Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You With Me? by Akindele Akinyemi

The Genesis Project is up and running. As we move towards our goal of opening a school in Metro Detroit we have to keep in mind that our Project is focused on building entrepreneurship through re-establishing family values for our children.

A huge focus for me is saving our young black men. As you can see our young black men are dying off like flies. There are more single parent homes today than ever before and thanks to welfare policies that keeps up divided in our community we see less and less fathers in the home.

I wonder who is supporting those policies to destroy families?

If we just look at the statistics we can clearly see the key problems:

Homicide is the number one cause of for black men between 15 and 29 years of age and has been for decades.

Of the roughly 16,000 homicides in this country each year, more than half are committed by black men. A black man is seven times more likely to commit a than a white man, and six times more likely to be ed.

Ninety-four percent of all black people who are ed are ed by other black people.

Although black people make up12 percent of the general population blacks make up nearly 44 percent of the prison population.

At any given time, as many as one in four of all black men, young black men are in the criminal justice system—in prison or jail, on probation or on parole.

The last statement I can adhere to. I was at Floods one night in Downtown Detroit and the black male population was made up of mostly black men and ex-cons. That is how most of the club scene is here in Detroit.

Every day we hear public declarations of love that ring hollow. While the mayor declares his love for the city while creating policies that provide more disadvantages to everyday people trying to make a honest conservative Christian living. The public demands better schools and safer streets but won’t approve taxes to pay for those services. The parents love their children but leave them alone to watch hours of television and grow obese.

Educators speak of teaching and learning for all students, and yet statistics show dismal graduation rates for African-American and Hispanic youth. It is especially true for males in these two groups; nationally, fewer than half of black males receive diplomas with their high school cohorts.

This is why the Genesis Project has declared war on education in our community.

Special education: African-American males represented 8.6 percent of the nation’s public school students in 2000-01, but in some districts, they make up as much as 41 percent of the special education population.

Expulsions and suspensions: 22 percent of those expelled from school and 23 percent of those suspended are black males.

Dropouts: The dropout rate for African-American males in metropolitan areas is well over 50 percent.

Juvenile incarceration: For black youth, the rate is more than three times as high as for whites. More African-American males receive their GEDs in prison than graduate from college

I strongly feel that no one with a professional responsibility in the education community—especially not superintendents and school board members—should be surprised by these findings. Calling the situation an achievement gap simply imposes a label, but not a solution.

And yet, the majority of teachers, principals, superintendents, and school board members remain complicit in their silence about the plight of black male students.

Most of the churches have failed our black boys. We can have all the rites of passage programs, prayer and meditation, calling our young men to the altar and cast out demons all we want but if they are leaving the church and going home beating their wives or cheating on their wives then the church has failed in our community. Interesting, we preach Christ but we don't practice Christ. Muslims on the other hand, can retain men in the mosque and they will go home and cherish their women.

Perhaps we need to see what the Muslims are doing to keep the home intact.

Saving our young men are important because we cannot afford to lose another generation of young boys. What is very interesting is that many in the black community are relying on government to help save our young men. What blacks have failed to realize is that government is NOT nor EVER the answer to the challenges that we face in our community. Listen to the race pimps and race hustlers who represent the black community who have churches and listen to how they always trace the solution to the problems in the community back to government. They never want to use their churches as a change agent for the black community. They do not have enough faith in their own doctrine to transform the community in which they live in.

I have enough faith and more in the Genesis Project. This is our statewide campaign to help rebuild families in our community through a college prep education that will help our children compete in a 21st century global society. The challenges are monumental but I have been called to do this mission because I cannot no longer sit and wait on those who are not filled with the Spirit.

What I would like to do with the Genesis Project to help save our young men is to first do the following:

Help bring our young men closer to Christ. I have taught and spoke to so many young black boys who are without a relationship with Christ. Many have never even picked up a Bible in their lifetimes and go without any spiritual nourishment.

Give our young men a sense of cultural pride about themselves. Because Detroit and other urban areas are controlled by liberal though (from the pulpit to the newspapers) our black men stay angry at others who are successful. We must remove them from the anger and help them understand that spiritual balance is necessary to develop their whole mind.

Race pimpologists are trying to steer our black boys into a path of darkness and hopelessness. Help me steer them in the right direction by giving them hope with right knowledge and right wisdom.

Secure financial support from the business and philanthropic communities for gathering needed data, establishing reciprocal community and school accountability systems and implementing long-term transparent internal and external communication strategies. Partner with the chamber of commerce or area community foundation and broker with a national funder as a pilot for imaginable leadership.

The Genesis Project will build partnerships across the state to influence state leaders by increasing their understanding of the disparity in students' academic results and secure policy commitments for supporting students most vulnerable to school failure.

While I preach diversity in our Project I will zero in on our black boys who will be coming into our institutions because of the complete collapse of the black family in our community. Churches have failed, government programs have failed and parents have failed. It is time that those who believe in this Project to set aside their differences with me and come on board with a revolutionary experience.

We will begin to reverse the trend of sending our children to jail by sending them to college. Presently, young black male students have the worst grades, the lowest test scores, and the highest dropout rates of all students in the country. That is why we are stressing the 90/90 method. 90% will graduate and 90% will go to college (not hair or nail school).

Will you help save our black boys? Right now in education, employment, economics, incarceration, health, housing, and parenting, we have lost a generation of young Black men. That is the real truth. We have lost them politically as well because they fail to understand how politics work.

The question is will we lose the next generations of Black boys to the streets, negative media, gangs, , poor education, unemployment, father absence, crime, and ? Judging on how we vote, how we treat our families and elected officials in Michigan who are against shared equal parenting...yes we will continue the trend until the feminists and s have reached their goal of eliminating traditional marriages and traditional families from the mainstream.

Only a few black boys who finish high school actually attend college, and of those few black boys who enter college, nationally, only 22% of them finish college. Unfortunately, when a young black man graduates from a U.S. college, there is a good chance that he is from Africa, the Caribbean or Europe, and not the United States. This is shown by their work ethics. I can carry on a conversation on economics and politics MORE with someone in the African Diaspora than here in the United States. Blacks are just too liberal in our communities thanks to Democratic policies. Have you heard Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama coming out to stand up for traditional families? Why are we still voting for liberal policies?

Detroit, Benton Harbor, Inkster, Ecorse, Ferndale, River Rouge, Flint, Saginaw, Ann Arbor and Highland Park are the most liberal cities in Michigan. Can anyone show me how pro-family these cities are? Most are controlled by urban dictators who continue to push socialism down our throats. Ann Arbor and Ferndale are communities that are safe havens for s and s. They do not even believe in traditional families in those cities.

Remember what I said about Gov Granholm's Cool Citites initiative? This STILL is an initiative for the LGBT community. This has nothing to do with us as black people. She never even came out with a urban agenda and we STILL re-elected her. Why did we do that I have no clue other than 50% of Detroiters are functionally illierate.

Meanwhile, our leaders do not know that the rest of the world is watching and following the lead of America. Other countries including are adopting American social policies that encourage the destruction of young Black men. This is becoming a serious crisis around the world. Yet, we are marching to Jena, Louisiana to support thuggery. How much did the race pimps make off marching with the unconscious?

A bigger issue for me is this...who are young black women going to marry?

Our sisters are CHOOSING to be single and hide behind the Jesus machine (My man is Jesus Chirst crap) instead of asking Jesus to guide them to good, marriageble men. If women stop being scared for a second and take a chance they might be able to see what God has been trying to show them.

Who is going to build and maintain the economies of black communities?

Again, if we have a failing school system the eocnomy collapses.

Who is going to anchor strong families in the black community?

If our children role s is Young Jeezy and T.I. then where does that leave brothers like Clarence Thomas, Star Parker and myself?

Who will young black boys emulate as they grow into men?

As a father I am extremely careful of how I act around my son. I don't curse around him nor spit any venom on people around him. I share my spiritual and educational values around him so he can emulate my leadership as he grows older.

Where is the outrage of the Black community at the destruction of its Black boys?

There is no outrage until the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton says it outrage. We do not support groups like BOND and CURE.

Where are the plans and the supportive actions to change this? And when will we stop dating outside the race for status purposes and not love?

I am asking our people right now....are black people cursed as a race?

This is why the Genesis Project is needed right now. Everyone else has failed. Including black Republicans. Fear is the faith of the Devil. If black and white conservatives have an answer to the madness I would like for all of them to endorse the Genesis Project today by sending me an e-mail at onechoicepac@ . . and telling me directly that they are on board with us. Our institutions are going to be the premier for families across urban Michigan.

It is time that we move our Project in the right direction. Are you with me?

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