Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wrongfully Terminated By The Left by Akindele Akinyemi

Rep. Brenda Clack is at it again. This time her target is Terra DeFoe.
For those who do not know Terra DeFoe she was the Executive Director of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. Her function was to work both sides of the aisle (Democrats and Republicans) as well as build relationships with the faith based community.

Now Ms. DeFoe, who has a degree in Christian Family Counseling, an acclaimed author and has motivated young people to reach out and find Christ in their lives, was wrongfully terminated by Rep. Clack due to "interpersonal conflicts." If I was a betting man I would say that Ms. DeFoe was trying to move the MLBC more to the center through her faith based initiatives.
It is crucial for Urban Conservatives to have a voice in the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus from the administrative end. Ms. DeFoe was that voice. For Rep. Clack to do what she did to Ms. DeFoe was criminal and anyone who Rep. Clack taps on for her state representative seat next year should be targeted by our network. Here we are trying to bring Jesus Christ into Lansing and she is terminated because she is doing the work of the Lord. Who is the devil in this picture?
It's not like the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus was paying Ms. DeFoe. She was being paid from the House of Representatives Democratic Communications budget. The MLBC is a not a 501 (c)3 or 501 (c)4 tax exempt group. The Caucus is a civic trust but endows candidates on state dollars.

However, something is not right with this whole picture. First, Rep. Clack refused to bring up the Equal Parenting bill to a House Family Committee vote and now this. It is obvious that Ms. DeFoe was trying to do something righteous and was fired from her position. Here is a sister, who advised the Chair of the MLBC (Rep. Clack) that certain housekeeping issues needed to be cleared but the Chair refused to address them. It's no wonder my people in her district (in Flint) are asking us at One Network to come up and find a candidate that would be suitable to replace Clack when she is term limited. We know down here that it is necessary for Flint to have the right type of representation and we do not need any Clack Clones up in Lansing.

Now, how can Rep. Clack fire Ms. DeFoe if she never had a writing job description. In other words, Ms. DeFoe got the position and was crafting her own path to help maintain the MLBC to the best of her knowledge. Because there was no guidance or mentoring from Rep. Clack (because she stop communicating with Ms. DeFoe two months ago) Ms. DeFoe proceeded with an agenda that she felt that other members would gravitate towards. Therefore, Clack along with her staffers and these two guys:

State Representatives Morris Hood and Coleman Young II to conspire to get rid of Ms. DeFoe.
On a more personal note, I have visited Terra DeFoe many times both in Lansing and in the community. Here is a sister that has worked hard on behalf of Detroit Democrats and now many have turned their backs on her. This sister has helped many of the Caucus members keep a good standing relationship in their districts such as Rep. Kate Ebli(Monroe), Rep. John Espinoza(Port Huron) Mt.Clemens and both state representative seats in Jackson, Michigan. The complaints of her being fired from her post have even reached House Speaker Andy Dillon's office. We will see how committed Dillon is to helping the MLBC (I already know the answer to this).
Even though State Senator Tupac Hunter has expressed disappointment while others have not come out and said anything.
My question to the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus is this.....where is the support that you pledged to Ms. DeFoe? In other words what the hell is going on guys (and gals)? Is this the type of leadership that we are producing in Lansing? Where are my urban conservatives on this issue?
If you are reading this and feel sorry for what has happened to Ms. DeFoe you have nothing to worry. This is a Proverbs 31 sister and all the years I have known her she has never bowed down to such filth, ignorance and devilment. The sad thing is the trust has been broken between Ms. DeFoe and the MLBC. Both were good to each other.
She can always come over to the right side where it's comfortable and she is allowed to express herself freely. We welcome our Proverbs 31 sisters to our network. Perhaps it's time for me to go to Lansing.
I will continue to track the ignorance of Rep. Clack's actions from Flint. We will stay on the trail of this story.

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