Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Genesis Lecture Series Is On A Roll by Akindele Akinyemi

Last week was an excellent week for the Genesis Project as I continued to criss cross across the state with the Genesis Lecture Series on Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man and Woman.

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak to a small group of who I consider freedom fighters at Michigan State University. The Young Americans for Freedom invited me to speak on the issue of reinstating prayer in schools and how families in our communities can play a role in this development.

Now here is a group that is scrutinized for no reason. Just because they support conservative causes they are constantly watched by Michigan State University's leadership. Even one person who was a "freelance" photographer was taking pictures of me while I was speaking.

I explained how the black community needed to engage in free market economics through rebuilding the family to help reshape the community as a whole. Our families have been fractured by liberal socialist policies that has driven our community down the toilet.

I would like to thank Kyle Bristow and his group of freedom fighters for inviting me to speak. It is always good to see young people fighting for real civil rights for silver rights of those in our community.

The Genesis Lecture Series also took me to the Greater Bible Way Temple in Jackson, MI. Suffragan Bishop Ira Combs invited me to come speak to over 600 young adults who were representing the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Bishop Combs is the Outreach Chair of the Michigan Republicans and has endorsed our Genesis Project to push towards charter schools that are geared towards free market entrepreneurship through family values. I spoke to the students on the importance of keeping out families intact and how we must wage war against the homosexual agenda in public schools as well as other forms of immorality.

Bishop Combs invites me on his television show, American Conservative Values Network. This show is aired in over 160,000 homes in South Central Michigan (Jackson viewing area). Interesting, I have to PHYSICALLY drive to Jackson to get my voice heard but no one in Detroit want to hear the same message.

Once again, the Genesis Lecture Series is a statewide effort to educate our families on the dangers of liberal policies that are taking away our liberties to raise an intact family structure in urban communities. This is our push for building charter schools that are family oriented.

We are serious about saving our children. The question is...are you serious?

Please help our efforts by endorsing the Genesis Project by inviting me to come and speak to your organization.

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