Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Turning Belle Isle Into Mackinac Island by Akindele Akinyemi

How come we cannot turn Belle Isle in Detroit into Mackinac Island? I remember the conversations that Detroit Renaissance were having a while ago about transforming Belle Isle into a Southeastern Michigan version of Mackinac Island.

For those of us who have never been to Mackinac Island I recommend that you go with your family.

I would like to see a major hotel on Belle Isle like the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

We must get away from the stereotypes that people up North are so racist and hate Black people. Some have called me and asked me questions like "how could you be around so many racist white Republicans who cannot stand you in the first place?" Others called me and said, "how many nooses did you find on Mackinac Island?"
This is the ignorance that must stop in our community. Everytime we see people of another race gathering we automatically think they are plotting against people of color.

This picture was taken from the Grand Hotel. Our children should see this as well as telling them that travelling is very important if you want to expand your horizon in life.

This picture was taken close to dusk. The water was calm and beautiful. How many of our children from Detroit have ever seen such beauty in living color?

A taxi service on Mackinac Island. For all of you old school people in Detroit do you remember riding the ponies on Belle Isle similar to what you see here in this picture? Again, how come we cannot turn Belle Isle into a Mackinac Island? Is it because our city government is mismanaging money?

The center of town on Mackinac Island. Belle Isle should have something similar to this right here in Detroit.
If Detroit would like to become a world class city (and I believe it can) then we need to take note from our brothers and sisters up North on Mackinac Island and help transform Belle Isle into Paradise Island.


FreeMan said...

I went to Mackinac Island & asked the shop owner why the store has a racist name against Black Afrikans - She said ,"It's only a name."

RightMichigan.com said...


Great seeing you, brother!

We should catch up sometime. Looked for you a bit on the island in the evenings but we must have passed like ships in the night.

Like I said before, welcome back to the blogosphere!


Anonymous said...


I'm curious as so what the store name was.
I lived on Mackinac Island for a couple years, and I'm going through the store names in my head and can't think of one- help me out.

one love!