Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stop The Ethnic Hating by Akindele Akinyemi

I am looking at this fear factor of black people converting into Islam as their way of life. There is such mass paranoia about Islam in our community that it has become an obstruction for us in the community for progress. While we sit here and bash Muslims in our community what I have noticed is the fact that those Muslims families are intact unlike most Christian families in our urban communities.

When was the last time you saw a Muslim on TV disrespecting his woman or wife? How many times have you heard these unconscious rappers call their women every name in the book other than sister and then when they come up for an award they are thanking Jesus Christ for their success. You are thanking Jesus for cussing out your woman in a song?

I have been around Muslim families in our community and while all families are not perfect this culture has a strong family ethic about themselves. The woman understand her role as well as the man.

Now if Christianity is THE religion that blacks should follow and adhere to why is crime so rampant in our community? Christain families are non existent between man and woman. In fact, most single family homes in our community are Christian. If someone can show me in the Bible that God said it is OK to be single and NOT married I will follow that scripture to the letter.

We, as black people, cannot get caught up in how evil Islam is and how evil Muslims are. What about the evil that Christians portray in their homes, at church and even on the workforce. Why are less people getting married in the Christain church while MORE people stay married in Islam? Is that evil?

This whole notion of Islam being evil is a creation from the media. I know too many Muslims who do not want to kill people, who do not want to run planes into buildings and who come over here to make a honest living with their families.

I know that Christian ministers will point out in the Qur'an how Muslims have the right to kill infidels (Christians and Jews). We do not have to wait for any Muslim to kill us in the hood because non-believers who are black kill each other anyway. We are a bigger threat to each other than Al-Qaida. This is a fact. Only 10% of blacks believe that the bible is the moral truth. 4% of children in the hood believe in God. So we are a much bigger threat to each other than Islam.

We also have to be cautious how we label Islam as evil. It was less than 40 years ago when whites would tell their own children that blacks would grow tails like monkeys at night. Whites called blacks evil and that Africa was the "dark" continent. Dark meaning ugly and lost. Whites called us Africa a backwards civilization. Yet, I hear blacks calling Islam a backwards religion. Again, if Islam is so backwards then how come these people can stay married and Christians have over a 50% divorce rate in this country and this number is astronomical in the urban communities.

Instead of hating on each other perhaps we need to take a look at the way we have been utilizing Christianity in our communities. If the pastor would stop taking tithes and offerings to buy a Hummer for his 16 year old daughter or stop sleeping with the nurse when your wife is at home or preach liberal politics while your community rot we may be able to move forward.

I am not saying that Islam is all that because its not. I know because I used to be Muslim and got out. What I am saying is understand that we all walk this planet together. We line ourselves with the Jewish community but again, the Jewish community have a strong family ethic. It is strange to line yourself up with all of these groups that cherish marriage but blacks view marriage as an alternative lifestyle.

If blacks would strengthen their families first we would not have to fall for the trap of chicanery from the media against other ethic groups and religions.

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Chet said...

Wow. You are unleashed.

While I think you can fine tune this idea a bit, there is much to be said and I'm seeing your wavelength here.

Think back to the last few minutes of the meeting we were at Wednesday night. Not only do black need to look at Islam more closely, Akindele, so do whites and white families. We all need to look inside our glass houses before casting our criticisms outward ...

And I'm not saying Islam is all that either (and I might pick some small bones with you about the implication of what a woman's "role" should be, but that's a long discussion for a small point) - but the bread and butter of the religion deserves respect even as we must condemn the extremists that believe in jihad.