debate on educational reform she could be a dynamic board member.

District 4: Tyrone Winfrey vs. Ramon Patrick

This race is confusing. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to run against Tyrone Winfrey. Here is a man who pushes educational values, understands educational options and is a very good board member. He stood strong on closing the schools and that was a good thing.

On the other hand Ramon Patrick has potential to become an excellent board member by bringing in the entrepreneurial aspect of things to the picture. However, this is the wrong race for him to run in. Also, Patrick stance on charters is backwards and perhaps if he would give a brother a call we could clarify some things to make him more polished.

District 5: Joyce Hayes-Giles vs. Sandra Hines

Now I like Joyce Hayes-Giles because she understands educational options. I have always been in support of someone who is corporate, understands business and understands fiscal responsibility.

On the other hand, Sandra Hines is a grassroots candidate who has her ear to the streets. She is compassionate about the education of our children.

District 6: Paula Johnson vs. Terry Catchings

Personally, I can care less who wins this seat. I know the grassroots walkers want Catchings to win and he actually did better than Paula Johnson in the polls. However, I do not know if Pershing's finest is up to the job of transforming the school system. Johnson brings her family law experience to the table, something that Catchings do not have.

To tell you the truth, it does not matter who is on the school board. Nothing will ever change.

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