Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mr. Akinyemi..... Unleashed.....

On Education:

The state of education is in a crisis. Our children are not learning, parents use our schools as a babysitting service while they go home and watch Days of Our Lives or One Life To Live. The community must get involved in investing in our children. Men should be in the classroom monitoring our children's progress. It is ridiculous to only have one parent for parent teacher conference when it takes two to create one child.

On Charter Schools Vs. Traditional Public Schools

I do not view a battle between charters and traditional public schools. What I am declaring war on is the high level of immorality in the schools. Our children are not learning in both systems and the only way we change that is for our educational leadership within these schools to embrace free market education by implementing family values into the equation. This is why the Genesis Project is so important.

On President Bush:

The media has done such a great job in demonizing the President that he is the most hated man in the world. Black people cannot talk because we have not taken the time to see what this man has done for African people to begin with.

On the upcoming Black Out in November:

Not interested in such socialist grassroots tactics. Have any of these black people discussed how this will hurt black owned businesses in Michigan, let alone in our economy? Many black owned businesses cannot afford such a economic hit without closing up shop.

On Gov. Jennifer Granholm:

A very horrible Governor who has no clue on how to get the job done. Jobs are leaving Michigan and she has raised our taxes after she said she would not raise our taxes. Nothing but a pawn of the unions who is anti-family.

On The Genesis Project:

This is the last project I will conduct here in Michigan. After seeing what the black community is really worth I have no desire just to save the black community but to save all communities who need help. This is why we called it Genesis. We are going back to the beginning of where all things and life began. With One God, One Faith and One Baptism. After this there will be no more. We have to try to save our families through educational choices to generate wealth creation for the next generation because we have lost this generation.

On Marriage:

Marriage is between man and woman not between two men or two women. I think these people who are pushing for civil unions and same sex marriages are agents for the devil. Unfortunately, in the black community, 80% of households are headed by single parents so we view marriage as an alternative lifestyle. We do not see the economic implications of marriage when two people, who understand financial literacy, can prosper financially and build God's kingdom here on Earth.

On People Being Single:

Show me in the Bible where it says a person is supposed to be single? If you can show me that I will shut up. People are single for various reasons but being single for 4 years or more? Get over it. Furthermore, people who talk that single crap normally are single because they have not examined their own lifestyle, are afraid of commitment because they feel that they will be missing something out here, or just bitter.

On the Plight of Black Men:

Our brothers are dying off on all levels of reality. We are in the prisons, in the ground, gay, or act like we don't know. We have men who are 33 years old who act like they are 17 years old. Our sexual appetite is running out of control and we are spreading diseases to our mates without knowing ourselves. We do not have a drive to do better because we blame everything on society when we need to look in the mirror.

Black men complain about finding a good black woman when in reality a good black woman is someone who they can pimp, prostitute or use for the time being. We have to become mature, become smarter about our life choices and stop living in a world of make believe and move with God's agenda and not OUR agenda.

On Black women:

Not interested. Unless you are from Nigeria, Ghana or Jamaica I have no interest in black women from America....especially women here in this area. I am tired of the "my man is Jesus" crap, hiding behind the Bible mess and think that because you do not wear makeup and wear a dress you are holier than thou.

Blackwomen need to come correct just like the men. All this pimping good black men garbage need to cease. Its no wonder we are racing towards white women (which I do not have a problem with). Where is the sister who is educated, spiritual and ready to build God's kingdom? They tell me she is out there...I tell them show me your sister, your cousin, your BEST friend, your aunt, your co-worker, etc. My point? The good black women that they are talking about is normally a phone call, IM or e-mail away. Game playing is killing our community.

So I am not interested in blackwomen like that. After being burned too many times you give up on them. Let them burn other men and burn their own homes to the ground. If our sisters would understand that this game on commitment has nothing to do with them but the children that they MIGHT have it is based on stability. The community is getting worse so you need someone who cares about you and your children. Why play games when you can build a kingdom here? I don't trust too many sisters at all anymore.

On Affirmative Action:

I voted to save affirmative action in Michigan but realize that was a mistake. I should have voted YES on 2. Who needs affirmative action in its present form anyway? Liberals were the ones attacking good brothers like Ward Connerly and good sisters like Jennifer Gratz who exposed how weak and unprepared our children from the black community really are coming out a docile school system (Detroit Public Schools) that only graduates 22% of its students.

On The Republican Presidential Candidates:

Not interested in Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson. Mitt Romney looks Presidential but I do not see him beating Giuliani for the nomination. I like Gov. Mike Huckabee and Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter while Congressman Rom Paul keep me going with his humor and libertarian point of view (that normally makes sense). A Romney and Huckabee ticket would be sweet.

On The Upcoming State Representative Races in 2008:

Hey, I am supporting Carol Weaver for State Representative in 2008 along with Denise Hearn in Southwest Detroit. Incumbents Bert Johnson and Shanelle Jackson will get my support as well in Detroit. Not interested in other races in Detroit and I am keeping my eye on District 1 inthe Grosse Pointes.

On the Black Church:

How much more hooping and hollering are we going to do in our community? We clap our hands, stomp our feet and put on a good show. However, if we can take that same energy in our community perhaps we can stop the death and destruction that is going on.

The black church is the fakest institution in our community today. 90% of our parishioners are caught up on emotions and 10% believe that the bible is the moral truth. 4% of our children believe in God. The church is full of race pimps and liars.

When I visit a white church, that has a diverse congregation in the suburbs I feel right at home. No hooping and hollering, no race pimps, no jumping up and down, no screaming, and many of those churches have missionaries in Africa. Strange, how come white missionaries be on TV talking about save the children while black preachers prey off the ministry right here in the hood?

It's harder to find a good man or woman in the black church than any other church due to the high level of mistrust. You are better off finding a man or woman of another race.

Not interested in too many black churches anymore. We are one race, the human race.

On Black Republicans:

Black Republicans suffer fear and mistrust also. How many of us actually get together to fellowship and plan a course of action to help resurrect our communities? We have Black Republican groups, Black Republicans in high leadership positions and yet we are still stuck on what do we do. We already know what to is time to decare war on our community and take back the streets. I do not care of you are in the National Black Republican Association, Republicans for Black Empowerment, One Network, Alliance of Black Republicans or BAMPAC our children are calling us to help them. Let us do the work and be blessed.

On Black Leaders:

I do not listen to race pimps, black theologists or fake socialist people who want to continue to prey on black people. I like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice and other conservative black leaders who are not in the limelight.

On the NAACP:

Only when the NAACP begin to address the real needs of black America is when they will see a donation from me. I am NOT in the mood for filing motions against voter ID and all that crap. The NAACP is a group that is extinct in my book. Time for a new direction.

On Detroit:

Detroit is a permanent wasteland. While there are some improvements in the city we are still behind America. This city will never see the light until they get some Republican leadership up in these political circles as well as reducing the union influence in the city. Unions are the reason why Detroit is in the condition its in. We have also embraced a ghetto mentality as well as a welfare mentality.

I hope Detroit comes back when I am dead and long gone. I doubt it.

On Blacks Moving to the Suburbs:

Yes, I am for black people moving to the suburbs. But when we get there can we leave the Democratic Party in Detroit? I mean we do not want cities like Southfield and Oak Park turning into permanent ghettos and looking like Highland Park. If I had a choice to live in the suburbs and Detroit I would live in the suburbs. I can deal with racism. I cannot deal with an AK-47 in my living room in the hood.

On Islam:

I used to be a Muslim. I can say one thing about Islam. People stay married for a long time. How come Christians cannot stay married...especially in the black community? A Muslim do not hoop and holler like these Christians. Yet, they have values that are priceless. Meanwhile, Christians preach day in and day out and we are still stuck in a community where there is a church on every single corner and crime is out of control?

Who is the real enemy here? If Islam is a pagan religion then I need to get on board with it because every single Muslim community I have visited is nice, intact and peaceful. Christian communities in the hood looks like a war zone. Again, who is the real enemy?

We should not discriminate against Arabs anyway. It was not that long ago in this country where blacks were discriminated and hung from trees. Can't you see what the media is doing? They just turned the race card over to the Arabs who are living here in America. Give me a Muslim woman any day of the week. At least I can skip over moral values with them and talk about education and wealth building. Can't do that with a Christian woman in the hood.

This is how I feel. I have no reason to sugar coat it.


FreeMan said...

Censored Posting

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

i censored nothing.....i don;t even know how to censor.

FreeMan said...

The Bible teaches that it is better to be single because 1 is more free to serve God - I Corinthians 7:32 -34

Tha Connector said...

Mr. A., some things in your post I agree with and some I totally disagree with. First point being, on the educational system. I agree totally. The school system has an immorality rate that is damaging our youth in a grave way.

The President, well the media has done its job, but I must say the President himself has done an equal job. My question to you is what has he done for African people?

The plight of the Black Men and Women. Well I must say that over the past 30+ years the male youth has been neglected and have only had the negative images to "raise" us and so in essence we were never taught how to be a man and therefore don't know how to be a man. The way we act, think, and the things we do were taught from somewhere. What influences were greater in our lives? I include myself in that group because I am in my early 30's and see where we are and don't like it myself but have to wonder why are we so different than those who came before us. It is my goal in life to teach young men how to be a positive and productive part of society. If we were never taught the right way and learned from negative influences, then negative is what we become.

The Black Women. Whether from here or abroad, I love me some black women. I must say that not all of them are as you say they are. I know of two off hand, my wife and sister. Just as you describe the black women my sister says the same about the black man but she won't give up on us. And I applaud her for that though sometimes I want her to be happy with who ever. But, they are out there we all need a mentality adjustment.

The Black Church. Well, my thought on this is that there are a lot of Pimps in the Pulpit, but if there were more upstanding men involved the pimps would get pushed out and it would be a better place for the message to be received.

Black Republicans. It's my opinion that we need blacks on all sides of politics. This is truly the only way for our views and needs to be heard. Just like there are white Republicans and Democrats we need more of us on both sides of the ballots then and only then no matter the issue, our needs and will meet.

Although I do not agree with all of your views I can understand and appreciate you voicing them. It's only when we talk them out and begin to act on them in positive ways can change come.

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with your views - how can yu support a republican loser for D-7.