Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Light Skinned Parties? Who Cares by Akindele Akinyemi

I have been watching the events unfold here in Detroit about how a DJ wanted to throw a party for light skinned females at a club downtown.

Ulysses "DJ Lish" Barnes said, "I made a mistake." I didn't think there would be a backlash."

Barnes, who said he's been a party promoter for six years, canceled the event.He said he has gotten angry calls and e-mails from around the country about the party. "I didn't mean to offend anyone," he said. "I had planned a party for other shades (of black women). We were going to take a shade of color each week. Next week was going to be a party for ' Chocolate' and the week after that ' Caramel.' 

Now at first I was ed off at this as well with the rest of the race pimpologists in our community. After seeing what the party was really about I backed off.

Why did the race pimps have to kill this? They pressured this guy to apologizing.

Why the issue of skin color is an often painful and emotional among African-Americans I cannot find any fault with this after looking at this from an economic point of view. Here is a man, who is practicing free market economics in Detroit, and wanted to build on the capitalistic system and he was shot down by so-called community activists.

These are the same civil and community activists who preach blackness but vote Democratic in every single election. If we are going to have a honest discussion on slavery let's talk about how the Democratic Party put us in slavery, fought against us during the Civil War, and STILL keep blacks in slavery by way of welfare and failing public schools.

These are the same people who talk about my "beautiful black sister", yet, will not marry their baby mama, pay the bills, go to school or raise a family.


Yes, it is true that the history of slavery and the resulting legacy of intra-racial segregation have sometimes pitted darker-skinned and lighter-skinned blacks against one another. Today, we pit dark skinned against dark skinned and light vs light. Where is the outrage on this "injustice?"

How many dark skinned men prefer light skinned women? How many light skinned women prefer dark skinned men? How many black men are like whatever... I will date a white woman? How many caramel sisters prefer a jet black guy? Is this discrimination or preferences?

Here is a GREAT example of BS and modern day slavery. I was having a discussion with someone who is a dark skinned female. In fact, we were talking about this very issue on color. I told her if I met a light skinned female who share the same conservative values, same educational level and same goals as I do and I picked her over the dark skinned female who may not be as conservative, might be stuck with a high school diploma and is lazy in terms of achieving her goals that I was turning the clock back because dark skinned people need to mate with dark skinned people to keep our seed pure. When we marry or mate with light skinned blacks (which most dark skinned people consider as half-breeds in the black nationalists community) that we are diluting our seed right out of existence because our light skinned women are closer to the white woman than the black woman.

What about the dark skinned black woman who is built flat as a cornflake box? What about the light skinned woman that is built like a brickhouse? You see how STUPID and DUMB these black leaders are with their color confrontation, melanin theories, Yurugu and other black pseudo-science crap?

I will take the light skinned woman who shares my values. If that woman happens to be dark them I will take her over the light skinned woman. What difference does it make?

These black leaders who preach about how dark skinned women are a better breed than light skinned women in terms of keeping the race pure are creeping with these same "half breeds" at night or on the down low!!!! I have heard some preach right off the pulpit of how we need to keep the black race pure when their wives are light skinned themselves!!!!

Let's keep it real here people.

I am not excusing this DJ's actions but when I hear the black community coming down on someone I have to turn on my bulls*** detector because I know someone is going to think they are an expert in this matter on race. Which is usually wrong.

I love blackwomen of all shades...dark, light, caramel, jet black, etc.. It does not matter to me what complexion you are. All are beautiful to me. My only request is talk to me like you have some sense when you step to me.


FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive - any Black Afrikan that separates Black Afrikans for a social event based upon Light Skin - Brown Skin - Dark Skin in 1712 Willie lynch fashion should apologize for promoting Black Afrikan Disunity

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

you're a dumb ass. you cannot read not articulate yourself. no one give a damn about unity in this community and if oyu read my statement correctly you would see that I did not suport this at all..

but just like a silly ass nationalist..reading things half way and making comments that you do nto understand.

Anonymous said...

Listen buddy. I am a Black female wallstreet stockbroker. I surely understand what position you take. But with some of your ideas, there is some history that you are missing. Is the air thin up there in Detroit?

Anyways, the guy DJ Lish is from ALABAMA. He is very dark too. HMM...sounds like the boy might have some issues.

You are using the word "nationalist" incorrectly. In deed, the actions of Mr DJ Lish would be more conformist than not. You're not talking about the nationlist idea, you are talking about the people who represent it, which are flawed.

The man is human. I say let him have his party.

The key word is "stockbroker". So when it comes to the CAPITALIST game, I am an expert, believe me. For the love of god. It's the cruelist world.

And OOOOOOH myyyy...so much more education was needed in order for you to have delved into that aspect. I have to say that it's a pretty good opinion without the education behind it. You must be a pretty decent BSer! Nothing wrong with that.

What you really mean is "the GOOD OL BOYS' CLUB" though (LMAO)

Do you know the history of business? Do you know what keeps blacks in poverty, uneducated, bad schools, low wages? Do you kow how the economy is built? Do you know what "capital requirements" are and why that may be keeping some blacks from pursuing TRUE capitalistic ventures?

I am reading about this as a final report to finish my Masters Degree (HOOOORAAAY). I, along with other various shades of women, have launched a Florida-based investment firm that helps educate the black community about investments, retirement and saving money.

Geee, I think more blacks should be educated and concerned enough to generate business like mine and my friends have.

And if you're talking capital, don't you think that he got exactly what he put into his investment? Where are the other components of capital? Where's the BP?




The above link has an organization that you may want to join or consult with. Enjoy. :). It has links to DETROIT...well I'll be damned!!