Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Black Churches....Stand Up For Once by Akindele Akinyemi

While race pimps, state lawmakers and unions continue to depress the black community how come they have not come out against the National Education Association's promotion of homosexuality in the classrooms. In fact, I was approached by a lesbian where I worked at today and she told me that there is no such thing as a God but I got this thing (grabbing her crotch) that can give life.

Homosexuality is off the hook in our public schools. Isn't it wonderful that all of these big race pimps in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Indianapolis will not speak out against this abomination? Meanwhile, the black church has gotten away from building family values and preserving what's left of our community. Joining the NAACP in church is more important than saving the marriage of a man and woman in our community.

The NEA's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Committee has called on the union to "develop public and member support" for the passage of federal hate crimes legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and other measures that award homosexuals with special protected status.

The committee has expressed frustration over what it calls the continuing lack of empirical or even anecdotal data on the experiences and the rate of harassment against GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) school personnel. At the same time, it also wants the NEA to expand its existing GLBT web page and develop and implement a marketing and communications strategy to enhance the visibility of GLBT issues.

The NEA is also partnering with the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to deliver so-called "anti-bias trainings" nationwide.

Now black people in these teacher unions support this crap. Meanwhile, our children are becoming more Godless in our society because we simply stop parenting to our children. We use school as a babysitting service instead of an investment. Society continues to promote liberal nonsense such as diversity and tolerance to push foolishness into the school system.

I have always said....there is no reason for you to be gay or lesbian. If so please prove it.

This is the reason I support charter schools that place an emphasis on family building. What ever happened to schools that said the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer in schools, and when you stepped out of line you got an ass whupping with the paddle? What ever happened to teaching our children character building and most importantly showing the relationship between men and women in a home?

Marriage clearly appears to promote the economic, social, familial, and psychological well-being of black men and women. Even when studies control for a wide range of variables, they consistently find that married black adults, compared to those who are unmarried, have more income, are less likely to face poverty, and are more likely to be happy. Marriage also appears to promote better family functioning for blacks. At the same time, the evidence generally suggests that Black adults derive little benefit from marriage in terms of physical health.

Economically, marriage appears to benefit blacks more than whites. In part because marriage often means an additional wage earner for the family, and in part because marriage typically increases the income and the economic productivity of individuals, married-couple black families have far more income, and are far less likely to live in poverty, than other black families. This economic premium stemming from marriage is comparably larger for blacks than for whites. In general, marriage appears to contribute greatly to the economic well-being of black families.

Black children of married parents typically receive better parenting, are less delinquent, have fewer behavioral problems, have higher self-esteem, are more likely to delay sexual activity, and have moderately better educational outcomes. Because many of the relevant studies on child outcomes employ comprehensive controls, there is strong reason to believe that these findings reflect more than mere correlations. Marriage itself appears to be generating strong positive results for African American children. At the same time, marriage may have little or no impact on school dropout and drug use among black adolescents.

In areas including parental support, delinquency, self-esteem, and school performance, having one’s father in the home, and particularly one’s married father, appears to be a crucial determinant of better outcomes for young black males. When viewed alongside our other finding regarding the larger marriage premium for black men, as compared to black women, this finding suggests that marriage is particularly important for black males at all stages of the life cycle.

I know the black churches who are tied in with the liberal Council of Baptist Pastors in Detroit are not going to go back and discuss why they should declare war on the teacher unions who are promoting homosexuality in the classroom. I know they're not. I know the NAACP and Black Grassroots organizations are not going to come together and fight this because the NAACP receive money from the NEA.

I know most state lawmakers are not going to say anything as well as the school boards in local areas because the fear the backlash of the teacher unions and LGBT community.

You see who is really on your side? We elect people who do not even represent us. Yet, you will hand your vote over to the liberals for a few pieces of silver.

Think about it. You have liberals who run your government, which by the way...ran wrong...and promote homosexuality in our schools. How can a homosexual reproduce? I have never seen two male tigers or lions get it on so why should human beings?

The reality is, if your school superintendents and the school boards heard a response from YOU, like Congress did over their efforts to promote amnesty for illegal aliens, those school systems would REJECT the efforts of the NEA (National Education Association) on their own.

I’m all for educational options and all for you being able to get as much money for your child to attend a private school as is spent in the public school system for your child. However, right now not enough private schools exists to even accommodate all parents who would WANT to send their kids to another school if not for the current financial burden. So getting a good system of educational competition going will take time, even if you were given money for 100% of private school expenses right now. This is why we need to push for more charters and begin to re-explore other educational options.

You’ve let state and federal government know you endorse one man and one woman. Now it’s time to let your local public education leaders hear it.

Once again, conservatives cannot be scared to speak out against such nonsense. But we are too quiet as well. The time for breaking our silence in this city is now.

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FreeMan said...

It would be good if the Black Afrikan lead Republican leading Churches like Word of Faith would speak out against the War in Iraq & the planned war in Iran