Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stop The Immautrity of the Black Community by Akindele Akinyemi

The community in which I live in is becoming more immature by the day.

I am talking about the direction of the black community. I have never seen it this bad before.

Our educational system are producing derelicts. In fact, I walked out on one schools because there energy was so demonic that God told me to leave. I trust HIS word not mine. The children were completely out of control and security was nowhere to be found.

A preacher who I worked for who had a contract school (come to find out that he had nothing) has not paid most of his staff. He lies and lies and create more lies. Who suffering? The staff, children and parents.

Other black preachers are preying off our children and parents for profits.

Not to mention the lack of family building in our community. Has someone ever in terms of the black community, black people who are angry—as we all are to some degree—and are committed to a kind of more immature and anti-growth orientation in the world, they will look at the counter, which is white guilt, and say, “I’m going to use my anger at historic injustices to manipulate that guilt. And I’m going to use it within the black community to create a movement that I can lead. I’m going to tap into that anger at the white shame, and I’m going to manipulate it.” So that black leader is tapping into the black anger and white shame as a two-pronged kind of strategy. On the white side, you have this white person who is not necessarily looking for change, but is looking to alleviate their guilt. That’s their main motivation.

Our leadership is sick in the head. They play into the race game by pimping our community. However, where is Jesse Jackson, AL Sharpton, Wendell Anthony and others who point the finger at white people in Jena, Louisiana with nooses and you have live Hispanic gang activity in Los Angeles killing black people at will? Not one outcry from the black press, not one civil right leader has spoke on this issue.

Marriages in our community are non-existent as well as viewed as an alternative lifestyle. Commitment is an alternative lifestyle in the black community. Church is an alternative in our community. However, sex without commitment is a necessity for survival in our community.

However, this can all change.

Our children should be exposed to a new form of leadership in our community. The NAACP and other civil rights organizations are outdated. Blacks are not monolithic thinkers.

Young people should be proud to call themselves Black Republicans or urban conservatives. They should no longer have to live in fear of being ostracized in the community in which they live in.

The reason why young people should not have to live in fear is because our black organizations have failed to address the following:

1. Drugs (Crack kills)

2. Illiteracy/Drop Out Rate (Achievement Gap)

3. ALL SEXUAL Diseases (More prevalent in blacks, several contributors: incarceration, homosexuality)

4. Homicide (Black on Black)

5. Incarceration (Blacks more likely to get arrested and prosecuted)

6. Crime Rate (Higher in Black Communities)

7. High Rates (Housing Insurance, Car Insurance, etc., due to crime, poverty)

8. Unemployment (Higher in Black Communities)

9. Democrats (This is a big issue. Black representatives in urban areas have been pitifully ineffective in combatting any of the above problems. Black mayors, black city council, black congressional representatives, black legislators, black county officials, are all Democrats and urban areas continually get worse).

This is why I started the Genesis Project. This is a ministry geared towards opening schools...not help revitalize our community. There are two poisons in our community, church and a liquor store.

John Hope Bryant, founder of Operation HOPE in Los Angeles, teaches that there is a difference between broke and being poor. Being broke is a temporary economic condition, but being poor is a disabling frame of mind and a depressed condition of your spirit, and you must vow to never, ever be poor again.

So how come the race pimps and black organizations keep linking us back to government to keep us poor? Is this all we know?

Race pimps claim that Detroit cannot move forwards because of racism. We cannot move forward because of poverty. How many black leaders do you hear talking about fighting POVERTY instead of racism? Black people's sin is not that they were black in America. Frankly, that is reason to be immensely, immensely proud. Our sin is that we are (mostly) poor in Michigan; and uneducated or under-educated, non-stakeholders, non-voters, and we do not have a bank account, credit cards, nor a car.

The Genesis Project is a ministry that engaging people -- kids, young people, young adults, adults, seniors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, government leaders, community leaders, future global leaders -- right where they are.

Genesis will work, because we meet people where they are, making a real commitment to change families one student at a time.

We want to teach young people the importance of homeownership. By establishing stakeholders in black communities would build wealth. That in turn could help achieve racial equality.

Our institutions are change agents to increase literacy, math and science skills, as well as building on our theme of entrepreneurship through building strong and viable families in our community. We are aiming to spur economic development in the community where our institution stand.

Several elements in the Genesis Project includes teaching our children character development, increasing financial literacy skills and academics in a college preparatory environment. Parents should also support us because the Genesis Project we have made financial literacy a high priority. We want to teach parents to become smarter on the choices they make financially so that people will not have to rely on payday lending institutions, which charge ridiculous interest rates.

The average black family's worth is $8,700 while the White family's is $88,000. To me, that is a lot of ground to make up for blacks, but by utilizing family values through educational choices to generate wealth creation it can be done.

The Genesis Project aims for personal responsibility not stirring the race pot. We welcome all races of God to join in our Project to help open institutions of learning for our children. This is how we defeat immaturity in our community.


FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive The Bible declares that the Beast will form a 1 world government - Globalization is a part of that movement -
Growth in terms of capitalism decreases humanity
society needs less consumption not more
society needs more =
society needs more caring humanity more peace
Racism is sin in our world & $ does not change racism
The True Church that preaches truth that God created all people =
is not a poison - that preaches materialism is sin is not a poison
that preaches that we should meet the needs of the less fortunate is not a poison
Black Afrikans need to understand our self hatred that causes us to kill each other & abuse drugs & alcohol & use other people sexually to overcome our oppression in this racist society
Define for me specifically what is a 'race pimp'?

Akindele said...

The Bible declares that the Beast will form a 1 world government - Globalization is a part of that movement -

If you believe in myths and fairy tales then you will say such garbage. Globalization is real....whether it is a new world world government...etc...

Growth in terms of capitalism decreases humanity

And socialism is the answer? We practice socialism in detroit and my city looks like hell.

Black Afrikans need to understand our self hatred that causes us to kill each other & abuse drugs & alcohol & use other people sexually to overcome our oppression in this racist society

Racism exists becuase we give fuel to it. No one wins the race in racism.

Define for me specifically what is a 'race pimp'?

You...someone who haprs on race all the time.