Saturday, October 27, 2007

Detroit Branch NAACP: Stick to REAL Issues by Akindele Akinyemi

The Detroit Branch NAACP are at it again. This time it is the issue of voter ID.

From the Detroit News:

The Detroit Branch of the NAACP announced Thursday that it will continue to fight a controversial new state law requiring Michigan voters to show photo identification or sign an affidavit in order to cast a ballot, while fighting a similar measure in Indiana. "We view this voter identification as another version of a poll tax," the Rev. Wendell Anthony, head of Detroit's NAACP, said Thursday. "It is just intimidation."

I am not clear on the whole "intimidation and poll tax" thing that Rev. Anthony is stating. To me that sounds like a sound bite. In other words, just trying to stir up the race pot.

When will black and whites learn that no one wins the race in racism?

I wrote an blog on voter ID earlier this year and support the notion of people using ID to vote. I still support that notion. Only 3% or 17,000 people in the City of Detroit do not have ID. A MERE 3%!!!!

Once again, our priorities are screwed up as black people. These so-called disenfranchised people can GET up off their asses and get an ID if they want to vote. Just like they run out and get a bridge card, food stamps to eat, and buy expensive gym shoes to wear on their feet these people can get ID to vote.

You see the real issue is this ....these people do not have a desire to vote in the first place. If you go and ask these people their are so sick of the political system to begin with they will NOT vote.

For real, how many people are going to vote for new school board members next month? Not many. Instead of registering people to vote many be we should help people get IDs first!!!!

Let's ask our brothers and sisters at the NAACP to stick to core issues like education and entrepreneurship from a free market perspective to help blacks compete in a 21st century world reality.

I know that is is too much to ask from the Detroit Branch.


FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive - White European-Americans since 1492 have won the race in racism
An important issue in Michigan & the US is that lack of = participation on juries of Women & People of Color - Acquittal of Boot Camp Guards & Nurse after videotaped killing of a Black Afrikan teenager in Florida Juvenile Treatment Center by an all White European-American jury -
conviction of Black Afrikan Mychal Bell a juvenile of attempted murder as an adult in Louisiana by an all White European-American jury
conviction of Black Afrikan Rev Pinkney in Benton Harbor, MI of
voter fraud by an all White European-American jury
See for help in dealing with this real issue in MIchigan & the US

Akindele said...

Paranoia as one wins the race in racism...not even white people...such a race pimp.

What about the countless murders that go on in our community that are not being addressed by black leadership that you support?

White people are not the enemy...we are.

If I had to chose to live in Detroit or around white folks...i would take the latter...i cannot trust too many of us.

If I had to chose between the Black owned Wendys and the White owned Wendys I would drive further out to the White Owned Wendys.

So all of your blame whitey crap is for the birds!!!