Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Michigan: The Anti-Family State by Akindele Akinyemi


Reps Frank Accavitti Jr., Kathy Angerer, Joan Bauer, Doug Bennett, Steve Bieda and Terry Brown.

Reps Pam Byrnes, Barb Byrum, Marsha Cheeks, Brenda Clack, Ed Clemente and Paul Condino.

Reps Bob Constan, Marc Corriveau, Andy Coulouris, George Cushingberry, Robert Dean and Andy Dillon.

Reps Marie Donigan, Kate Ebli, John Espinoza, Barbara Farrah, Matthew Gillard and Lee Gonzales.

Reps Martin Griffin, Richard Hammel, Ted Hammon, Morris Hood, III, Hoon-Yung Hopgood and Shanelle Jackson.

Reps Bert Johnson, Robert Jones, Michael Lahti, Kathleen Law, Richard LeBlanc and Gabe Leland.

Reps Lamar Lemmons, Jr., Steven Lindberg, Jeff Mayes, Gary McDowell, Mark Meadows and Andy Meisner.

Reps Tim Melton, Fred Miller, Gino Polidori, Mike Sak, Bettie Cook Scott and Joel Sheltrown.

Reps Mike Simpson, Alma Smith, Virgil Smith, Dudley Spade, Steve Tobocman and Aldo Vagnozzi.

Reps Mary Valentine, Rebekah Warren, Lisa Wojno and Coleman Young, II.


Reps Ed Gaffney and Chris Ward.

Now what the hell is wrong with this picture? I cannot believe Gov. Granholm LOBBIED Gaffney of all people to twist his arm to vote for a tax hike.

I have been saying all along that I am NOT in favor for a tax hike because I live in Detroit. We are already paying too much on taxes and with homicides spiking at 11%, unemployment in Detroit is at 15.1% and families suffering I STILL hear people blaiming Former Gov. John Engler for this mess.

Give it a rest people.

Look at what this tax hike has created. My paycheck will SHRINK because of this crap.

Look at the list of services subject to 6 percent sales tax starting Dec. 1:

  • Astrology services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Consulting services
  • Investigation, guard and armored car services
  • Janitorial
  • Commercial landscaping services
  • Baby-shoe bronzing
  • Bail bonding
  • Balloon-o-grams
  • Coin-operated blood pressure testing
  • Check room services (coat checks)
  • Concierge services
  • Dating services
  • Social escort services
  • Fortune telling
  • House sitting
  • Coin-operated locker rental
  • Palm reading
  • Party planning
  • Porter services
  • Psychic services
  • Rest room operation services
  • Shoe shines
  • Singing telegrams
  • Wedding planning
  • Wedding chapel services (not churches)
  • Scenic transportation services
  • Skiing services
  • Tour operator services
  • Personal care (except hair care, including manicure, pedicure, etc.)
  • Security system services
  • Mini-warehouse and self-storage unit services
  • Business service center services (e.g., hire out payroll service)
  • Investment advice
  • Consumer-buying services
  • Discount-buying services
  • Genealogical investigation
  • Social introduction services
  • Numerology services
  • Pay telephone services
  • Personal fitness training
  • Personal shopping services
  • Coin-operated photographic machines
  • Phrenology services
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Specialized design services
  • Passenger and ground transport services
  • Courier and messenger services
  • Document preparation

  • This is the WORST pieces of legislation I have ever witnessed. Who the hell can afford this crap?

    What pisses me off the most is how anti-family these lawmakers really are. Most of these lawmakers profess to believe in God and Jesus Christ, yet, you are taxing me the death. You did not take just 10% but 80%!!! Who in the world will be able to afford this when no one is working in the urban communities?

    71 percent say they would prefer that legislators use mostly reductions in spending rather than mostly increases in taxes. 65 percent say they would prefer spending reductions only, while just 22 percent say they would prefer tax increases only.

    Majorities of whites, blacks, members of union households, liberals, conservatives, independents, seniors and young people prefer spending cuts to tax increases. In fact, the same groups choose spending cuts only, rather than tax increases only, to close the entire budget gap.

    However, they STILL turned around and raised my damn taxes. Tax money that I cannot afford. People are STRUGGLING and living paycheck to paycheck. If they realized that they would have not voted to raise my taxes.

    Why did ALL the Democrats from Detroit voted to raise my taxes? The city cannot continue to run the way it is...into the ground. What our Detroit lawmakers just did was give people another reason of why families are moving out of the city. You are taxing us to death.

    I repeat...you are TAXING us to DEATH!!!!! Yet, you think I can afford this mess. Show me some constituents who have been going along in raising taxes on a fixed income or a limited income. Thank you for destroying the middle class families. If you expect me to stay here think again. I am officially tired of us here in the Motor City. We love raising taxes and raising unemployment. Meanwhile, families will continue to suffer in Detroit.

    Yes, I am aware that you have to pay taxes to receive services. I am against this MASSIVE tax hike that is going to make me poorer.

    Where are my Conservative Democrats and fiscal conservatives running in 2008?

    We should have been in the business of reforming state government. But Michigan's leaders did not have the will or the courage to seize the opportunity. Therefore, Michigan has officially become the anti-family state.

    In other words, Detroit and the rest of Michigan hates traditional families who are trying to make ends meet. Proof of what I am saying is this massive tax hike.

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    Republican Michigander said...

    This doesn't help matters in Detroit (or anywhere else for that matter). I'm seeing for sale signs everywhere as it is, and this is in one of the growing areas of the state.

    If I had to pick the biggest problem in the City of Detroit outside of schools (Cass Tech and Renaissance excluded), it is the property tax rate. Last I heard, it was 67 mills, about 40% higher than Grosse Pointe. A $200,000 home has a $6730 tax bill. That's more than I pay a year in rent. I hope that's changed or the home ownership rate will continue to drop.

    One thing Detroit has going for it is the architecture. Some of those old houses are build a lot better than the cheaply made and overpriced stuff used today. That's a great selling point for home ownership, and IMO that's the best way for Detroit to possibly get back to a million people.