Sunday, September 23, 2007

A New Day For Leadership by Akindele Akinyemi

Mackinac Island is a very beautiful place to be in the State of Michigan. I was grateful to have the pleasure of attending the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference thanks to Bishop Ira Combs of the Greater Bible Way Temple. Bishop Combs is the Michigan Republicans Outreach Chair.

I drove up to the conference with Attorney Larry Patrick, who schooled me with ideas to help bring African Americans to the Republican Party. Both brothers have shown me a different perspective on outreach.

I was fascinated with the beauty of the island as well as the people. The conference was electric and exciting. The people were wonderful and so many of us are on the same page in terms of winning the White House and taking back the State House here in Michigan. That idea can become reality when people find out who is trying to hike our taxes here in Michigan.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gov. Mitt Romney at his Ice Cream Social at the Jockey Club right outside the Grand Hotel. Here is a man of dignity and integrity. So many people feel he looks "presidential."

My sister Linda Lee-Williams is busy cracking the heads of the Ron Paul supporters.

Two of the most dynamic and influential leaders in Michigan. Akindele Akinyemi and my good friend Dick DeVos. Will DeVos run for governor again? According to The Detroit News and Marketing Resource Group, showed DeVos favored by 39 percent, trailed by Attorney General Mike Cox, 11 percent; Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, 10 percent; and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, 7 percent.

State Senator Mike Bishop is meeting and greeting people on Mackinac Island. Sen. Bishop is fighting against the tax hike in Michigan.

I am standing here with former U.S Senator Spencer Abraham.

My good friend Ward Connerly, showed up at the conference. The man liberals in Detroit love to hate. The question is.....why are you hating this man for trying to push our children to excellence?

You have to love this woman. The woman you love to hate, my good friend and sister Jennifer Gratz, who fought for the passing of Proposal 2 here in Michigan.

Former U.S senator from Tennessee and Law and Order Star Fred Thompson. Thompson is running for the Republicans nomination President.

This man said we need a Contract With America. I said we need a Contract with Michigan if Republicans want to win. My good friend, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

My brother, who is a doing the damn thing in Oakland County, L. Brooks Patterson.

With Harper Woods City Councilwoman, Cheryl Constantino. Councilwoman Constantino is a strong supporter of charter schools.
If I had to vote for the married couple with the most class at the conference it would be these two. My brother and sister David and Yesina Olivencia. David is the Chairman of the Michigan Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

U. S Senator John McCain gave one of the best speeches of the night Saturday evening. Will McCain turn things around in Michigan in terms of his campaign? I doubt it.

My good sister who is always fighting for prosperity by lowering taxes for families, Amy Hagerstrom.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, who is the ONLY person who has given a solution to the budget crisis in Michigan without raising my taxes.

Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter is demonstrating to a reporter of why he is the best choice for President. I was impressed with his speech on Friday night at the dinner.

Anyone ever wondered who the hell is Nick from Right Yes, that is Nick
De Leeuw representing us bloggers in Michigan.

A panel of bloggers from Right Michigan, Lunchbucket Conservative, Red State and American Princess discuss strategies and the importance of blogging in politics.

It is important that we, as conservatives, work together for a better Michigan. The people who I networked with, built relationships as well as building strategies with will have a lasting impact on how we expand conservative policies here in our great state. This conference demonstrated all of the above and more.

It's time to mobilize.

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