Friday, October 12, 2007

Stopping Ghetto Children In Their Tracks by Akindele Akinyemi

The crisis in urban America's schools are growing worse by the day. In Cleveland, Ohio, shootings took place inside of an alternative school. Right here in Romeo, MI at Romeo High School there was a bomb threat. Also, in Highland Park, MI, there were two bomb threats.

Poverty has ravaged our community so bad that we are now creating the ghettoinization of education within our classrooms. As a educator I am witnessing how our children behave in the classroom. Our people have failed to understand how poverty persists disproportionately in the black community. Education, which correlates perfectly and positively with earning power, is the antidote to poverty. Key to breaking the cycle of poverty is getting black kids educated.

Inner city black kids here in Detroit drop out of school at alarmingly high rates, and those who make it through are finishing with poor skills.

Another powerful correlation with earning power is family. Higher income families are disproportionately households headed by a married couple. Poor households are disproportionately headed by single parents.

Blacks must get their children educated if the economic picture is going to change, but it should be clear this challenge is multiplied by the fact that black kids are starting out overwhelmingly from families that are already broken.

Those that argue for school choice correctly make the case that competition produces better products, whether we're talking about computers or schools.

But in addition to the benefits of competition, it is inordinately important that single black mothers have the option of sending their kid to a school where the educational culture is defined by traditional values. This is not the case with public schools.

How much can be expected from a single, poor mother who must compete with a prevailing popular culture that conveys meaningless and relativism to her kid, and then must compete with a school system the conveys the same? This mother should, and must, have the option of sending her child to a school that teaches traditional values.

Schools can and must play a vital link in helping to break the cycle of kids from poor, broken families going on to create more poor, broken families.

It is ironic that a country that rejects the idea of imposing values on others maintains a monolithic public school system that does just that.

We are sending our children to school with PSP's, IPods and other media outlet that is non-instructional. They are not motivated to learn in school. Our children in public schools are a reflection of our community as a whole.

Why do we really need to hear more excuses why black men can't be faithful to one woman and be responsible for the children they bear? Or why they can't get an education because white people hate black people?

Poor black families do not need to be "mobilized" or enroll in government sponsored programs to turn even more responsibility for their lives over to others. They need to go to school and take care of their families. The place where this needs to take place is within a couple-mile radius of where they live. It certainly won't take place in Lansing or Washington D.C.

More than $7 trillion has been spent on poverty programs since President Lyndon Johnson declared his "war on poverty" 40 years ago, with effectively zero impact on overall black poverty. Yet 40 years of failure doesn't seem to be enough to suggest to liberals, black and white, that their approach to poverty might be wrong.

I am no fan of helping at-risk children over children who want to learn. Those at-risk children must work harder if they want to escape poverty. We spend too many dollars on parents and children who do not want to work hard to escape the traps of the plantation.

If we do not enhance our way of living soon we will continue promoting ghettoinized children in our public schools. Therefore, our schools will never improve with children calling each other niggas, bitches, skanks and tricks. As long as there is a teacher union in the school we will never expand educational options in our inner city. As long as we keep pulling fire alarms or calling in bomb threats we will never maximize learning in the classroom. As long as we keep medicating our children on Ritalin and other toxic drugs to numb and kill the minds of our children we will never see a prosperous school system.

As long as we keep electing school board members and other state lawmakers who are immoral we will have an immoral school system and therefore, an immoral community that produces immoral children.


Anonymous said...

You must also look at radio and tv. They propagate violence, disrespect and irresponsibility and it seems a lot of children look up to the media instead of parents and local community leaders.

You paint a bleak picture and hard road. But there is no other way. Change must start from within the family and the community. The government cannot fix poverty by itself like a tool cannot fix a house by itself.

FreeMan said...

Coopted ExProgressive - The State Government is immoral for failing to guarantee = $ for all traditional public schools because of racism against People of Color

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Coopted ExProgressive - The State Government is immoral for failing to guarantee = $ for all traditional public schools because of racism against People of Color

This is why I am superior to your inferior intellect on any issue. Everyone, including people of color, know that money is NOT the reason for failing schools. Get your head out of your A$$ and wake up and smell the coffee.