Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Congressman Hunter Live In Pontiac by Akindele Akinyemi

This past Monday I had the opportunity to hear Congressman Duncan Hunter up close and personal at the Oakland County Courthouse in Pontiac, Michigan. Congressman Hunter is one of the Republican candidates running for President. Not as popular as Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani or John McCain, Congressman Hunter stood his own ground in an uncut, unedited "talk."

One of my favorite Republican clubs in the State of Michigan, the North Oakland Republican Club, sponsored the event. Of course, this was an event I was not going to miss.
One thing Congressman Hunter spoke on was how China is cheating the United States on tariffs and trade. He stressed the importance of stopping this by strengthening our manufacturing base here in America.
In terms of illegal immigration Congressman Hunter boasted how he built a double fence at the US-Mexico border. The purpose of the fence was to keep illegal aliens out of our country. He stressed how before the fence was built aliens were smuggling drugs and committing murder on the borders. Ever since the fence was built 90% of smuggling has been reduced at the border.
If elected President Congressman Hunter will build the fence, all 854 miles, within 6 months of his presidency.
He stressed the importance of rebuilding manufacturing in our states to produce American goods as well as bringing back the American dream.
When I stood up and asked him what was his position on educational choice Congressman Hunter supported educational choices, especially charters and pointed how 17 out of 20 charter schools in New Orleans are achieving their goals.
However, the question that I kept asking myself was this.....why did I even have to bring up the education issue?
I have not heard any candidates talk about education extensively on the GOP side. The Democratic candidates talked about education and how they did not support vouchers and in some cases charters at the NEA convention earlier this year.
So you know I will not be supporting any candidates on the Democratic side.
Congressman Hunter reminds me of Congressman Tancredo from Colorado, another Presidential candidate. Both are what I consider paleoconservatives. Old School Conservatives. Straight up Regan-ites.
There is nothing wrong with this because as America has gone to hell we need strong conservatives to stand up for what we believe in, what America stands for and how to move America forward. For instance, when asked about supporting the North American Union (similar to the European Union) Congressman Hunter stated that he would not support no such union because both Canada and Mexico did not support the United States when we went into Iraq.
Michael Ross discussed (above) how strong families are needed to keep America going. I totally agree. In fact, this is the same thing Rev. Jesse Peterson said over the course of the weekend in Okemos, MI. This is the same thing I have been saying all along.
In my book, Congressman Hunter does not stand a chance in winning the GOP nomination. Not because he is a foul candidate but because voters do not understand the serious importance of a candidate that has conservative values. We do need someone who has not strayed away from our conservative principles but the media has other plans and Hunter is not part of those plans. Normally, the best candidates in the race never get the attention they deserve on the national scene.
However, I enjoyed his talk without the bells and whistles from MSNBC or some other network.

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