Monday, October 15, 2007

Black Indianapolis vs. Black Detroit by Darla Y. Williams

Hoosiers who think Detroit, Michigan has problems better think twice.

Indianapolis, Indiana has a major problem that’s hurling downward like a meteorite, destroying everything in its path. Don’t be fooled with Indiana Black Expo and the Coca-Cola Classic “wez black folk all happy” fluffery. That’s just annual economic development for Downtown Indianapolis, Inc.-- and black businesses in Indiana are NOT at the table.

You see, our black politicians have "sold" our rights to "opportunities" in the City of Indianapolis in exchange for their social and political platforms and slush-funds organized as not-for-profit organizations. They've used their political might, multiplied by decades of effort, to tilt the balance of economic power in the black community so the not-for-profits not only dwarf for-profits, the also use the might to ensure the black "for-profits" business is controlled by the them as well, or they "run out of business".

These organizations have exceeded their charter mission and have entered into profit-making activities. The are now competing with and eliminating "for profit" black businesses.

Red Carpet Financial Support.

Speaking of crooked politicians, now these SAME not-for-profits can now be certified as a disadvantaged "human being" as a “protected class”. That’s the same class that allows government to have set-aside programs for women and certain minorities. Yes, an “Entity” in Indiana, can be a “protected class”, but not really--just in Indiana. Which reminds me, our black legislators should at least have a high school education, preferable a college education and a law degree at best. They’ll comprehend our U.S Constitution, the amendments and the law better.

Yes an “Entity” can now win a contract over a black man or black women to take advantage of set-aside money. I wonder of a women or minority can use this same “protected class” status to take advantage of all those GRANTS that not-for-profits can apply for? NO, of course not Most corporate diversity initiatives (dollars) it’s always about the dollars, are focused on the old-school “something for nuthin” concept. This was introduced during a time in Indianapolis black history when our ‘black militant leaders” were demanding things because they felt white America owed reparations, and they convinced our white leaders that “they” would collect on behalf of the black men, women and children.

To this date, there are hundreds of women-owned and black businesses across Indiana that could provide services and perhaps more focused and positive exposure in our communities.Yet, instead of contracting with these women and minority owned businesses, corporate America and our government is GIVING money to these not-for-profits who continue to ENTERTAIN tens of thousands of black folks each year during Black Expo and the Classic, while increasing the burden on tax payers-while as year after year the economic and social status in the black community declines. Concerts don’t educate, Tavis Smiley and Sinbad speaking for 50 minutes in a large auditorium talking about their lives don't educate, dance contests and galas don’t educate. We are spending too much public and private corporation money that is intended for the minority community on ENTERTAINMENT.

There are also "for profit" promotion companies that can fiance their owns concerts, perhaps concerts with quality entertainers--not fly by night rappers who annually introduce new Behaviors to our children. When it's his money, a promoter will think twice about "who" to bring to our city. But in a high-risk, high-stakes industry like concert promoting, how can a for-profit compete with not-for-profits receiving red carpet financial support."

When it's his money, a promoter will think twice about "who" to bring to our city. But in a high-risk, high-stakes industry like concert promoting, how can a for-profit compete with not-for-profits receiving red carpet financial support.

Public dollars and corporate diversity money should NEVER pay for entertainers to sing and dance for Hoosiers. l we have enough starving singers and dancers right here at home who can entertain us. Public dollars and corporate diversity money should NEVER pay for "ineffective programs." We have too many "Effective" programs that are starving for funding. when we have promising singers and dancers right here at home.

Public and corporate diversity dollars should NEVER pay for "other" peoples children to come to Indianapolis to sing and dance for "our" children, IF our children cannot afford to go unless its free. Our money must go to ensure that families are self-sustained so they can pay for market rate tickets for their children. How can a parent enforce discipline at a concert when its FREE. A child's attendance at a concert should be a privilege a parent feels their child has earned and that a parent feels is "suitable" enough for them to spend family earnings on. By making it free, not only do we take away the parents ability to refuse their attendance by refusing to buy them a ticket, we also make is so the child does not even have to mention or ask about the concert, they just go! It's an "attractive nuisance" and all teenagers who can get downtown via bus, car crams into downtown Indianapolis and just "hangs" around. That's not celebrating, it's introducing them to the lifestyle of living on the streets in a downtown environment.

There are MANY wonderful not-for-profits who get very little, like the Martin “Sickle Cell” Center on 35th College.They really need some funding.

We must stop bypassing legitimate black businesses that offer more than just a corporate luncheon for $2000 a table and a banner. Black companies that offer "actual products or services" in return for money given to them. Black businesses in the city of Indianapolis have received only a paltry 1-3 percent of city contracting 12-14% less than the commitment. "

Furthermore, you think DETROIT has problems? Look at the “high-quality” black elected officials Detroit has representing THEIR city.

Now, look at OUR new majority black representatives and what has happened to Indianapolis only after 4 years under their “absolute” rule.

Can you imagine how much time it will be before Indianapolis becomes Detroit and Detroit becomes the place we want to move to? If the democrats in Marion County are elected AGAIN for 4 more years, they are going for EVERYTHING!!!! Every Contract, Every Dollar and ship it overseas. They will invoke the same shameful “parliamentary procedure” moves and "Roberts rules of Order" trumps the "Law" non-sense, this came from a licensed Attorney--they will RAMROD us with taxes and steal, steal, steal.

4 more years, that's all it will take. Look at the behavior of these black elected officials, its SHOCKING, the President of the council and the attorney who is supposed to be representing the council, is illegally blocking the President’s own ethics investigation: Look at the exchange between Dr. Borst and them:
A constituent asked Monroe Gray ”why he voted on his own ethics hearing”. Hear his explanation below:

It's less than a MONTH from the election and LOOK how they are behaving, in OPEN view, ON camera. Humm…aren't we supposed to be at our best behavior, after-all we are campaigning?”

Well, guess what American, this IS their best behavior!!!! Use you imagination to determine what their "real" behavior is like, you'll be on the mark? Talk about hoodwinked. Still not sure? PLEASE, REVIEW THE VIDEO. If you are not sure, you HAVEN’T viewed the video.

They are actually VERY funny (-:, you’ll probably want to keep them forever. Take at look at this one, it will crack you up:

Akindele's Two Cents (or Two Dimes): Now again, I am going to ASK this question that people are afraid to ask. WHY is it when Democrats get in power our inner cities go to hell?

Detroit, Inkster, Ecorse, River Rouge, Flint, Saginaw, Muskegon, Lansing, Ypsilanti, Highland Park, Hamtramck, Benton Harbor and anywhere ELSE in the continental United States you will find that every single area that Democrats control is a concrete jungle. High crime, failing schools and a high level of immorality fills those communities that are controlled by Democrats.

Yet, we have lawmakers trying to spin the issue on how Democrats support Detroit. Hell yeah they support Detroit but NONE of them can answer this question without blaming Republicans when there is NOT a single Republican lawmaker within miles of Detroit. NOT one Democrat I have spoken to in the PAST THREE years have been able to give me a serious, concrete answer on why the communities I listed look like a bomb hit it. You raise taxes and our schools are not producing results. Again, why do Democratic controlled areas look like the DAY AFTER TOMORROW in our inner cities. PLEASE ANSWER...I'LL WAIT.

Now Indianapolis is on its way looking like Detroit and Gary, Indiana. That is a shame to my stomach.

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