Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blacks, Foolishness and the Confederacy In Black America by Akindele Akinyemi

I am always trying to build up someone's spirit. Yet, they still call Urban Conservatives sellouts. I can go along with that because it is never my intention to be something less than what I am.

Down south they are also calling my sister, Quanicia Wilson, a sellout as well. She is my One Network member in Georgia.

Recently, she, along with myself, made some truthful comments about the whole Jena 6 thing. As usual you have someone attacking her. This is what Quanicia said:

As usual, those who "claim" to be the tolerant ones and the arbiters of my "civil rights" went into attack mode. I am shocked to find out that ALL THESE years I HAVE NOT BEEN BLACK!!! The 2nd shocking thing is that this came from not only white liberals but in particular another black woman who determined that I was no longer black!!! Well at this point in my life, I am no longer shocked by the tolerant, compassionate side of the aisle; makes me wonder who the REAL racists are.

I am so surprised to hear this, my family is surprised, and wow my husband didn't know that he didn't marry and have kids with a black woman. I guess when I voted democrat, I was black but now that I am conservative and vote for the candidate that represents my values I am no longer black. I guess because although I believe that there is racism in society, it is not the sole reason that a person of color cannot succeed, I am no longer black. I guess because I can't in good conscience vote or support a candidate or party who votes against my faith and for things that are against my core values, I am no longer black. I guess because I made good personal CHOICES and am now considered "successful" I am no longer black. I guess because I have chosen to overcome illness, death in the family, unemployment, an abusive relationship, a child with a disability, poverty, racism from all sides, etc. I am no longer black. I guess because I believe in accountability and personal responsibility I am no longer black. I guess because I don't agree with hate crimes legislation and the double standards on race, I am no longer black.

I guess because I believe that the breakdown of the black family, liberalism, and a devaluation of morality has destroyed the black culture, I am no longer black. I guess because I believe that the Great Society programs broke the black family apart by rewarding the lack of marriage and fatherhood, I am no longer black. I guess because I believe in lower taxes, school vouchers, heterosexual marriage, secure borders, strict enforcement of the law and punishment of criminals, a strong national defense and military, protection for the unborn, disabled, and elderly, I guess I am no longer black. I guess because I believe that playing the race card and the blame game for every problem and moral failing in life is non-productive, I am no longer black. I guess because I believe in finding REAL solutions in our community to fix the inner city ills that liberals have been promising to fix every 4 yrs, I am no longer black. I guess because I question why I should continue to vote for people who have done nothing to EARN my vote, I am no longer black. I guess because I study my history, peoples' voting records, statistical analysis of the "state of black America" prior to the civil rights movement when we had real poverty and racism to overcome, I am no longer black. I guess because I believe that I have the freedom to think for myself and that an entire race should not be dumbed down to think monolithically, I am no longer black.

I guess because I don't agree with the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world, I am no longer black. I guess that because I believe that TRUE black empowerment is hard work, self-reliance, and pride in achievement like my forefathers, I am no longer black. No longer "authentic." No longer "keeping it real." No longer entitled to respect. No longer allowed to speak my mind. No longer protected from racist remarks or attacks. No longer considered part of the victim or protected class. No longer entitled to "civil rights."

I guess I'm one of those sell-out, uncle tom, mammy, traitor to my race, uppity niggers like those losers like Condolezza Rice, Colin Powell, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Justice Clarence Thomas, Alveda King (MLK's niece), Dr Bernice King (MLK's youngest daughter), Bishop Eddie Long, Gloria Jackson (great granddaughter of Booker T Washington), Niger Innis, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, Mason Weaver, etc. Well if those people are not AUTHENTICALLY black or black anymore, then I accept the racist insult.

We know that Black Republicans or Urban Conservatives are always being attacked for being on the "wrong side of the issues." Of course, I am STILL waiting for someone to prove us wrong.

Racism does not matter anymore. While many African Americans are sadly still stuck on race and color our conditions have not changed. Who cares if a Black man marries and have children with a White woman or a Cuban? It does not matter. That is what makes America great.

Blacks are afraid to be American because we are still lingering in the past. Since we are lingering in the past how come Blacks take offense when states down South fly the Confederate flag? We automatically think it's racism, the KKK or the Dukes of Hazzard when Blacks fought on the side of the Civil War waiving that Confederate flag. That is a pure fact. Yes, Blacks lived and STILL live in Dixie so what is so racist about the Confederate flag? It is part of Black History. Or should I say American History that Blacks played a role in creating this great country that we call the United States.

The Confederate flag is not even a symbol of slavery. If that was the case, turn in all those 1, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills back to the bank. The faces on these bills were men who were leaders when many blacks were slaves.

The worst riot in American history was not in Los Angeles. It was in New York, back in 1863. You see, there were a bunch of people who, like during Vietnam, didn’t want be conscripted (read: drafted) to serve in an unjust war. Talk to your President about that. Over 1200 people died in just two days. Most when President Lincoln sent federal troops in to put down the “rebellion.” Oh, by the way, 83 blacks were lynched in those two days – right there in The Big Apple. So, which flag do you really want taken down?

But since we’re all told to boycott, will those leftist, black elected leaders in the Dirty South boycott the Statehouses while its in session? I doubt it. Will they avoid buying goods in their own state? Doubt it. Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution gave all of us a way to deal with a state’s policies we didn’t like. That’s what the South was fighting for. It was not about slavery. If that were the case, we’d be bombing China right now, and we would not accept license plates made with prison labor right here in the good ol’ USA.

Oh…What’s the black population percentage in prison these days, anyway?

The multicultural extremists can’t call me racist, but in the black socialist community, they have even uglier words for people who refuse to live on that “plantation,” such as me. Just ask Clarence Thomas (who did a good job on 60 Minutes this weekend) and my good friend Ward Connerly.

So let that flag wave proudly as a monument to the last Army in this country that actually fought for the Constitution. And for those people who don’t want their state to fly the Southern Cross, here a solution that’s much easier that protesting…just leave.

Again, our people must begin to think economics and not socialism, get past just that.....the PAST and understand that racism does not matter anymore. We may have differences in our communities but we all live in the United States, whether you like it our not.

This is the greatest country on Earth and we live in the greatest democracy on Earth.


Anonymous said...

My brother, I am African too, and I would like you to read this post: http://www.politicalarticles.net/blog/2007/10/01/clarence-thomas-a-rethuglitom-smothered-in-uppity-niggerdom/

When you are done, there is more here: http://www.politicalarticles.net/blog/crawlpage.html

The Democrats are the "lesser of two evils," in many ways.

I would love to see people of color form their own party and straighten a lot of things that are wrong with the black community -- sleeping with the ReTHUGlican snakes is not a solution.

FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive - your posting supports White European-American Racial Supremacy - You as a Black Afrikan (Nigerian) should not support White European-American Supremacy because under White European-American Supremacy you are Subhuman
The majority of Black Afrikans that fought to maintain US slavery were slaves
Black Afrikans that fought to restore the US from the Slave Rebel states knew that they would not be treated as prisoners of war - they were executed or sold into slavery
The US Civil War (1861-65) was a just war - God used it to free the US of its Black Afrikan slaves
US Slavery against Black Afrikans is immoral
The US Civil War had a moral base - God wants His creation free
US citizens have the legal right to remain in the US & complain - when the government does not serve the interests of the people

RightMichigan.com said...

For the life of me I can't figure out why they call you "The Controversial One."


USMCRebel said...

Mr. Akindele F. Akinyemi,

This is an extremely refreshing blog. You are very educated on your history and it is so nice to hear your thoughts on what the South was fighting for in The War Between The States. I live in Tennessee and am very proud of my Confederate flag. I am descended from many Confederate veterans. None of which owned a single slave. They were fighting against a Yankee army that was invading their homeland. As you know, most Confederate soldiers didn't own slaves and if the war was over slavery then why were most of them fighting for something they didn't even have an interest in. The Confederate flag, unfortunately, is misunderstood by many in the black community. The Confederate flag I love has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with men fighting for states rights and opposing Lincoln's determination of turning this nation into the federal monstrosity that exists today.