Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are Black People Cursed? by Akindele Akinyemi

Are black people cursed in America?

That is the question that so many of my colleagues (both black and white) have been asking upon the horrific shootings in which two young children and two adults were shot to death in a suspected dope house near Detroit's New Center Area a few days ago.
Police found a 35-year-old man and a woman also believed to be in her 30s dead in one bedroom, while a 6-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl were found dead in another bedroom. There were no signs of forced entry, leading police to believe that the assailant was likely allowed into the home and later shot the victims with a high-powered assault rifle after they had fallen asleep.
Of course this type of madness is going around in all urban areas across the state and across the nation. Michigan has a 7.5% unemployment rate. That rate is higher in Detroit.
This crisis has something to do with the lack of values that normally leads to the loss of life. Most of us do not values life because we have a get today, f*** tomorrow attitude.
We have fallen into the ghetto trap of "life is too short" mantra. Tell that to the ones who can live to 95 to 100 years old who are walking the Earth every single day.
While I TRY hard to see the positives in our community all I see is this:
  • Blacks stressing the importance of social, political and economic power in that order. Other races stress economics, politics (by working BOTH sides of the aisle), and MAYBE social power in that order.

  • Blacks vote Democratic monolithically, yet, our communities look the same.

  • Marriage in the Black community is looked upon as an alternative lifestyle. I will take this further. Commitment is LOOKED upon in our community as an alternative lifestyle. Most of us would rather play then be serious leaders in our own home.
  • Detroit is 80% Black but 90% of the economics are controlled by Chaldeans.
  • Detroit Public Schools graduate only 22% of the students who started from 9th grade.
  • 80% of our community are headed by single parent homes. A twp parent home is viewed upon as an alternative lifestyle.
  • 4% of our children believe in God. 10% of our community believe that the Bible is the MORAL truth.
  • According to the U.S. Census, 43.3 percent of black men and 41.9 percent of black women in America had never been married, in contrast to 27.4 percent and 20.7 percent respectively for whites.
  • One black woman even said this, "If Jesus Christ bought me an engagement ring, I wouldn't take it. I'd tell Jesus we could date, but we couldn't marry."
If you want to destroy the black community destroy the family first. I thank welfare polices for doing an excellent job in the destruction of the black family.
I have ZERO faith in black relationships at this point. Age does not matter. We are not even taking this seriously. If I talk about interracial relationships I am looked upon in my community as a black sheep. All I can do is educate those on why it is important to be committed to one another.
Anyway, thanks to such polices we now have ghetto life, mistrust, and un-Christian preachers who preach about Christ from the pulpit but pimp and exploit black people by way of racial discrimination, sex, alcohol, lies and deception. These are the preachers who get up on Sunday, hoop and hollar, blow on you thinking you are being blessed with the Holy Ghost, rub your forehead with "holy" oil (which is olive oil..go figure), women going into convulsions on the floor, falling out on TV, being "healed", and I can go on demonstrating the fakeness of the black church in our community.
I say fake because if morality is such an important issue in our community then how come there is a church on every corner in the hood and crime is astronomical. How come you see a church and liquor store on every corner? I cannot tell you how many preachers I have caught at Motor City Casino or Greektown Casino with other women while their wives were at home. The black church is such a joke that I normally do not even walk into a church if it is 100% black anymore. I cannot trust the ministry of an all black church. And how come black churches have 3 hour services on any given Sunday? I have things to do on Sunday.
I don't take black people and economics seriously anymore either. We go these events a floss in front of these superficial women (and vice versa) to get each other's numbers. If that's going to be the case then do that. Why fake it? And what about the number of Black owned business contacts who never call you back? Do you think I am taking our community serious when it comes to economics?
I run far away from black owned businesses as much as possible. There are only a FEW I support on a regular basis.
If black people want to seek prosperity we need to look past the color of someone's skin. I love everyone. I do not hate anyone. I will work with those who think like me not trying to talk about how that white "devil" is against us poor "negroes" in the hood. The ignorance is so deep in the urban community that I would rather live around a diverse group of people than live around my own at this point in my life. I don't hate my own...I need peace and prosperity. Right now I am finding that from other people that do not look like me.
And what about those who keep saying our community is getting better. We know that is a lie. I am not trying lie to myself and say to people be positive. I am saying look at things realistically for once.
If the community is getting better how come this is increasing in our community?
1. Drugs (Crack kills)

2. Illiteracy/Drop Out Rate (Achievement Gap)

3. Aids (More prevalent in blacks, several contributors: incarceration, homosexuality)

4. Homicide (Black on Black)

5. Incarceration (Blacks more likely to get arrested and prosecuted)

6. Crime Rate (Higher in Black Communities)

7. High Rates (Housing Insurance, Car Insurance, etc., due to crime, poverty)

8. Unemployment (Higher in Black Communities)

9. Democrats (This is a big issue. Black representatives in urban areas have been pitifully ineffective in combatting any of the above problems. Black mayors, black city council, black congressional representatives, black legislators, black county officials, are all Democrats and urban areas continually get worse. At what point do we bring in the GOP? Maybe we should recall some of these Black Democrats in office).
(The list above was compiled by Linda Lee-Williams)
The ONLY reason why I am committed to urban areas is because of the next generation. While I have given up on my own peer groups and those who are older than me it is my divine obligation to minster to our children through education.

Back to the church issue.

The fakeness of the black christian church is outrageous. While we are hooping and hollering on any given Sunday what are we doing during the rest of the week other than smoking, drinking and screwing everything we preach against in our community? We are not practicing traditional moral values in our community and proof of this is the following:
Yes, the community should take a stand against violence but how do you do that when you have race pimps off the pulpit stirring up the race pot as usual, blaming President Bush for the downfall of black America. In fact, these race pimps blame everyone but themselves for their actions.
Did you see the recent fiasco between Rev. Lloyd Lester and Marie Thornton? Thornton (a crackpot) is a Detroit Public School Board member and Lester is a race pimp. Both got into a serious confrontation that landed Thornton in deep trouble. Both of them are irrelevant in our community as well as any other stupid liberal who use race and politics to exploit children.
Again, I have no faith in our churches and ZERO faith in relationships in the black community. I have been visiting churches for quite some time and I can at least say with the black churches there is a pattern. (1) Give money and more money and God will bless you. TRANSLATION: I just recently bought a helicopter and I don't know what to do with it. I own TWO planes while my husband is whopping my ass in a parking lot (Juanita Bynum).
(2) We need to march to Jena , Louisiana to support a criminal (like mot of these pitiful liberal churches around here that stress about liberal politics but will not support black families).
(3) Mega churches. I wonder why everyone else on the pulpit sit in folding chairs but the preacher sit in something that makes him looks like King Midas? You have 10,000 people (mostly black) in these churches and 90% of the people in these churches are SINGLE!!!! if I hear another black woman say she is dating Jesus Christ I am going to tell her Jesus is pimping her because Jesus Christ has many sisters on his arms. So many women claim to date Jesus Christ.
(4) The church that are holy rollers. These are the people who quote scripture after every sentence, yet, they too are walking around lost and dumb. They are the ones that impress other men and women by quoting scriptures, receiving the holy ghost, jump around like we are in a concert, and then move in to sleep with you by telling you that YOU are living in sin and need a reborn Christian because Jesus just told me just now. Whatever.....
I don't take the black church seriously. There are two poisons in our community, church and a liquor store.
A HUGE MAJORITY of these churches have no interest in creating political balance nor they have any interest in saving black children. They are pimp machines in our community, draining our resources dry of life, and STILL practice immorality in our community. How many people do you know go to a church and the husband is beating his wife's ass after service? Or the wife is so unhappy that she is sleeping around with other men? Or you wonder why your children are from hell even though you claim to practice the Word of God?
These black churches are hypocrites.
For example, how come I was the ONLY black person at a meeting sponsored by the Family Rights Coalition this past Monday in Pontiac? The meeting dealt with the difference between traditional marriage and civil unions. The place should have been packed. However, only 6 people in the room.
When I go to pro-life meetings I am the ONLY black person in the room even though blacks are affected by abortions more than any racial group in America.
In fact, I have learned that ANYTHING that a critical mass of black people support that I need to go the OPPOSITE direction. For instance, if most blacks support Al Sharpton I KNOW to support Clarence Thomas. The most extreme black person that most blacks hate I support. I will never, in life, follow the crowd.
And that means not following these ridiculous preachers on Sunday.
If you thought I was trying to make you feel good I really wasen't. I am telling a untold story in our community. Something that black christian liberals do a great job in keeping in the closet and under the rug.
So are black people a cursed group of people? I will let you be the judge to that.


FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive -To you because the majority of Black Afrikans do not know what is in their best interests - You or conservatives like you should decide what is best for Black Afrkans because conservatives know what is best for Black Afrikans
I say that Black Afrikans who believe in the lies of the US that everyone is treated = in the US or that the US is the most democratic nation on Earth or that US slavery was a good thing for Black Afrikans or the US is not a sexist nation against Women or the US is not a racist nation against People of Color is cursed.

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

then why don't you leave since the US is unfair...because you know that BS you talk is for the birds....

Anonymous said...

I think we are cursing ourselves.

Felton said...

I'll say this. It is a great poison for anybody to kill anybody, and believe it's okay. The greater evil of poisons lye within the hands of those who wish to benefit from the attention of exposing the problem, rather than doing exactly what needs to be done to resolve the issue. Kids killing kids, blacks killing blacks, whites killing blacks, or whites, and anybody killing anyone is wrong. The solution is simple. Despite all odds, it's the power of choice that decides the future of mankind. Children have to be taught how to make the proper choices, either via the teachings of a parent, educators, corrections, faith based ordinances, or by sheer lessons in life. Fact always remains that it's what we choose that earns the result of the day.

church chairs said...

Anyways you discussed a very sensible issue. But the way you expressed it, seems nice.

Anonymous said...


In the name of Christ Jesus - Jim

Anonymous said...

Tell me. How do you live with yourself knowing black people need help and you do nothing about it? Ok, you a well off black man why not go and talk to the youth show them how to make it instead of running from them. Don’t just tell the people how to make, show them. Since you made it out, you forgot where you came from! Yeah, you right it not easy on/for black. Well I guess if all the successful black people turn away from the uneducated it would be hard! Whites show each other how to be successful. People like you (fake brothers) only talk down on their kind. Come on, man you can do better help the youth, teach them, and show them it’s more to life.

Anonymous said...

With the passing years I've come to believe that for us to survive as a vibrant race the majority of 'blacks' must NEVER again procreate. We need to learn from history and use eugenics as a way forward. After all most of us have been 'genetically modified' through slavery - and looking around for the worst in most cases. So nothing new there. Lets reverse it by selecting the 'life' gene and letting the majority of the 'death' gene die out.

The phoenix will rise from the ashes.

Anonymous said...

Also I would just like to add that unfortunately religion is a nonsense - a distraction. Just like music and dancing. They make and create nothing of reality, they do not allow you to engage with the real world but rather escape it, like taking drugs. A mere diversion, an irrelevance. What HAS God done for us in say the last 1000 years? Not much. Because for most people they are calling on somebody else's idea of God, not our own. Self hate right there in a nut shell.

What would you do with your time? Maybe look around and realise the world is there to take by understanding nature and making it do what YOU want, not what others tell or sell you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you as well as sooooo many other african americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I believe that first of all responsibility lies within self. God, has given us all the choice to choose between life and death. Unfortunately generations of Blacks have chosen death rather than life. Death to marriage, Death to the Family, Death to the head of the household (the Black Man) Death to education, Death to self-sustainability. Death to prosperity, Death to Health, Death to a future that could be promising. Now, I can decide whether or not I choose those things on a daily basis. Choices are what shape and make who we are. What do you choose today? Life or Death? It's in the power of you own hand.

While we'd like to blame White America for all of our ills, and problems, part of living in the Truth is being accountable for ones' self. When will Black America begin to be accountable to itself? Who knows? My concern is that I teach my children what is good, righetous and prosperous for living a life that's commendable both to God and our fellow man. Seek God and His righteousness, do well in your studies, finish school, have a career (not a job) be fulfilled in you life's work, love people the best you can and do good. If each one of us were to live by these principals, then we'd have a better home, and a better community. But, we don't. So reality is each man and woman must make good choices for him/herself and teach those same choices, if possible to the next generation. Will it work? It's yet to be seen, but at least we can try. Don't give up on trying. I know how you feel. In fact I came online to google this "are black people cursed?" when I happened upon this site. sometimes I often wonder if we are cursed, because it seems that we as a people, no matter the nationality (African, Carribean, American, etc.) are just a wreched people doing bad all over. I'm trying to understand why a entire continent of people can't get their stuff together????? Why Black americans are dying and killing each other by the thousands eac and every day here in America? Why whole nations with nothig with black leaders, Black constituents, black everything can't become a nation that is recognized as one that is prosperous, and powerful? One thing for sure, something is sure wrong with us and it didn't just start yesterday or even 100 years ago, but perhaps since the beginning. i don't know, but I will do the best that i can as a Man, Husband and Father to break the cycle.

Anonymous said...

This is all pretty interesting and basically true. At times I just become so frustrated with African Americans - specifically those that just don't seem to care about anything but the negative. I teach in an urban city school, and I often talk to all of my students about doing their best to focus on education so that they can succeed and have something good to look forward to in the future. I am always talking to my African American students, but more often, the majority just seem to only come to school to socialize, fight, and show how "ghetto", loud, disrespectful, and obnoxious they can be, and it doesn't help matters at all that even some of the parents of these students come to school with this same attitude during parent/teacher conference time (or at anytime). Of course, there are issues in every race, but more negativity seems to be in the African American race which oftentimes has me discouraged - specifically when I see my own family spiral down these tunnels through negative choices of their own. I want to be the exception,and I also want to do something that imprints a lasting and positive affect on my students. Each year, I have become more and more discouraged by the event the change in attitudes amongst African Americans (some) regarding education. It just doesn't seem to be important or even a primary focus. Yet, it is refreshing to have those students from my past - particularly my former African American students tell me how they appreciated me being so tough and hard on them. My expectations for all my students are very high, and not even for a second would I ever think of dumbing down my instructional methods just to have a student get by. Yet, it's just a shame that I have turned more and more away from wanting to be a part of my own race - in going to a congregation where I am one of less than 10 African Americans, in dating without even considering a black man, and in just plain even establishing friendships because of the backstabbing and animosity that exists amongst our race. It's a shame that we as a race can't even be proud of another's accomplishments but instead want to tear each other down. And I could just go on about how I am sick of the "phoniness" in a lot of black churches without being remotely angry. It's sickening (yet I do see the same phoniness in non-black churches as well). Are we cursed as an African American people? I often asked my father this when I was a young child because I couldn't comprehend how things for our people only seemed to worsen in aspects that should have shown change.