Sunday, October 14, 2007

The REAL Heroes of the Black Community by Akindele Akinyemi

There are several people who I admire and have influenced me in terms of the way I think. They will never get any positive press from the media and never will be considered as heroes in our community.

I find it to be very interesting that black people consider their leadership heroes and positive role models even though they have been caught stealing money, embezzlement, sexual immorality and pushing liberal policies that have destroyed our way of life. Yet, they still vote these people back in office and still these same people do the same thing year after year. We still support the NAACP, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton but we do not support the following people who have made an incredible contribution to society.

Speaking of Jackson and Sharpton where were they when Isiah Thomas called another black woman a bitch? This man was found guilt of this crime in court. Yet, they pick on Don Imus for calling the Rutgers basketball team nappy head hoes.

Our children should be looking up to positive role models like:

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. Peterson is the president and founder of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND), a group dedicated to promoting responsible fatherhood amongst African Americans.

His organization operates several programs, including: the BOND Home for Boys, After School Character-Building Program, Entrepreneur Program, Inmate Rehabilitation Program, and counseling services.

How come most blacks hate this man? Is it because he calls Kwanzaa a holiday from hell? Is it because he is not screaming racism? They hate this man because he has been keeping it real from day one. He fully understand how anger fuels racism and hatred and teaches how we all races must get along with each other.

Peterson established the annual “National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson” event.

The most hated man in Michigan is Ward Connnerly. Mr. Connerly is the founder and the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, a national non-profit organization in opposition to racial and gender preferences. Connerly, along with Jennifer Gratz (below), orchestrated the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative and successfully this measure passed into Michigan Constitutional law by a 58% to 42% margin on November 7, 2006.

The subject of the proposal has been hotly debated, with the very definition of what it encompasses at the center of the controversy. Proponents argue that it bans programs in public hiring, public employment, and public education that "give preferential treatment to" or "discriminate against" individuals on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin. Opponents argue that Proposal 2 bans all affirmative action programs in the operation of public employment, education, or contracting.

Our children should understand the REAL affirmative action and why it even came into existence in the first place. Liberals and extremists groups like BAMN have hi-jacked this issue and made it a race only issues stating that Blacks would go back to Jim Crow if the measured passed. I cannot recall how many people and Black leaders in Detroit crying about how the "clock will be turned back" if this measured passed. Well, it's damn near the end of 2007 and no clock has been turned back, there is no Jim Crow and if anything has gotten worse is our level of education that is being produced in our public schools in the urban community.

Give Ward Connerly and Jennifer Gratz some props for exposing the beast within our community....racial preferences.

While black people continue to hate this man I love him. I have no problems with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I used to hate this man too until I did my OWN research on him (operative word here.....RESEARCH) and found out that his grandfather taught him how to hard work and use self-reliance. His grandfather would counsel him to "never let the sun catch you in bed in the morning." In 1975, when Thomas read Race and Economics by economist Thomas Sowell, he found an intellectual foundation for this philosophy.
His book, My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir (which I have been reading) is a MUST read. I guarantee you will see the light about this man when you read his struggles. It almost sound like something in the Civil Rights Movement.

U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice is a genius. Period. I highly recommend ANY young woman to follow in her footsteps. She is a woman of high esteem and self respect. The only one in the Bush Administration with a favorable approval rating she is respected all across the globe.
Rice has pioneered a policy of Transformational Diplomacy, with a focus on democracy in the greater Middle East. Her emphasis on supporting democratically elected governments faced challenges as Hamas captured a popular majority in Palestine yet supported Islamist terror, and influential countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt maintained non-democratic systems with U.S. support. Her policies and strong diplomatic style gained her recognition as a powerful leader by mainstream media.

Blacks who live in the hood do not understand Condoleeza Rice. They view her as a pawn to Bush, which is nothing but lies and deception to stir up the emotions of those who are already ignorant to someone who is successful. Her story is extraordinary and she does give back to blacks in our community. People should stop spreading lies and deception.

We need to give credit where credit is due. I know some of you will hate what I am saying but all I am asking you to do is take a closer look at these figures and see what they REALLY stand for in our society. Think about this of what I am getting ready to say. If a MAJORITY of blacks are hating these people consistently then the people above MUST be doing a great job and MUST be telling the truth about something. You never follow a large mass of black folks on ANY issue(s) in this country because I guarantee you it is based on some bulls***.
Always be the LEADER and NOT the FOLLOWER.


FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive - to you the majority of Black Afrikans are stupid & do not know how to recognize Black Afrikans that represent the best interest of the Black Afrikan comunity

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Like who? Some a-hole that bitch and moan about our situation yet pimps us?

Yes, the majority of us are stupid..i agree with you.