Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Right Stuff is Coming by Akindele Akinyemi

Can we ask the following House Democratic legislators here in Michigan below why on March 29, 2007 the Congressional Black Caucus announced a historic agreement with Fox News Network to broadcast a Democrat Presidential debate live from Detroit, Michigan on the 23rd of September but by April 9th Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama had each pulled out of the event? How come Tavis Smiley never said ANYTHING on the Tom Joyner Morning Show about this? This is the same Tavis Smiley that LIES about inviting Black Conservatives on his State of the Black Union forums every single year.

Reps Frank Accavitti Jr., Kathy Angerer, Joan Bauer, Doug Bennett, Steve Bieda and Terry Brown.

Reps Pam Byrnes, Barb Byrum, Marsha Cheeks, Brenda Clack, Ed Clemente and Paul Condino.

Reps Bob Constan, Marc Corriveau, Andy Coulouris, George Cushingberry, Robert Dean and Andy Dillon.

Reps Marie Donigan, Kate Ebli, John Espinoza, Barbara Farrah, Matthew Gillard and Lee Gonzales.

Reps Martin Griffin, Richard Hammel, Ted Hammon, Morris Hood, III, Hoon-Yung Hopgood and Shanelle Jackson.

Reps Bert Johnson, Robert Jones, Michael Lahti, Kathleen Law, Richard LeBlanc and Gabe Leland.

Reps Lamar Lemmons, Jr., Steven Lindberg, Jeff Mayes, Gary McDowell, Mark Meadows and Andy Meisner.

Reps Tim Melton, Fred Miller, Gino Polidori, Mike Sak, Bettie Cook Scott and Joel Sheltrown.

Reps Mike Simpson, Alma Smith, Virgil Smith, Dudley Spade, Steve Tobocman and Aldo Vagnozzi.

Reps Mary Valentine, Rebekah Warren, Lisa Wojno and Coleman Young, II.

Now each of the Democratic Presidential Candidates, who Black people religiously vote for blindly, has signed pledges promising not to step foot to actively campaign (operative word) in the Great Lakes State until after the primary, both taking out-state voters for granted and taking DETROIT voters for granted as well.

However, this Tuesday, October 9, 2007, the Republican Presidential Candidates are coming to Michigan. DEARBORN, Michigan (next door to Detroit). ALL of the Republican candidates will be addressing Michigan issues, Michigan problems and Michigan voters. The debate will be broadcast live on CNBC starting at 4:00 PM and re-broadcast on MSNBC later that evening.

Yes, while I stand on my position on how the top Republican candidates should have not dogged the Morgan State University debate (a Historically Black College and University in Baltimore, MD), they have a chance to redeem themselves in this debate in the immediate Detroit area. People are travelling from the west side of the state to be in attendance. We already know that both state and national Democratic Parties take Black people for granted so I do not expect nothing from them at all.

Personally, I think a conservative debate like this is necessary in this state and especially in SE Michigan due to the fact that the people above voted to raise your taxes to keep us poor. Not broke because that is a temporary economic condition but actually POOR. I am not seeking handouts but hand ups from those who want to take on serious leadership roles in leading Michigan back to prosperity.

The most important issue for me is education. This is an critical issue that has not been addressed in its entirety. Illiteracy is a huge issue for me. Also, which candidate will support educational options in it's entirety here in Michigan and across the United States? Right now the State of Michigan has a cap on the number of charters that universities can authorize. A majority of those in the pictures above do not support charters but support criminalizing traditional educational systems that is caught up on red tape and politics. The candidate that supports free market education will not only get my vote but will get the One Choice PAC to commit to their campaign. Because we are so pro-charter we have been waiting on the sidelines to see what candidate will support options. So far, we have not heard anything in public and this is a critical issue here in Michigan.

We need someone in the White House that supports educational options. The candidate that is talking educational options, pro-family, and wealth creation for young families will get this brother's nod.

I also heard that Alan Keys will be there (not on stage because he filed late). That is a brother that I would love to talk to because we are congruent on our ideas and values. A good alternative for us here at the One Choice PAC.

The next up for Urban Conservatives is to have a national forum (again right here in Metro Detroit) on issues that we want to present on a national level that are affecting people of color right here across urban America. If you are interested let this brother know.

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